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Couple Exiting Weeks in India

My health was not good at all before leaving to India, but I thought our Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti always takes care of us while we are on duty, or just getting spiritual inspiration. My mission was both. I could say that since of the beginning of the trip, I was taken special care. On Finnair flight I could even lie down, and sleep whole night on the last department which was almost empty for some reason.

I flew then from Delhi to Patna where I stayed one night in family. I heard there many stories about our Guru. Once He was in small aeroplane. He was sitting behind the pilot and couldn’t see the flight equipments, but He started instructing the pilot where to fly. When they reached above some cities, He was explaining the ancient history etc of those cities. He also mentioned that one small airport Trimohan will become huge international airport in the future. The pilot was more than surprised. 

When I arrived to Jamalpur there was so called revolutionary wedding (couple from different castes), having about 300-500 guests. It was nice to see and we got all kind of fancy foods! Later there was three more revolutionary weddings.

I was very inspired during the 3 days program called DMS. Although the speeches by the present leader Dada PP were in Hindi, I was still listening and enjoying the atmosphere. Before and after the speeches we had altogether 8 Avarta Kiirtans (singing mantra, dancing and meditating) with about 5000 people, including 200 meditation teachers, Acaryas

DMS in Jamalpur 24 March 2017

Cultural Rawa program was also spiritually uplifting, and kaoshiki and tandava ‘fitness’ dance presentations had usually about 25 dancers. Everyone was helping me so much, even a group of 3-4 young girls were constantly coming to ask if I need any help with anything. They were really nice. 

One day I wanted to go to city to buy homeopathic medicines. The girls tried to arrange me rickshaw to take me to store, but as it was too costly I was arguing with the driver. One margi brother heard me and said to me that I can get free ride, so I was happy, until his friend brought motorbike and asked me to sit on back of it!!! I thought may be I will survive if others also, so I went although I was scared to death. It took only 10 minutes and I had my homeopathic medicines.

We stayed in emptied school. I even had my own bathroom. I bought my own bucket and kept it always full of water. Almost nobody was using the western style toilet, because the water was not always coming there. I cleaned it and took even bath there, so I didn’t need to wait in queues and bathe with underskirt as others were doing.

I did also a bit revolutionary actions as I collected all the garbage on the DMS area, until the girls showed up and started cleaning the rest (in India cleanliness is not the first priority). Then I lead 2 hours promotional rally in the city with two trucks, which were powered by two noisy electric generators, that were pulled in front. (I don’t know why was that). Police drove in front, and I walked next with two flags.

One day we went to so called tiger’s grave. It has got its name when an English man killed a tiger, but died also himself. Then we climbed on the hill where Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and probably many yogis before did their daily meditation. I had to pay for the awaiting rickshaw about the time we used for meditation there, but never mind I had really nice meditation.

We had global reporting where I was representing my part on European sector. It was interesting to hear all the good news and happenings around the world, and to feel the vastness of our mission.

Didi ANitimaya told that Shrii Shrii Anandamurti went once physically to moon. (I don't know how). When He came back there was dust on His feet. He asked Acaryas to collect the dust from His feet and keep it for later times, because in the future the scientist would compare the dust from His feet to the dust in the moon, which would prove that He really went to moon (perhaps He went even before Americans, Didi AN didn't know which year He went to moon).

She also told about Belamu hill (called fossil bahar) near Ananda Nagar. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti used to go there and collect fossils of mammoths and dinosaurs even. He has told that when there was earthquakes and volcanoes erupting around, all kinds of animals gathered on Belamu hill to seek protection, but eventually they all died there. So the hill is full of fossils and in the future it is going to attract internationally researchers on the area. Didi AN also mentioned that He has said that in the future Bombay, Calcutta and part of Orissa will go under sea. 

Didi ADesana secretly hoped to cook for Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, although she didn’t know much about cooking. One day He asked Acaryas to go and find someone to cook. They found only Didi A Desana and brought her to cook, since then she cooked five years for Him. He used to give hints in advance to her how to cook each meal, but once He asked her to make soup without giving instructions. He told her after eating that it was good. Didi also ate that same soup for her lunch afterwards and noticed that she had forgotten salt from the soup. She started crying.

Didi ADyotona mentioned that D PP had spoken about how yogis that had got liberation, but not final salvation, had stayed in luminous bodies after their death waiting for Shrii Shrii Anandamurti to come on earth. Then they came in contact with Him and He gave them final moksha. She also told that human beings when they die, some of them while waiting for a new body, are helping humanity from other side, and some are doing nasty things. Once Shrii Shrii Anandamurti had shown with a mirror to a son his mother on the other side.

Didi APrabha said that those who suicide will have to hang around restlessly until the time of their real death, and having to finish the samskars that they suppose to burn in their life. (I told her that when someone suicides, also others can’t burn their samskaras which they suppose to burn with the suicided person.)

Didi AAbisambudha told that his father asked with a letter the French Ma of Aurobindo to teach him meditation. She answered to him that while she is so faraway, he should find Ananda Marga monks and get initiation from them. According her AM has good meditation system. When his father got intiation, Didi also, as 8 years old, demanded to be taught meditation. At the age of 18, Didi went to Acarya training. Now she is the head of Didis globally.

I listened recent Corey Goode interview, and I feel he has quite good understanding of spirituality, consciousness and meditation. Here some quotes;

'Everyone has to go through their own spiritual process. What is the purpose for life? It's all about the continual development of consciousness, not only on an individual basis but as a mass consciousness being that we're a part of. Meditation and diet are the way to go'. 
Corey has ended up moving to a vegetarian diet. He says his own vibratory state is augmented just by being in the presence of some of the higher vibratory beings. According him one has to deal also with ones current destructive behaviour. 
He advises; You can remove the calcification in your pineal gland, but also you want the pineal gland interacting with your higher self in a conducive way. So you need to have yourself on the right vibratory level through meditation. And once you reach a certain vibratory state of consciousness, you can control matter with consciousness. When you get a lot of people that have practised disciplines to where they can meditate deeply, there is a power to it, for sure.

People think that a fourth-density being could be standing right next to us, and we wouldn't see them, that's not at all the case. It's just they have a different consciousness vibration’. Sources “Cosmic Disclosure” on Gaia.

Here some Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s views of spirituality; satsanga, spiritual company is uplifting. We have to develop ourself, and burn our samskaras (karma) in order to learn. Vegetarian diet, purification of toxins, physical and spiritual yoga practises, are all important. The purpose of life is to attain final salvation, but in order to reach there we have to do service also. Regular collective meditation is a must for spiritual aspirants. 
But...there is one questionable advice that Corey has got from “his Guru” Tier-Eir; ‘one doesn’t need to follow any Gurus’. This is contradictory what Shrii Shrii Anandamurti says; while learning higher mathematics teacher is essential, same with spirituality. Advancing alone is very difficult and slow. Besides the care and grace of Guru makes it possible to function much more efficiently in the physical realm also. As you can see from my above story, surely my Guru was guiding, helping and protecting me if not directly then through other people. That’s our daily life in this mission, we feel - we are never alone.

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