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Meditation Inspiration and Practical Advices

In Ananda Marga there are six lessons, which automatically help us to do most efficient possible meditation, but still everything depends on us.

Be serious, set meditation the most important thing in your life. And it really is, because through it you can reach everything else with ease. So close your mobile, lights, record players and even windows in order to have peaceful environment. Let others know your meditation is important.

Every time you sit down for meditation, be grateful that you have found meditation practices, start with positive mind, and with intention of serving not only yourself but the entire humanity. Let your Guru to guide you. If you don’t have your own Guru, ask your guides to help you if needed. There are also negative spirits ready to misguide you, but you are the boss to choose a positive one. My Guru helps me amazingly even to find my eyeglasses, medicines and important papers, why shouldn’t He hep me most with meditation?

Don’t miss the regular meditation time, your Guru/guide is waiting in order to help you. If you always meditate at same “holy” place and same time, twice a day, it becomes more easy to concentrate. Your meditation time should not be after food, but if very hungry take something to drink. 

Teacher is a must, you may struggle alone and learn through books and hear says, but you may also do serious mistakes, such as doing pranayama with negative ideation. If you want to learn higher mathematics, find good teacher, same with yoga and meditation.

If there is emergency situation, naturally first take care of that, but don’t eat before you have then done meditation. This way disciplining oneself is necessary. Many people have way over too much duties or hobbies. Relax you have whole life to do those things, which you may find gradually loosing their importance. Besides when you meditate you become more efficient to manage other duties, and need less sleeping time. 

Learn to meditate anywhere – on the bus, on station, on lunch break, as you will certainly get into situations when you can’t do it in regular time and place. Learn to sit legs crossed as it helps with meditation.

Weekly collective meditation is a must. Take also a duty or service task, it will make you feel oneness with others and be inspired. Meditation should not lead only to own gain or selfishness, its benefits should be shared to others life and for the humanity.

Read and watch spiritually uplifting books and videos, what you learn through meditation becomes thus more understandable. Inspire yourself, listen and dance kiirtans, make your own tunes, learn to play and teach others. Kiirtan is very helpful to start meditation with. 

Don’t expect much about meditation in the beginning, mind is uncontrollable, naughty, wild and lazy. Also don’t talk to others anything about your practises, otherwise they will have expectations which makes meditation more difficult for you. Control your mind with great determination, breath slowly but strongly, don’t just try, but do it.

The beginning is most difficult, later on meditation become routine like any other daily thing. Also later on you find meditation more enjoyable, when you have burned some of your karma, your body has become more sentient due to vegetarian food and yoga asanas, and while you have perhaps gained inspiring company. Meditation alone is not enough, you have take more holistic approach, including service, solving alcohol and computer addiction problems etc.

Remember you are also tested, when nothing seems to be happening, be patient. Besides the peaceful feelings, the permanent benefits of your meditation may not show up, but you might see them on the others more easily. Ananda Marga acharyas are trained and dedicated for teaching anyone and serving the humanity, you may find one!

Meditation Introduction by Indian monk 

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