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The First Chicken-Egg and the First Human

While hilarious speculations are going on whether the chicken or the egg was first, and scientists having differing opinions, the yogis may again know something more as they have ability to tap into the infinite knowledge of the universe. British scientists say the chicken must have come first as the formation of eggs is only possible with a protein found in the chickens’ ovaries. The protein OC-17 converts calcium carbonate into calcite crystals which form six grams of egg shell in 24 hours.

Other scientists believe that at some point, a non-chicken became a chicken, and that chicken had to have come out of an egg, which existed before the non -chicken. This leads them to another question, what came first, the chicken or the chicken egg? The British research, More Popular Science

Indian spiritual leader Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has said jokingly; ‘God created the chicken first so it could fly down to the earth and lay the egg, if instead God created first the egg it would have fallen to the earth and become broken!’ He has stated also something more serious about the chicken-egg paradox and about evolution commonly.

Evolutionary change in this universe occurs in two different patterns’. One way according him is a gradual evolution, ‘human gives birth to a son, in the next generation grandson is born, followed by a son. This similar effect goes on for thousands of years with only minute changes from one generation to the next’. He also mentions that species develop according circumstances and common desires. For example when humans become more eager to develop intellectually, corresponding changes will occur in their brains.

Another way for the evolution of species to happen is a sudden, rapid change, which explains his chicken-egg theory, the chicken did not come from a chicken’s egg, but rather from an egg of another bird’. This kind of “quantum leaps” may happen more commonly now, when we are facing galloping atmospheric and ecological etc changes and spiritual awakening. Suddenly a member of some species will give birth to an odd, distinctly different offspring, which will pop a new creature into existence.

As an example Shrii Shrii Anandamurti explains how first human being was suddenly born from Australopithecine million years ago. ‘That morning the Australopithecine stood around and stared at his strange baby that had just been born. It had distinctly less hair and looked altogether peculiar and odd. Lo and behold, it was the first human being. That event charted a whole new course on this earth. This dramatic change is creation’s way of effecting change and enabling new things to unfold’.

This development is described also in his book; ‘Since the days of Australopithecine, at a certain stage in evolution, one of these creatures became an exception to the norm of the community, resulting in some evolving into chimpanzees, some into orangutans, some into gorillas, and some into human beings. These diverging evolutionary branches occurred due to an exception somewhere along the path of evolution.’

Walking With the Australopithecine

The dog also is not an ancient species. It is only a few thousand years old. When it came into existence its mother was not a dog. So the birth of the first dog is also indicative of a tremendous shift that took place’. Evolution happens also in another level due to reincarnation. ‘A dog may attain a human body in next life. Dog who lives with humans has a speedier evolution than ape that lives in forest. Besides whenever any animal feels a sense of awe or reverence towards any other entity, that feeling of awe is a seed of devotion’. Spiritual awakening with devotion is the eventual goal of evolution.
Indeed this is the way creation advances - always generating more and more variety and diversity. Nature has a distinct way of creating a shift through a sudden, fundamental change whereby new species are brought into the domain of creation’.

Sources; Prema Sagar’s writings based on Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s discources in 1968, Jaipur. Book, Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 8, The Great Exceptions, in 1979, Kalikata. (I have used the signs of ’ ‘ due to short cutting and editing a bit Anandamurti’s texts. DA)

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