maanantai 8. marraskuuta 2010

How to manage with coming economic crises

Many, many are thinking now that the capitalism is on the edge of collapsing at any time. Lets see if it will and how badly, and when, but one should be ready to face it in case. Besides there are factions fighting about the governance of the Earth. But there are also forces that are benevolent. The benevolent forces will eventually be able to win the battle. We should be prepared to replace the exploitative capitalism with better system.

But as we are not yet there, we should secure our life for the crises to come. It is good to have some storage of food, and if possibly even alternative heating and cooking system and readiness to help also others. Food and oil prizes might go high, there might be shortages too. Electricity cuts could be possible, computer system perhaps coughing. Hopefully not more than that, as nothing will work without it, not even toilet I suppose. Nothing much will also work without electricity.

Anyhow best way to prepare oneself is to take possible crises at least into consideration, because then you are not totally paralyzed and one more helpless to be taken care – by whom?

If you have spiritual base that is very helpful for feeling secure, as it is never going to leave you without confidence about things to be solved eventually. Your food and needs are taken care by your positive mind and own efforts and at the end by the stronger forces, than the physical can ever be. This confidence will allow you also to be aware of the new spiritual energy flow and tune yourself into peace, love and inspiration.

Practically you can prepare; by paying your loans away; if you have money in stocks etc, buy farm or land, or gold might be OK to keep some.

Make food storage lasting over the winter, can consider these things: dried food (can also dry some yourself), grains, raisins, plums, oils, beans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried bread. Those things that you need especially because of diet and i.e Asian food. Seeds are also important if not possible to grow in the garden or balcony, but at least for making sprouts. Matches, led torch, water purifying things, milk powder, necessary medicines and natural (homeopathic especially as they can last forever and can make lots from one pill even), vitamins, tinctures. Gasoline, cash money, warm wool clothes (ie styrox for your bed?), rubber shoes, bicycle, hot water bottles, candles, wool yarn, sleeping bag, toilet paper, buckets. Some food that you don’t need necessarily to cook; muesli, peas (soke over night in water), iodide pills.

Leave smoking, restaurant evenings, you might have to give them up anyway, then it is not going to be so many things to give up. Is your car necessary? If you are looking for job and can choose, those needed in crises time, like nurse, second hand shopkeeper, fixing different things etc

Come to know your neighbours and be ready to cooperate with them. Join to alternative groups; they are more ready to help you in case of need.

Next winter might be cold and even sunflares might cause some damage, who knows. Besides there might be more disruptions to flights and other daily functions.

But the future of humanity is bright, in few years the worst might be over…