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So, the Announcement

Short cut; The Farsight Announcement is coming out in three phases. The first is the release of a free 40 minute video ab Farsight Planet 2014 Disclosure Campaign, and just finalized project on The Great Pyramid of Giza, live on video. Remote viewing can't be anymore denied by reasonable person. (He says also that don't wait that elites will do the disclosure, only when people commonly become aware of ET s, the elites will feel themselves ridiculous, if they still try to hide the facts). The Great Pyramid of Giza project will be eventually seen as the event that changed the direction of thinking on this planet in a major way (?), (Interesting is that the the ET he saw, was aware of him and upset.) Video;

The Great Pyramid of Giza, (Khufu, or the Cheops Pyramid), is one of the most amazing mysteries on Earth. Two of the most accomplished "military grade" remote viewers, Dick Allgire and Daz Smith viewed how it was actually constructed. The viewers were only instructed by an email that there is a target, and that they should remote view it, nothing else.

Target #7a: mining of largest rocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Target #7b: actual construction of the Pyramid.
Target #7c: how pyramid is being used for its originally intended purpose.
Target #7d: mining of the largest rocks used in the construction, same as 7a.
Target #7e: transportation of the largest rocks used in the construction.
Target #7f: subject or subjects who originally conceived of the idea of building it

Dick_Allgire; 7a: rocks being crushed, cut, and pulverized with great force, apparently creating sheer cliffs. Great energy involved, producing gaseous and shock-wave by-products.

7b; Melting of rock, "high tech alien mining" energy tools, involving great heat and pressure for separating the rock. Life forms have a hive mentality, underground, drone-like humanoids, genetically engineered to work under extremely harsh and polluting environment. The workers seem to be "grown" from fetuses in artificial environments by beings of "preying mantis" in nature. Construction is on a massive scale, and large underground tunnel complexes.

7c; Collection of pyramid structures, separated by long distances yet connected by energy or "ley lines, Earth frequencies", electro/magnetic in nature. He states that this large, complex, and beautiful symmetry reminds him of "the pyramids when they were alive”...Like a half-mile high Tesla coil, like a light show at a rock concert - like many people watching Northern Lights, but closer, awe inspiring." "Native" people on the surface involved in agricultural pursuits.

7d; The workers appear to be slaves. The elite, like high priests, just watch from a distance. Nearby Sphinx is clearly drawn. Some subjects are confined in small and crowded cages, horribly treated, human sacrifice and cannibalism associated. Subject who does not look human, "demonic" and "terrifying". Activity that is both scientific and shamanistic. Crystals are used.

7e: Many people collectively working with stone, densely packed, like old city central plaza... something that moves through the air and seems to impact the ground at some point.

7f; A powerful male subject is dying in a large, ornate structure; possibly a brain tumor. He wants to leave some kind of legacy. A pretty female loyal to the dying male. Also male in his 30's, who uses people, criminal mentality, plots, steals, and is threatening. He wants to control the situation, an unhealthy plot underway. Someone could get murdered, negotiations are underway. Advanced computer technology.

Daz Smith; 7a; Concept of a spiritual purpose. At least a few have advanced telepathic abilities that seem to "connect" them with something larger. One door at the base of the pyramid structure leads down. Great many humanoid subjects. Some of the workforce operates in deep pits in the presence of intense heat.

7b; Workers are pushing the solid stones to guide their movement while levitating technology is simultaneously being used to lift the stones. No noise, but visible "wavy" heat. An electrical and mechanical process. This occurs in the past, but it involves advanced technology.

7c: Life, land, and structure are working as one for some intended purpose or goal. Manipulation of the environment to satisfy some needs and to assist in the communication with God or higher beings. Whatever the purpose of the structure, its purpose seems now to be lost somehow.

7d; Energy in some form emanating from the target structure, associated with some type of spiritual activity, such as communicating with "higher beings", using the structure to transmit a message, "This is who/what we are!" The pyramid is located in a harsh and desolate desert, and some "hieroglyphics". Many coming from vast distances for pilgrimage.

7e: An indigenous society from the ancient past that is based on slaves and masters. Yet great social change in progress, with some new subjects arriving from far in vehicles/ships with new knowledge, new ideas, new medical knowledge, and new technology. An old system of beliefs falls away among the indigenous subjects, and subjects depart from the area with their families in large numbers. All this change happens over a decade or two. The newly arrived subjects are enlightened travelers and explorers, and they are the ones who start this new golden age in a short period of time. Moving objects, frequency based, resemble magnetism.

7f; Hive mentality with caste social system. The social order is rigid, top-down, hierarchical, and highly controlled. Leader, like a king, court with two males and one female on an elevated platform, and lower-level subjects in front. This is an ornate setting, with some pomp and the sense of ceremonial activities. There is a huge construction project being planned and executed and need to rally support for the project. The physical work is backbreaking. The workers feel like slaves, many in temporary homes. They do not know why they are doing what they are doing.
And Implications 19-21: Beware of “flytrap” organizations, media outlets, and people... initiated in the 1950s. Typically “seeders” are strategically placed in any audience. They challenge the purpose and accuracy of the information source until authentic members of the audience begin to repeat the challenges by themselves. The masses has to form and maintain diverse and decentralized positive discussion venues. Courtney Brown.
Remote viewing session by Allgiers; McMoneagle; demonstrated rv about 150 times on live TV worldwide; mind reading;

Other topics; Maureen asks Drunvalo; “How are all these changes going to happen in three days?” Drunvalo in a live interview Thrive. DNA is Influenced by Words and Frequencies; Water by Japanese;
Frequency and Vibration Create the Structure of Matter and Life;
How Earth Changes Affect You;
Russian Bioresonance;
My comment; I think remote viewing can be helpful in figuring out past, but at the end how sure is it that remote viewer is not imagining or receiving telepathically some part of it, not only from past, but from the mind of other project remote viewer or the one giving the target? Anyhow interesting, all the best. DA.
Sarkar; The new Egypt became dissociated, in its thought-waves, from ancient Egypt. Thus modern Egypt has ideologically nothing in common with its ancient past. The old name for Egypt in the Arabic-Hebrew family languages was Mishra. Egypt was fully developed in the spheres of art, architecture and science. It is the Egyptians who made the pyramids which needed subtle geometrical knowledge. Moreover, they were also very advanced in the sphere of civilization. Despite this, they could not prevent their defeat.... The civilization of both countries (Greece and Egypt) got destroyed, because science had occupied a higher position than civilization.

When a pharaoh of ancient Egypt died, his queens... were buried alive in his tomb. Egypt is a country of deserts...There used to be a conception among the people of Europe that perhaps all of Egypt's people used to wander from place to place. In the Arabic language they were called beduin [Bedouin] and in English “Egyptian”. Although the original homeland of papyrus was Egypt it was the Greeks who first discovered it.
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