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Ukrainian girl stops watching TV

I was recently in airplane, beside me sat Ukrainian girl. I asked her what she thinks ab the situation in Ukraine. She just told; "I don't watch TV anymore, there is nothing else than fightings". Myself, I keep an eye on Ukraine, though I haven't thought about Ukraine border being only ab 5 hours drive from our eco-farm in Poland. Poland requests NATO consultations....And US to bolster military support to Poland, Baltic.

The oil/gas war continues; Russian Lukoil Halts Oil Supplies To Ukraine. Ukraine stopped paying for Russian gas, so Gazprom Warns Ukraine of New Gas War. Also; FT; And BBC; Armed Nazis Led “Revolution” in Kiev, Ukraine. And US/EU Coup D’état Exposes itself. Zero Hedge; China Sides With Russia. Kommersant-Ukraine; the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid. PressTV: Looting of Ukraine has begun. Then Jon Kelly claims; UK monarchy directed snipers to kill both Kiev police and protesters.

Earthquake in Crimea Region;; Russian Troops Blame U.S. HAARP. Update: The earthquake confirmed by the EU Seismological Center. A Russian military journal; ionospheric testing would "trigger a cascade of electrons that could flip earth's magnetic poles". Russia may call the event a "first strike" with a "weapon of mass destruction." Russia's Cossacks From History As 'Patriots'; mind blowing pyramid; Is This The Cause of War? And

The Public Chamber of Russia hearing of Ukraine; Bombshell by people’s deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev; In March, planned exercise by Ukraine-Atlantic alliance with two US warships, with 600 U.S “sea lions”. They already fly on airplanes... SOURCE. Part verified by DEBKAfile. Also NATO troops at the Lviv in western Ukraine. But whom the Ukrainian army itself is loyal to – Russia or NATO? Source. And;

Obama called Putin the bored kid in the back of the classroom". H. Clinton; Hitler. Rep Boehner; thug. Merkel; he is “in another world.” And G W. Bush; called “cold-blooded” to his face. While Fourwinds; Putin the world's last true statesman.

Western diplomats argued that the ouster of Yanukovich on Febr 22 must be accepted as the will of the people. Putin threw back as now they will have to accept the will of the Crimean people. RIA Novosti; Crimean city of Sevastopol Votes to Join Russia. But Rep Schiff, the US House Int; Ukraine important to Putin's vision of a greater Russia.

Investor and commentator Greg Mannarino; The wealth that the US Fed has created…Putin knows that it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and is going to take advantage of that; So Russia warns of dropping US dollar as reserve currency. But also russia-s-stock-market-breakdown....RIA Novosti; Russia allows property and assets of EU and US companies to be confiscated.  

Ukraine events during 24 hours; The global reset Part 8 on Ukraine; The New Exchange Rate System; The end goal is the SDR through the IMF. So Russia threatening the dollar fits perfectly within the script being presented.And Try to be serious; Russian secret UFO; New York Times; Suspicion falls on Russia of Cyberattacks Targeting Ukraine’s Government.

It is contrary to the "general agreement" for any nation, military, citizens, state agent provocatours to violate the human rights, territorial integrity, individual safety and Russia Federation and Ukraine Bilateral Security Treaty... And [11 min mark]. Still; Ambassador Wanta served as a consultant to Reagan, having a major role to end the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”;

The U.S. Defense Department runs a program to monitor the body language of world leaders, including Putin. “Body Leads” is run by the Pentagon’s internal Office of Net Assessment, article, USA Today. Navy Rear Adm John Kirby confirmed; the program costs about $300,000 a year.
Pentagon moving ahead with new vertical lift aircraft;—sector.html. DARPA Wants To Teach Drones To Fight Airplanes; Robot swarm drones fly Autonomously; Air Force reveals neighborhood spy satellite program; While NASA fishing for asteroids with harpoon-like spacecraft?

New Jersey airport has recently installed a new type of technology that does the same thing as TSA body scanners. The only thing is, travelers don’t know but these LED lights have the ability to see passersby virtually naked. Airport officials state only that they offer the airport internet accessibility...Government Surveillance To Be Operated By Artificial Intelligence). The newest technology on surveillance street lights, already installed in Europe. This technology also has ability to strip you down “in search of weapons”.

Bitcoin is not that safe; Bitcoin Founder Did Classified Work For U.S. Military; Newsweek; if Satoshi Nakamoto is working on behalf of government. RT; Bitcoin CEO found dead in apparent suicide in Singapore. And Half a Billion Worth of Bitcoins -- Vanish... Taiwanese researchers; More people admitted to hospitals due to mental reasons when stock market downs. Taiwan.

The International Common Law Court; A Summons to appear before this Court is issued on March 3, 2014, to Pope Francis, Head of Jesuits and Archbishop in England. And Cameron’s porn-filter advisor arrested for possession of images of sexual abuse of children. And Roseanne Barr; MK Ultra rules in Hollywood, children are mind controlled, abused and used their entire life. Corey Friedman; number one problem in Hollywood; pedophilia... the big secret. When I was 14 years old, they were everywhere like vultures, circle of older men... And
£70,000 given to vile child-sex pervert group; ’Paedophile Information Exchange ­1977 - 1980 under Thatcher’s government, David Icke.

Prisoners at the palace: Saudi princesses plead for help as they claim they are being held by the king against their will for 13 years. In emails and phonecalls to a Sunday newspaper, Sahar and Jawaher claimed that their sisters Hala, 39, and Maha, 41, are also being held, incommunicado, in separate villas in the Jeddah compound. Their mother has written several times to UN human rights agency to intervene; And; The Sunday Times.

Buddhist protests Dalai Lama in U.S; And U.S. pushing Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists. Dr. Taitz; Obama has paid more than $5 million in legal fees to national law firm Perkins Coie to keep his personal records hidden from the public. (Does not include fees for other parties and law firms). Donald Trump: After all Obama says; ‘I want to see [Mitt Romney's] tax returns.’ More on his YouTube channel. And Palin: 'Age of Obama is Almost Over. This is End of an Error'...

Sandy Hook no Deaths (PDF), the Social Security Death Master File, updated 1 Jan 2014 is public information. Revealed No deaths in the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre. The Fake Death Industry. – No Deaths A. And – No Deaths B. From;; rumors from different sources; cabal warned that “US funded attacks” will “sky rocket”, just posturing in their ongoing surrender negotiations. B Clinton, Emperor of Japan and US Ambassador offered to help WDS to cash gold backed bonds in exchange for continued funding of the USA. The Chinese communists and the Vatican also contacted the WDS to discuss the possibility of unifying Asian states by creating new, instead of giving up to Beijing or another part of a push to create a world federation of prevent World War 3 and to prepare for human expansion into the universe.

George Bush Sr plans “Iron Curtain” on Ukraine... and for US (DHS) to use the internment camps for the population after the collapse and shortages. Big moves planned in Turkey aimed at reducing Russian control of gas pipelines. The Thai trouble aimed at reducing Asian gold supplies.

It may be necessary to shut down the global central bank networks and ATMs, credit cards etc. and
use hand-written account books until a new system based on real assets can be booted up. Senior cabalists vanishing one by one. Cease and desist order by Keenan group: Obama, Evelyn Robert de Rotchild, Jacob Rochild, David Rockefeller, The Senate and House of US corporation, George Soros, Etienne Davignon, Janet Yellen (Fed).

The gnostic illuminati claimed they ousted Yanukovych in the Ukraine...and hoped to foment similar regime changes in EU as well as oust Putin in Russia. Calling criminal punishment for many of the world’s elite, as are Keenan’s group, while WDS would forgive and start Operation Santa Claus.
US crash March 4th, thinks it might happen.

Karen Hudes mentions; What we have found out… the fact that is has been held in secret doesn’t mean that it’s not true… it is true… there’s a second species on this planet… they’re not extraterrestrials… remnants of their civilizations are all over the place… this group has large brains… they’re very distinct from homo sapiens… We know this because their DNA was just tested… they have skulls all over the place, because they have been on earth with us...interview.
The Event and the Reset of the financial system, Cobra; Global Consciousness Project, in Princeton University proving beyond doubt (trillion to one) that unified human consciousness does have an effect that is far from random: When the critical mass of truth will be exposed, it will trigger a chain reaction of the planetary awakening and "Event" through the Galactic pulse. Despite the mainstream media blackout, mass protests have reached the US: Victory of the Light is near!
FDA Spies On Whistleblowers to Protect Big Pharma. And Natural News; Tungsten (not only spoils gold bars), but causes leucemia SOURCE; Also in rice comes from China and Asia (industrialised areas). Shortly after this finding; USA and Canada set voluntary limits on tungsten by July 1, 2015.
Independent tests at the University of California, have discovered that 69% of all store-bought extra virgin olive oils are fake. “American grocery stores are awash in cheap, fake ‘extra virgins,’” says The Wall Street Journal.

Does Homeopathic Digitalis helps cor pulmonale patients if the pulse is slow with high blood pressure and Crataegus when it is rapid and weak? Whether a touch of Borax Powder on tongue provides immediate help in epiglottitis? Does Baryta Carb, Antimonium Tart or Stannum Met help in weakness of speech, which takes away all the energy. Asks;

Implications continue for Courtney Brown's announcement, on Ideas of March (15.3), Julius Caesar died and the belief that the corruption and tyranny was unchangeable ended. Revolution; rapid shifting of beliefs among the masses. The leadership of a country always reflects the consciousness of the people. So people need to change their thoughts and take actions. If we want change, we must change our thoughts, and new information will help. It will explain the past and positively influence the future development of human civilization on Earth. The leadership will change only when the people accept new.

Neanderthals Faced Extinction Before Humans Appeared; Facts That Will Change Your Concept Of Time; Nine biblical texts unearthed in Qumran;

Geoengineering Ineffective Against Climate Change; Las Vegas sprayed via aircraft in the middle of the night: 4-5 - Multiple aircraft leaving clouds, pulsed by the National Weather Service via their NEXRAD RADAR stations, seen for multiple hours via multiple stations across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. DRONES now being used to Spray for Weather Modification, Please get the word out! Fracking confirmed to be the cause of Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm.

Volcanoes Partly to Blame for Global Warming Pause; News, ABC, CBS Exclude skeptic Scientists to Global Warming for 1,300 Days; making skeptics to vanish from their viewers. Teen's Flashlight Could Change The World; to snow 6,500 Flights Canceled, Delayed... 2013, one most extreme years with the biggest storms, tornados, floods and the list goes on. This does not mean the world is ending! But leading to bigger earth changes. See the signs; How crater sunks;

Electromagnetic radiation on brain function. Vast weapons program hidden in secrecy, and that U.S. Citizens have been used as nonconsensual experimental subjects. Prior to my retirement I encountered several patients with symptoms consistent with electronic assault and frequently ordered imaging studies, some of which were positive for what appeared to be small implants.

The human examination techniques reportedly employed by the aliens seem curiously primitive, as do their spacecraft. Rather than actually being abducted, these “abductees” may have been subjected to “EEG heterodyning and other psychotronic technology. Edward Spencer M.D. Neurology, retired. Microwaving Irack By William Thomas; “Pacifying” Rays Pose New Hazards To Iraqis - US commanders using portable electromagnetic-frequency weapons in Fallujah and other “hot spots” to pacify restive neighborhoods with invisible EM radiation; to keep them “so agitated they cannot coalesce into a full force” of resistance fighters.

Polio-like disease paralyzed more than 20 children in California in year; And Surge in babies born without brains in Washington St. Scientists Question Genetically Altering Human Eggs;
From India has become the first country to publish new set of accounts which track the nation’s plants, animals, water and other natural wealth as well as financial measurements such as GDP. The announcement was made by TEEB initiative at the biodiversity summit in Japan.
“The inclusion of natural wealth into general accounting is a significant step,” says Proutist Universal spokesperson Siddhayogananda Avadhuta. “This progressive initiative will generate a more comprehensive, practical understanding of the utility of socioeconomics.”

“These days it is becoming increasingly clear that Earth’s physical resources are limited and precious to us all,”Avadhuta says. “Right now the whole world is looking at an unprecedented water crisis. Limited resources are even a main cause of wars. These and other factors necessitates some regulation of wealth accumulation.”

“This new initiative would also lead to changes in the way production is taxed. I think India is showing a will to do something concrete here. In the near future, an efficient world authority may be necessary to secure proper accounting of Earth’s resources in the interest of all living beings,” Avadhuta says.

The ongoing TEEB study is calling for wider recognition of nature’s contribution to human livelihoods, health, security, culture and also to capture the economic values of nature’s services.
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