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Russia, 'the hope of the world???'

Putin Number One -song; And Putin friend; And Hero; And Master; And Putin the best; But some psychics think he is Hitler;, also Psychic Focus compared earlier him to Hitler! And  

Anyhow Bulgarian sage Vanga; Russia To Be The World's Only Superpower. “Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world. Putin war; And Putin the dictator;

Through Russia, Cayce said "comes the hope of the world". Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism -- no! But freedom -- freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

Lada Ray's article,; In 1992 I said to my colleague; “Volodya, this is the first time we have ever dealt with a Soviet bureaucrat who didn’t ask us for a trip to the US or something valuable!” I remember looking at his business card in the sunlight––it read Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Dec 31, 1999: President Boris Yeltsin vacated his office and left Russia in the hands of an unknown Vladimir Putin. I thought surely not the Putin I remembered. but Yes, it was the same Putin I’d met years ago! It was clear to me that the man in the brown suit would never have the instincts or guts to tackle Russia’s overriding challenges.

Febr 2000: Almost immediately, Putin began putting Russia’s oligarchs on edge. “What should be the relationship with the so-called oligarchs? The same as the owner of a small bakery or a shoe repair shop.” Four months later Putin called a meeting with the oligarchs and gave them his deal: They could keep their illegally-gained wealth-producing Soviet enterprises and they would not be nationalized…. IF taxes were paid on their revenues and if they personally stayed out of politics.

March 2000: A Russian friend (a psychologist) since 1983; “Volodya! I went to school with him!” She began to describe Putin as a quiet youngster, poor, fond of martial arts, who stood up for kids being bullied on the playgrounds. She remembered him as a patriotic youth who applied for the KGB... “Sharon in those days we all admired the KGB and believed that those who worked there were patriots and were keeping the country safe. My next question was, “What do you think he will do with Yeltsin’s criminals in the Kremlin?” She replied, “he will watch them for a while, then he will throw up some flares to let them know that he is watching. If they don’t respond, he will address them personally, then if the behaviors don’t change–– some will be in prison in a couple of years.” I congratulated her via email when her predictions began to show up in real time.

Throughout the 2000’s: St. Petersburg’s many CCI alumni were being interviewed... Last, each was asked, “So what do you think of your new president?” None responded negatively. Most answered similarly, “Putin registered my business a few years ago”. Next question, “So, how much did it cost you?” They replied, “Putin didn’t charge anything”. One said, “We went to Putin’s desk because the others providing registrations were getting ‘rich on their seats.’”

Year 2001: Jack Gosnell (former USCG) explained his relationship with Putin when the latter was deputy mayor of St.Petersburg. The two of them worked closely to create joint ventures to promote relations between the two countries. Jack related that Putin was always straight up, courteous and helpful. When Putin’s wife, Ludmila, was in a severe auto accident, Jack took the liberty (before informing Putin) to arrange airline travel for her to get medical care in Finland. When Jack told Putin, he reported that the latter was overcome by the generous offer, but... Ludmila would have to recover in a Russian hospital. And And http://blogontheedgeoftheuniverse.wordpress...-nwo/. And
Someone speculating; All Russia has to do is deny overflying of airspace for Asia/Pacific routes, and it will cost European airlines over a billion USD per month. If at the same time Russia allows Asian air carriers full access, by default European airlines will be put out of business in huge portions of the world, and Russia's allies will be greatly helped.

The Russian aid shipmentof 12 typ es of goods, 1856.3 tons, an official letter from the Red Cross received by the Ukrainian ministry, which complies with the cargo declared by Russia.  But US Sending 600 Troops, APCs And Tanks Bordering Russia To “Reassure Allies”. Zero Hedge; EU & US Stocks and bond yields (and Ruble) tumbling, gold rising, but not before the Russian aid “invasion” was stopped;

And Russia Accuses Ukraine of Staging False Flag; Moscow; Kiev could have killed their own troops in order to portray Russia as aggressor. Russia arrived with aid convoy, but NATO arrives with $4.5 mn military aid for Kiev? And US is adding massive amounts of new tanks etc in inside caves in central Norway, according to Pentagon. The caves are part of the Marine Corps’ global prepositioning program; The Washington Post.

Hungarian PM Orban urged rethink the EU’s sanctions policy toward Russia, saying the measures are like “shooting oneself in the foot.”The Russian authorities will exclude allergen-free products, seeds and diary supplements from banned imports from states that sanctioned Moscow, a Russian deputy PM said. China Continues to Send Experts, Supplies to W-Africa as Ebola Epidemic Spreads. The official death toll is 1,069 deaths out of 1,975 cases. How comes DHS and provocateurs have similar shoes?

Foreign fast-food companies should be additionally taxed, Russian State Duma deputy suggested, the money raised could go to improving the general health of the population. Reuters: Putin said Russia should aim to sell its oil and gas for roubles globally... And Soros; US Stocks Might Fall.Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law that will allow foreign companies from the US and EU to co-manage Ukraine’s national gas transportation system (GTS). He'll put his money on Russia;

And Credit Default Swaps are back. And Bank Bail-ins in US; speech in Stockholn Sweden, by Vice Chairman of the Fed. It Happened in Cyprus, But Can It Happen Here? With banks already paying close to zero interest on deposits and the real possibility that a depositor could actually lose money by keeping it in a too big to fail bank, what incentive do depositors have in keeping their cash in such banks?

Poland’s Agriculture Minister Sawicki has said that Polish farmers can expect compensation from the EU in the wake of the Russian embargo on fruit and vegetables from much of EU.,Polish-agriculture-minister-EU-aid-available-for-Polish-farmers-#sthash.Na5TTT4n.dpuf. Poland's Central Statistical Office (GUS) recorded deflation for the first time since 1971.,Deflation-comes-to-Poland#sthash.zTAnLq7s.dpuf

She plays nicely; Ferguson US, police brutality; And Downing of Flight MH 17 due to “dirty bomb” containing biowarfare aimed at a Russian city. The role of the Mossad and ET race; And
Farsight institute remote viewing result of 9/11 is coming out on Sept 11!!!
ISIS militants massacre 80 Yazidis, kidnap women in Iraqi village. And No wander; Jews under attack; In one week last month; eight synagogues were attacked;
Extreme weather more and more, study; A catastrophe of unimaginable propertions is unfolding in the Arctic Ocean. Huge quantities of methane are erupting from the seafloor of the East Siberian Sea over the Arctic Ocean; She cries due to Coming Pole Shift which has already began and oil coming from Gulf of Mexico to EU along Gulf Stream;

Keshe promised already 2011 to sell generators, but so far people never got; I am one of the persons who originally put a deposit down for the 3-4 kw plasma generators. I think Mr. Keshe should give us an update on current status of the generators. I believe Keshe has the moral obligation to follow up with this. Remember, a man is only as good as his word.

Money taken from accounts of MH 370 lost passengers in Kuala Lumpur, Daily Mirror. July 18 money was taken from 4 passenger's accounts total 26 000 euro. Chemtrails added to old film footage, why? “The Railway Children and

He invites everyone to debunk this; Agend Zack Tailor 27 year veteran reveals the plan to destroy US from inside. CDC/Fema preparing for 200 million deaths by allowing unchecked disease to cross US along with chemical weapons etc. He has testified before Congress in 2011;

15 Year Old Invents Device That Generates Electricity While You Walk; blog post of the teenager, Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress.” Make your own; Angelo’s Instructables site. And

Area 51, the mysterious US government air base in the middle of nowhere is undergoing an expansion, why? and th
Fears can weaken our thinking capacity and at worst cause heart symptoms, in order to reduce our fears it is good to do such yoga asanas, which have effect to Manipura chakra, on navel area. For example peacock posture (mayurasana) is good exercise – if one has not yet acquired heart, pancreas or liver disease – if, in that case they should not be done. Some other asanas can be then recommended.

To serve others is also advisable, because one should have more feelings of love than fears. Eating, sleeping, reproduction and fearing are common characteristics for both human being and animal, but human being is advantageous due to spirituality, without which some people may become worse than animals. Why then people are not meditating and searching deeper meaning for their life? It might be fears that prevent it. In tantra we talk about inner and outer bondages of mind. Hatred, shyness and – fear are learnt externally from parents, teachers and even from friends.

The more you try to escape fears the more stronger they become, so one must face her fears. For that the practitioners of tantra-yoga for example go to do meditation in graveyard after midnight. One has to face the forces of darkness, police, drunkards and curious passers by. Although it is not recommendable for beginners to go up to graveyard, even in back yard beginner can practice to face snow, ghosts, mosquitoes and other creatures. To conquer fears both meditation and external practices are needed.

One can lessen fears also by constant ideation during worldly occupation by concentrating into cosmic oneness – what bad could happen to Brahma? There are different kind of fears, the worst anyhow is inferiority complex, which makes one to yield, avoid and at the end start feeling pity for oneself. In the society the inferior and fearful people enable exploitation. Our Prout socio-economic model teaches first of all fighting against injustice and exploitation. Humanity needs this moment courageous people.

You are born as a fighter and devotee - according ancient sage; The one who rushes when [Krishna's]
flute is calling, does she ever look behind due to fear? (From Sarkar)

Didi Annapurna, stay fearless!

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