tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2012

Our missionaries gather in Frankfurt

Really interesting stories how our workers around Europe are struggling with many kind of duties and responsibilities. Some have nurseries and schools, some health food shops, collective or eco-farms, some are starting new projects; coperatives etc. Some are arranging big festivals, youth adjusting youth from children´s homes to starting their independent life.

We are not so many, but the load of tasks and projects is amazing. We had good news session. Although we mostly work in Europe one of our workers toured Africa and started spirulina production projects to feed malnourished people in Kenya refuge camps. While you do service you always have protection with you. She told how she was saved twice by missing transportation that she suppose to take and in both cases there was attack on the vehicle and only by staying behind she was saved.

By missing the transportation she also missed opportunity to meet important people who suppose to help her, but at the end she was offered anyhow a beautiful place with house and volunteers to start the work. She also organized some other organization to cooperate with deforestation with 50 000 trees.

This is adventurous life with kind of constant blessings without going to Africa even, also when we work locally by establishing Proutist ideas or teaching meditation.

Such a group of shining courageous people you seldom see. I love to be with them, although feeling a bit inferior while not able to do as great things as others do, but who knows what is most valuable at the end. Great full anyhow just to be one amongst them.

Didi Annapurna

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