maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012


There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of mundane, supra-mundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.

This universe is our common patrimony. Hence all the mundane, supra-mundane and spiritual potentialities should be utilized in the best possible way.

Mundane means potentialities of five fundamental factors; solid, liquid, luminous, aerial and ethereal. The supra-mundane means para-psychological potentialities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, occult powers, transcendental etc. Spiritual means all pervasive potentialities of cosmic vibration, spiritual waves emanating from causal mind.

Maximum utilization doesn´t mean indiscriminate utilization or exploitation of resources, neither it means misutilization. I.e when people are starving, the production of food for bio-gas is misutilization. Also non-utilization goes against this principle. Hoarding of rise to raise its price higher, while people are hungry, is criminal non-utilization.

Maximum utilization aims to extract maximum possible utility value for different things to benefit all living beings and not only in this century, but for endless future too. Economic development has to be balanced and growth distributed with consideration.

Maximum utilization of materials and resources is more easy and possible with advanced science and new technologies (anti-gravity etc), which also make it possible to recycle almost anything, purify the waters and neutralize the polluting and harmful things, like radiation. 

Actually this point is also more about utilizing things in maximum - without wasting and unnecessarily polluting. This was very important point for Sarkar, who used even to “glue” the left over piece of soap to new soap and utilize it for maximum.

We are heading towards spiritual times and more subtle inventions by utilizing also transcendental and spiritual potentialities of the universe, which will become greater source for human beings to gain happiness and satisfaction - thus the interest for material utilization will be less dominating.

Very small fraction of cosmic spiritual potentialities is utilized for now. Sarkar encourages exploring it and getting it in use for the welfare of entire humanity. Where are the pioneers, don´t sleep!

Rational distribution of mundane potentialities means according needs and merits in variation by time, place and person. Prout advocates providing basic necessities mainly through work - and special amenities to meritorious, hardworking and those interested developing their skills.

Rational distribution in mundane sphere reduces exploitation, acts as motivation and incentive for production and gives scope for self development.

Every one can gain spiritual potentialities by ones own effort from Cosmic source, but to distribute rationally here means to encourage and give chance to learn more for those able to absorb them, or those already developed and those being sincere and making effort to practice and utilize skills in a responsible way. Competent teacher can see the level of student and instruct accordingly.
At present society there seems to be rather maximum wasting of things. New energies, technical solutions (anti-gravity etc) have been available for decades, but suppressed due to greediness and selfishness of some people.

Most of the products are made just to bring maximum money to the companies. So little care is taken that things will last long or can be recycled. Lots of things are almost useless, or need to be changed year after year. Enormous amount of food is wasted too. 

You buy a radio, but the selector of the stations is so bad - in most radios seems - that actually you can’t here anything properly from the radio. You buy mobile phone, it effects your brain…you need to recharge it constantly and you might not actually hear in every place. Question comes do they neglect developing the basic matters while make it complicated to sell better….?

Anyhow there is also wasting of para-psychic potentialities. When one gains extraordinary or occult propensities one should not utilize them for show. This is one of the biggest reasons for downfall of yogis and psychics. Healing others by occult means is also questionable as to take others karma forcefully is not that good. 

Not only the Indian streets are full of fakirs and other magicians, the yoga magazines here in West are also full of photos of yoga people in incredible complicated posters, just for show. Normal human beings don’t need that complicated asanas, which are meant for some special cases, so actually they might be even harmful just to practice and do for show. 

Didi Annapurna