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How the world changed in a week?

So many earth changing events happening in few days. First came the Announcement, according Courtney Brown who claims; "The world changes today". ET s coming out of closet and disclosure is verily expected and hopeful measure.

But in reality it has to be seen how much it is going to change, for sure some, but...
I can imagine people to start remote viewing past and future, their neighbors and enemies - just everything - in common courses and clubs, but lots of the info might be disinfo and difficult to figure out what is real what is not. Besides can it be used for negative purposes also? Anyhow he seems to be dedicated to bring out the truths and change the course of humanity, so lets hope all the best. See more on my short article; So, the Announcement. Or go straight to find out from; The Farsight Institute.

The other thing that is going to make huge difference is Keshe's release of free energy technology in USB stick, (grab it quickly if the link is still functioning) you may see my short article Getting interesting or see video i.e; Keshe's links and life is under treat so spread the message, there must be lots of sense what he tells.

This is that "awakened people" has been dreaming for; free energy and at same time he gives much more including treatments for all shorts of disease. (I hope he didn't expose how to make gold!). Keshe's inventions could make the deserts green and end hunger, stop pollution and clean up the planet, but it might not be that easy. When many companies start to develop new energies etc (first the rich and knowlegeable) as it can't be suppressed anymore, they can make lots of money out of it, so will it change much better for poor people? Will it make economics more stable, will it be used only for good purposes? (But Fulford says they would use first free energy only to humanitarian purposes, otherwise the oil countries and industries would collapse etc.) Will people make mismanaged experiments? Will they use them for star warring? Anyhow Keshe seems to be dedicated to help humanity and bring us to right track, so lets hope all the best.

The third world changing phenomena seems according Fulford etc sources, that cabal has lost all round control on economics, politics (Ukraine), and soon rest of the secrets will also pour out. I have written about the turn of events in my previous articles below shortly, but you may see also;

Still might be one more earth shaking thing going on this week, but its results has to be seen later. What so ever but when the people's will is good, something profound changes for better direction must be coming.

By meantime you may see also how profound the world changes are going to be eventually, and how bright our future will be, on my Prout Handy Booklet and Scoping with the Coming   Earth Changes. (I don't know how to make them separate pages so they go - if not come - together and hope the link works).

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