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Mind you, poles are shifting; German and Norwegian scientists; Earth is undergoing true polar wander today. They developed a computer model to identify four true polar wanders in the past. If the masses that exist within the spinning Earth ever became sufficiently imbalanced, the planet would tilt and rotate itself until this extra weight was relocated to a point along the equator: Original paper. And

The Higher Truth Channel; The North Star Just Moved 3 degrees 10.7.2014! It caused July Earthquakes? Physical Pole Shift Affecting Plates! USA side of planet moved southwards. It may be normal wobble however if not the crustal shift should immediately be seen. Earthquakes will tell us if the shift is unusual, depending what is happening other side of earth. All the big quakes ones that happen in last three weeks, have corresponding quakes on the opposite side of world. Only way to explain this is that earth tilted and floating plates moved. Peru quake had corresponding opposite side Malaysia quake etc. You can predict now quakes. New Zealand quake, gave warning to Spain. Philippine dead silent now, highly unusual and opposite Brasil also stable. No complete pole shift;
Beware of Deceivers! Warmest oceans now. Where is the high radiation coming when the solar maximum is week? Most radiation increase is infrared which is heat, ultraviolet, neutrons and x-rays - although no sun spots! Neutrons dangerous oceans “boil” due to them.

Methane blowing holes never seen before. Wild fires, fireballs, California drying up... Magnetosphere is 10 to 15 percent weaker…. that will make the sun appear hotter. Heat, high tides, rip tides, neutrons are causing deaths of animals; fish, dolphins, dears, birds. Also ozone layer decreasing, which brings the radiation in.

13.8.2014 People... be prepared and the rest is up to higher power.... but you have to seek the truth and you have to act;
Impending Pole Shift -Future Location of the North & South Poles;

10.7.2014; Visual Globe; New Locations of the North & South Poles, New Equator and New Arctic and Antarctic Circles. AFTER the completed Pole Shift, as by July 2010 by Antonia Lau-Broadcaster, Metaphysical Researcher. The poles due to their new position are going to melt and raise the sea level. It is currently in Process and Rapidly escalating events worldwide are the indicators.

Methane Spikes while Irradiance Dives!; When weaker magnetics on sun, and no sunspots the plasma filaments grow longer. It used to be that during solar minimum of sunspots, earth was cooling down and ice in poles increased, and during solar maximum the earth was more hot - but no more... 2007 change happened... while it was solar minimum ice in poles reduced. So where the heat came? Methane spike record oceanic heat. North magnetic pole jump towards Siberia. Lack of magnetism on earth. Same as in Mars lack of magnetic field protecting from solar radiation makes the planet dry. Why solar change, why all the planets are heating up?
Number two...Quasar/Pulsar, Super Nova, Second Sun. Electrons Flooding Our Solar System with lightning.; Psychic Focus (Short cut, DA); Earth is now having actual poles shift, but very slow and gradual. The equator is fattest part of the earth. Water level will rise east and west, not north and south. Part of EU also, central part, not north. Around poles what is now water it will grow ice, but the pole will melt. Ice age - not necessarily, but altered climate; some places heat some freezing. Shift of the world axis will also lead to massive floodings or rise of land masses (new land is fertile, people fight over it). If the world were a face on a clock, and north America was in the upper left quadrant, I see the tilt turning counter - clockwise about 5-6 minutes, having big impact. 

There looks to be a couple world events that jump this forward in larger steps, but overall this is slow and constant. Gravity and rotation of the earth “slings” the water in the middle section of the earth, that is what will be the major contributor to the flood.

We ARE experiencing some pull, and then China lights up...with flooding. The Mediterranean sea is off balance. But the drastic changes come after polar ice breaks off....huge pieces, and gets completely shattered like houses.

Tides come in, but slowly recede less and less, which eventually causes the water to rise. After ice brakes sea level is decrease around the North pole and increases around equator to level out, but it never gets back to the level where it started. 

Update; Natural Events; The Red comet although still hidden by the sun, have an effect on us already. Sun is almost mesmerizing (color, intensity, heat) - and then the Red comet pop out from behind. The  moon then reacts to the comet by wobbling and rotating in an odd pattern. Our orbit is being yanked or altered by this comet. Other planets are being effected, and have a trickle down effect to earth as well. The earth looks like having wobbly top due to outside gravitational forces pulling on us and our magnetosphere looks to be inconsistent. As we wobble, I see the north pole not statically staying true north - the most north point. This wobbling is creating unpredictable erratic weather patterns - weather cannot be predicted accurately. Continuing long term, each year different weather. I.e US being hit with EXTREME winter, even colder than last year.  "Safe" areas to relocate northern part of S-America, the W- Africa, N-W Australia, S-Asia (west of India) and the most South-US (Texas), S-New Mexico. California to either become a peninsula or island.

Permalink; The coming pole shift; Jimstone says it is a certainty - a pole shift is definitely coming, and is happening already. On the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, there is a perfect geological record which proves beyond all doubt that in geological terms, the Earth's magnetic poles move quite frequently. And when they do, there is chaos. (So seems magnetic or both?)
Related; Strange loud sounds heard around the world, "sky trumpets" or from the ground. Examples at 4:30; Earth is stretching and cracking apart. The core is hot and the temperature of earth is heating up from the inside out causing these snaps and cracks. The core of the earth somehow feeds on increasing energy and heat from the sun, like the earth is growing, breathing.

The explosion of auto-immune diseases Lupus, MS, etc. The main cause of these autoimmune diseases are from certain wave frequencies, that the brain is exposed to...from sun, atmospheric rays... affecting the immune system. The sun is on a cycle and I see it changing to white hot, a very intense phase.

Interplanetary “Day After Tomorrow?”Part 1, Enterprise Mission; Richard C. Hoagland, David Wilcock, Copyright © 2004; The entire solar system - not just our one small planet -- is currently undergoing profound, never-before-seen physical changes. This paper will address and scientifically document a wide variety of significant examples. And new scientific model that explains these simultaneous interplanetary changes via a fundamental “new Physics” - a Physics that predicts “even greater anomalies to come”…

And what say Cassiopeans and other sources, 30 Sept 1994; "wave", cyclic extinctions and “Pole Shift. If the companion sun (second sun, brown star), and any comets it has catapulted into the solar system, are discharging the solar capacitor, this could have a number of effects on earth, including:
  • atmospheric: dust loading of the atmosphere, perhaps affecting cloud formation;
  • hydrological: hydrological: positive and negative feedbacks for warming and cooling temperatures, leading to changes in evaporation and precipitation;
  • electromagnetic: electrically influenced extreme weather and other effects (ELF radiation, strange sounds, transformer explosions, heating of the core, etc.);
  • gravity: gravity anomalies caused by resulting changes in the core and mantle;
  • crustal anomalies (like volcanism and perhaps outgassings and sinkholes);
  • changes in the magnetic field;
  • pretty much all of which may have an effect on rotation and axis orientation.
When the mantle stops, or slows, and the crust does not - gravity decreases... all “opens up!” This seems to be connected to solar activity, and speed of the earth. The solar and earth activities are interconnected. And gravitational pull incites electromagnetic impulse. Climate is being influenced by three factors. 1) Wave approach. 2) Chloroflorocarbon increase affecting ozone layer. 3) Change in the planet’s axis rotation orientation due to slow down of rotation. Slight shifts in Earth’s axis might have been enough to trigger the ice ages. When question was asked; Are we looking at a pole shift during the next ten or so years with a high degree of probability? A: Yes. New axial orientation, and magnetic reversal.

Solar system, in concert with sun is revolving around companion star, which mass is much less. It has passed the Oort cloud and sending comet cluster around, thus anomalies recently discovered on outer planets and their moons and earth. Closest passage of second sun to the earth is within 0 to 14 years. (But they say time tables are never reliable). The main disaster is going to come from this comet cluster…Companion sun will have a psychic effect to human beings.

Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits form of periodic cleansing. The comets (thousands) could come from many directions to earth. But initial visibility presents a single, solid body, (some might call it Niburu also?). Wikipedia page on the ‘Nemesis’ (and here) was introduced in 1984 by two teams of astronomers (Hut & Muller etc) to explain the periodical extinction events observed in the earth’s fossil record; death-dealing swarm of comets bombarding earth every 26 million years...or one of these clusters having 3,600-year period.

Axial precession’, fireball and meteorite sightings, strange electromagnetic phenomena throughout the solar system. Asymmetric reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field. 2010, BBC article; dinosaurs victim to a meteorite shower raining down over thousands of years.

These changes can be seen in “global warming” which seems to be taking place on ALL the planets in the solar system. Ice Age will come suddenly, because the melting poles will affect the Gulf Stream and it will slow down, so that ice will increase. Researchers say similar environmental calamities occurred around 3200 B.C., 2300 B.C., 1628 B.C, 1159 B.C, AD 540.

New only flow of comet fragments pose a real threat to our planet...we are way past our ‘extinct by’ date. Robert Felix claims that an ice age could start at any time; the ice melts at the poles the fresh water mixes with the salt water of the oceans. This can stop the Gulf Stream from flowing north. Global manmade warming is a hoax. “Dark star companion”of the sun. And
 Velikovski believed the pole shift would be caused by planetary interaction and being electromagnetic by nature. When planets with positive north comes too near earth south pole, it would be attracted and cause the pole to shift slightly, the earth would tilt by the magnetism of the other planet.

With weaker magnetic field as it is now, high-energy particles - including gamma-, and X-rays penetrate more to earth. Gamma rays can cause cell death, genetic mutations etc. Electric power grids and TV and radio transmissions more unreliable.

Rotational axis will shift Cayce;
Some scientific evidence ab magnetic north pole position; And

 Sarkar ab Pole Shift, short cut: “The Poles Shift Their Respective Positions”, 1986, Calcutta; If the poles change their positions, the time taken by the Earth to move around itself will certainly be either lessened or increased. And similarly the time taken by the Earth in moving around the sun will either increase or decrease.

The environmental order as well as the ecological order of the Earth will be disrupted. And as a result of this disruption, there must be physical and biological changes in the structures of all living creatures. Other planets and satellites of the solar system will also undergo certain remarkable metamorphosis. And if the magnetic order is disrupted, then certain remarkable changes in the electro-magnetic vibrations of this Earth will occur. As a result of this type of change in the electro-magnetic vibrations, human thought waves will certainly be affected.

Our progress in the arena of science
depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves. Human existence is not only in physical structure, it is a [mesh] of vibrations of so many wave-lengths. The change is sure to take place in the realm of spirituality. Humanity will be more meditative.

Sometimes we see the seasonal orders are not maintaining proper adjustment with the months: this shows that the shifting is taking place fast. And as a result of the change in position of the poles, some people say that in the eastern hemisphere, the north pole is moving from north to south and in the western hemisphere, the south pole moves from south to north. So we should be prepared for the future. Other planets and satellites of the solar system will also undergo certain remarkable metamorphosis.

Everybody moves – certainly the poles move – and they have already started their function of shifting their respective positions. And you see as a result of such a change, especially if the change takes place very fast, then another ice-age may occur here on this Earth. 31 May 1986, Calcutta.
Sarkar explained that poles shift can happen for several reasons: due to huge nuclear explosion, or huge volcano eruption or external planet, meteor etc affecting earth’s atmosphere.

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