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Biopsychology of Cakras, Lymph, Gender Issues

There has to be balance between different aspects of yoga - physical, mental and spiritual. The word “cakra” means controlling nucleus. Everything in this universe has a controlling nucleus and each nucleus is controlled in turn, by a superior nucleus. The controlling nucleus of the universe is the Cosmic or Universal Mind, commonly called God. 
The cakras or controlling nucleii of the human body are formed in two ways. The human backbone is composed of several small bones piled one on another, separated by discs. Through the center of these backbones runs the spinal cord.

Inside the spinal cord there are three subtle nerves. One central nerve descends from the brain, through the spinal cord to the base of the spine. The second starts at the root of the right nostril, crossing at five points in the trunk of the body, until it reaches the base of the spine. The third nerve starts at the root of the left nostril, crossing at the same five points, reaching to the base of the spine. The first five cakras are located on these crossing points within the spinal cord.

The first cakra is located two fingers above the anus, the second at the root of the genital organs, the third at the navel, the fourth at the center of the chest, and the fifth at the vocal cord. The sixth cakra is located at the pituitary gland and controls all the five lower cakras. The seventh and highest cakra is located at the crown of the skull and is the controller of all the six lower cakras. Around these controlling centers, there are glands associated.
Each of the glands, or small factories surrounding the nerves, produces a particular hormone which activates a special feeling or tendency within the mind. Therefore, the cakras are physico-psychic; that is the body influences the mind.
The brain is the tool of the operator-mind. The three nerves mentioned earlier are the extensions of the brain. When a particular thought, memory or idea arises in the mind, the glands respond accordingly, certain hormone is released into the blood activating the particular emotion. 
This network of seven cakras, with related glands, hormones and nerves, acts like a transmitter and receiver. Everything in the universe is sending and receiving peculiar energies in different wave patterns called vibrations. The cakras, as a whole, act as an antenna, receiving and sending these various vibrations. These vibrations stimulate the nerves which activate the chemicals of a particular gland, causing the mind to experience an emotion or urge as a result.

These various vibrations can be categorized into three qualities: sentient, mutative and static. When the positive aspect of energy dominates the negative; we call it sentient. When the negative aspect of energy dominates the positive, we call it static. There are times, however, when neither positive nor negative dominates, but rather each is struggling to dominate. This dynamic situation is called mutative.

Each of the cakras is being activated by external and internal energies. If the received vibration activates the two lowest cakras, the stimulus is negative or static to the mind. If cakras, located at the heart, vocal cord or at pituitary gland, are activated, the vibration is positive or sentient. When the navel cakra (third) is stimulated, we call it mutative. Our cakras are being stimulated by these external and internal vibrations day and night, whether we are aware of it or not.

When a gland is stimulated too much, it becomes overactive. Special hormones become dominant in activated glands, and dormant in unstimulated ones. Some glands are stimulated very seldom. For example, the pineal gland has become often calcified, which means it has not been active at all. 
The combinations of these dominant and dormant glands makes up our character, our personality. When the negative glands of our body dominate, our behaviour commonly is static. When the positive glands are dominant, then our behaviour is sentient. 
By understanding the function of glands and cakras, we can apply the techniques of yoga to progressively control and direct the energies of our cakras for deeper mental and spiritual achievement - for the benefit of all.

Yoga postures called asanas, exercise and massage the glands to reduce overactive hormones and to activate the dormant hormones. Shyness, depression and fear can be overcome by performing yoga postures prescribed by a qualified teacher. Asanas can stimulate compassion, hope, rationality and determination. This positivity helps individual to move towards the Supreme Goal of life.

Also if we think courageous, compassionate and benevolent thoughts, the hormones of the glands stimulate these emotions. However, if we entertain fear, hatred, jealousy and doubt, then the glands that control those emotions will grow stronger.

We develop the cakras also by controlling the food we eat. The body chemically refines food for various uses. Foods containing chlorophyll are especially important in the production of lymph, and hormones. Lymph is the food of the nervous system, especially the brain. 
There are three categories of food: sentient (positive), mutative (neutral) and static (negative). Positive food activates sentient glands and hormones, and negative food stimulates static behaviour. Food stimulates glands, glands activate emotions, emotions build personality. Therefore, we should be very careful about the kind of food we eat.

Static food will undo all the efforts we made in practising yoga postures to control and activate the glands. Static food will not produce lymph needed for the hormones that develop the higher levels of mind.

The collective interaction between these psychic urges forms our unique personality. It is very important to control thought. Thousands of years ago yogi’s declared, “As you think, so you become”. Controlled thinking lead to positive, peaceful and joyful life. People with similar thoughts like to be with each other. 
It is the mind which is our best friend or our greatest enemy. We should choose our thoughts and company carefully. Our thoughts should attract only those living beings in the universe which will help us in our effort to reach our Supreme Goal. We should take a direct and sincere path under the guidance of teacher.
Meditation practices bring elevating changes in the nervous system and glandular secretions. With this process, a person goes beyond the periphery of the common human psychology. Without spiritual practice there cannot be such a change. If both sides of the pituitary plexus are fully developed, one becomes self-knowing, and even all knowing.

If one does not attain salvation in this life, in the next life one will become a spiritual aspirant. Those who have already attained salvation may or may not remember their past lives according to their own sweet will.

Biopsychology, Svadhisthana Cakra, Reptilian Psychology

Here what I feel is our stand in different matters

Homosexuality. one should not encourage homosexuality. Marriage is meant to unite female and male, even if we just think of reproductive purposes. On the other hand we should not be negative and exploitative towards any type of genders.

Transgender issue. The upper portion of female skull is smaller than that of male. If a male becomes a female by biological processes, he will have no difficulty. But if a female becomes a male, she will have difficulties because the cranium and brain is smaller, she may suffer from headaches. Those who are eunuchs by birth have still smaller craniums, and love for children is lacking. (ETs channeler Barbara seem to get that increasing transgender issue is due to chemicals, which bring past life memories of being a different gender!!!)

Birth control. One may use methods of birth control that doesn’t cause bodily damage. Sterilization is not recommended due to following hormonal imbalance.

Sexual behaviour. Pre marriage sexual activity is not recommended, the result is often lack of sense of responsibility, single motherhood, venereal diseases etc. For married couple sex four times a month is sufficient. Excessive sexuality uses the lymph that is needed for intellectual and spiritual elevation. Greed for sex and money can become a disease itself.

Sources, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, Biopsychology 1987 and leacture by Ac Pranakrishnananda

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