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Incarnating Humans Adopting Earth

NASA thinks they own the earth. NASA invites you to help us celebrate Earth Day 2017 by virtually adopting a piece of Earth as seen from space. NASA's Worldview website. To adopt your piece of Earth, visit:

Web bot, weather changes hot cold sudden, hot summer, Italy quakes continue, Scandinavia, Australia, Germany battle immigrants. Eastern EU tighten boarders, breaks EU. UK scandals, China riots, inflation, Cern? France Le Pen wins. US division, battles, gold, silver rush, destruction of economies, local communities. Antarctica new tech, ancestors,

Psychic Focus looked a bit to the next future life of PTW. Soros has dark creature inside controlling his actions, and he will not incarnate ever again. While David Rockefeller will incarnate as all white llama and Bill Gates will come to cure cancer. See more;

The religion of the future? I don’t see any one dominant religion. There will be pockets of various religions everywhere. I see some (not all) of the intensity of belief changing as people awaken more (and all forms of churches struggle with keeping attendance up).

Iran captured two US drones by Keshe technology about 9 years ago. In Ghana soon prototypes for these devices will be demonstrated. 50 Plasma Power Units, off-grid generators, were given in Ghana to government and science people. In Ghana Keshe technology is approved by the highest scientific and political levels. 

One trader of the previous on grid Magrav units comments; my discontinuing to sell these units was driven by my concerns over how the units were being made in the Italian factory, not over the technology. Keshe Foundation is now taking over manufacturing there. The health area continues to progress rapidly... read more from Dr. Richard Presser,

Hucolo, Grindal channeled about earth and seasonal changes. Seasons are changing. I.e spring is colder, summer cooler etc, as the earth axis is changing, and rotation wobbles. (I have made observation, that seasons are changing later, as P R Sarkar says in his discourse). Jet streams dives low and high, sun’s devastating activity is partly protected by Venusians. Electric cuts not only for few minutes, but getting longer. Deserts get green and again become deserts, off and on. Some hot climates become more hot, cold areas more cold but also opposite. Californian quakes prevented most part by ETs,

Pole shift news, Maverickstar says that weakening magnetic field is causing jet streams, and hot, cold on and off. There is only one jet stream instead of two intermingling. He doesn't expect ETs to help but fearing scarcity, Also Dutchsinse, Pacific Northwest USA... Large EQ watch. Others have different theories for hot/cold and seasonal etc changes, like sun's increased effect to earth, expanding earth etc.

Amazing Ancient Pyramids Discovered All over Europe, in France, Bosnia, Canary Island etc, Sun is bleaching coral also, besides traffic signs, etc Earth entering in Debris Field. Three near Earth asteroids in 3 days! This present time can be compared to the previous solar minimum, when millions died in India, and during two years there was no rain in India at all. Europe suffered also a lot,

Graham Hancock about ancient civilizations that died during extinction level event. Not only due to ice age, but also due to enormous comet impact with sea rises, heat, fire, storms, earthquakes etc. N-American ice cap was hit by fragments of comets 12000 -11600 years ago, having effect also to N-European ice cap up to Syria. This could explain why the ice age ended suddenly. He thinks it could have also caused crustal displacement. 

There is very advanced megalith Gobekli Tepe in Turkey from that time, being 7000 years older than Stone Henge, and agriculture on the area of hunter gatherers. This advanced society was very fragile when the devastating comet hit, but the hunter gatherers survived with their simple self sufficient life style. Graham’s message for us is to search for the spirit in everything and love with unity,, and the Impact Event that Wiped out Our Advanced Civilization,

Anomalies found during research on Antarctica decades ago, tropical past, ice free waters, man made structures, fossilised forests, magnetic anomalies, food storages. Although Antarctica is under peace treaty, Nazi, US and Russian military bases operate openly and secretly,

And a bit about politics

Fulford; Trump’s excuse to order an illegal missile attack against Syria. But the real reason Trump ordered this illegal attack to Syria is because he is being blackmailed with an abuse video, Pentagon and CIA sources say. Another reason for Syria attack is; Russia won the energy war, as EU dropped its opposition to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline to Germany.

Trump handler is son-in-law Jared Kushner, who bought the building 666 Fifth Avenue. What we are witnessing is a desperate offensive by the Satanists of Israel. Trump ordered also a carrier to N-Korea.

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran may be heavily rearmed by Russia. Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon are joining Russia and the US military to force the Israelis, Saudis etc. Fulford: Khazarian Satanists turning Trump into a zombie slave.

According to White House sources who spoke to Infowars, Trump is under pressure from top neo-cons to prevent Russia from dominating the region as the fall of ISIS nears. Trump does not want to directly attack Assad’s forces in Damascus.

Some claims MacCain responsible for the attack in Syria, FBI whistle blower; Syrian False flag is a distraction created by those who fear a federal investigation, McCain, Graham, Schumer, Al Nusra behind it,, and Putin knows the rest, false flag to set up Assad, chemical weapons is crock of shit, And jimstone, Trump and Obama delivered the same gas attack speech, which proves nuclear blackmail Israles’ fukushima report

BBC, explosives in Swedish nuclear facility were found on top of the fire extinguisher. In Sweden truck drove to mass of people,

Bombard’s Body Language sees Bashar al-Assad innocent

Her another video, Assad on the Chemical Attack. She states; 'we are not seeing deception (by Assad)'. If you want to see,

Sarkar has said; Say a certain incident took place in your life at the age of eight. Now we know that there is nothing identical in this universe, only similarities. If similar circumstances reoccur after a gap of say eight years, a similar incident could take place when you are sixteen. You have to ensure that people are not put into an environment which is similar to one that caused them pain and suffering in the past, as this may adversely affect their progress in the spiritual sphere. This also applies to the physical and psychic spheres.

Take the case of this planet earth which is composed of the five fundamental factors. when, the earth's environment will become uncongenial for habitation...under these circumstances the planet and its atmosphere will gradually get condensed. When its internal factor reaches the nadir point of crudity it will appear to be non-existent outwardly. At this stage it will experience jad́asphota causing an immense explosion. That tremendous energy release converts the solid body into the ethereal factor. The celestial bodies of the universe which are unfit for human habitation are all moving through the process of jad́asphota and are hurtling towards a catastrophic explosion. This is the inevitable fate of each and every celestial body.

In today's world large animals are on the verge of extinction. Environmental conditions do not support the existence of big animals any longer.

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