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Oil prize down and better news

Better news first; Jay Rogers driving with World’s first 3D-printed electric car in International Manufacturing Technology Show CEO of Local Motors; on Important Tesla link;

Q & A: Health; DMT drug: The overall lasting effect isn't the same (clarity lost once you are sober) as what a "lifelong meditation" provides. And yoga is a great exercise (if you have a good instructor). Everything about it feels like positive energy. And Lucid Dreamers Produce The Fastest Brainwave Frequencies; Artificial Life: micro-chip creates genes from DNA; Thus, researchers have modeled the basic building block of life artificially. This is an important step for making a "living" artificial cells.

Aliens Saved Earth from Nuclear Meltdown? UFO investigation in Switzherland; Real alien contact; UFOs know how to turn; Hoagland - Revelations of the Chinese Moon Mission; Alien contactees tell;

BRICKS and reset of global finances; Another ab reset; America is among the least racist countries in the world, Daily Caller. Palast wins prize due to exposing voter fraud in US;

Fulford sources; Defense Hagel replaced with Ashton Carter. A good sign? The US military to oust Netanyahu? Obama had “acid reflux,” poisoned by Netanyahu people?, so bribed cabal in congress has no more power. 
In China, arrest of Zhou Yongkang, close to Bush clan; part of purge of Mao Nazionists, see at bottom; The government of Abe and the BoJ caught laundering stolen gold from IMF, Germany, Ukraine and S-Africa. Chart; Turkey, a NATO member, just broke ranks with the cabal;Turkey-Russia gas pipeline. (And someone Russia's and Turkey's gas deal can save EU and the world???)

The CIA torture report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee is widely reported in the MSM. Means Nazi faction no longer controls senate and media. Bush Jr Nazi-Neo-cons are headed for jail...Before Bush Jr. and Tony Blair went for private audiences with their protector pope Benedict XVI, but no more by the new Pope Francis and the P2. British Crown Prince William “attended a World Bank conference” and signed treaties...(???)

Pope refused an audience
for Dalai Lama – no more protection. Sultan of Brunei is money launderer for the Bush narcotics business and Agha Khan runs Al Qaeda type of stuff for the Bush. They were all in secretive committee for global collateral funds, meant for the benefit of the people of the planet, but mostly embezzled.

Philadelphia source who predicted attack on Malaysian airlines, saying the Bush cabalists stole dollar funds of Russia and Venezuela. UK Pound and Euro systems are by-passing the US controlled SWIFT. Lagarde; the IMF’s 2010 Quota and Reforms are not included in the budget legislation currently before the U.S. we will now proceed to discuss alternative options... starting in Jan 2015. Translation: the EU is going to join the BRICS in Jan. The Pentagon joined the Russians, Turks, Iranians against the Salafist forces in Syria; Bad news for S-Arabia and other benefactors of the Bush petro-dollar system.

The plunge in oil prices is bankrupting, and the Baltic Dry Index lowest since Lehman Brothers shock.
JP Morgan next Lehman? The Comptroller of the Currency seeking “survival kits for its employees.” Chicago Fed bricked up its windows; on 15 min;
. And is civil war imminent in the US???; Fulford at; Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis.

Comment by dwilcock; The drop in oil prices is unexpected. If Cosby allegations have been floating around for years, why did they go viral now? Cosby has become America’s Jimmy Savile. Coup in the CIA, 60 % of the CIA is no longer under the control of the Cabal. This is how the CIA torture report got out. The Sony hackers “The Guardians of Peace,” has nothing to do with N-Korea —but Alliance. First Wikileaks, then the NSA, then JP Morgan, the White House, and now this. Much of the Alliance in America are Republicans GOP, Guardians of Peace is “GOP.” The GOP / Alliance will offer “Christmas Gift” of far more damaging information yet to come.

Lastly, it rained in California. HAARP
was used to stop it from raining, as an effort to wipe out US bread basket and it also screwed up the entire climate around the US, creating the “Polar Vortex”. (But recently Jimstone had story of scientists' effort of 'bringing' rain there, and Fulford telling ab weather weapons used to counteract things, DA). Wilcock is having constant attacks by physical and metaphysical sources; again “alerted” in the airport security.................

Secret satanic messages behind Cheney's speech in video, someone joking..or not??? Watch Live
This new video published to YouTube on Dec 11, purports evidence for a satanic torture and pedophilia conspiracy involved in CIA torture case. The video exposes the witchcraft-like initiatory themes encrypted backwards in spoken comments of former US VP Cheney during his Dec 10, 2014 appearance on Fox News.

 Icke exposes Queen Elisabeth; Pedophile, Bill Clinton; Clinton is closely connected to Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile. According to flight logs from 2002 to 2005, Clinton made multiple trips to Epstein’s private island, where Epstein kept children as sex slaves. Lawsuit; shocking details of secret lives of “elites.” Prince Andrew also visited the Island. Former child actor Egan filed lawsuits against producers, due to wide-scale sexual abuse; What ab Bill Cosby allegations of sexual assaults?

CIA paid Poland to host its secret prisons at least a million dollars. Poland was ordered by int court to pay €100,000 in damages to victims. And; ; 'A military base in eastern EU will be “placing supplies — weapons etc — at the headquarters” [what ‘headquarters’?] that forces [what ‘forces?] could respond rapidly.' That news-report in the Times was published on July, and only Dec 5th its meaning was introduced online. “America on a ‘Hot War Footing” Eric Zuesse. According to a new poll from WIN and Gallup International, the U.S. represents the largest threat to world peace today.  

And Companies linked to Russian billionaire Rotenberg and Timchenko, both close allies of Putin, were given contracts worth 309 billion roubles  ($8.1 billion) since western sanctions were imposed on the men in March, according to a Bloomberg report. And Business Insider.

The US Department of Defense invented the term “Chemtrails” in 1990 in a US Air Force Academy pilot training manual (PDF) and chemtrail definition ab the normal vs. abnormal aircraft emission;

The riots badly devalued properties in US Ferguson after the local businesses refused to sell out. The front page for buying up of the riot zone has been taken offline. See the FORUM. Sellafield contains waste from many different nuclear reactors, the storage pools have cracked concrete, and have been kept full only because rainwater got in to fill them, suppose to be 5 years storage is now 45 years. The Hunger Games report, the Sellafield nuclear dump report and the Feerguson report proves it was real estate scam (an attempt to devalue the entire area so someone could cash). And someone stalling the URL of Uncensored – net page, proves it exposive.

SWR (German TV), 2013; — The dumping of nuclear waste in the sea was banned worldwide in 1993, yet the nuclear industry built kilometers of underwater pipes into the sea. In Normandy [near] the French reprocessing plant in La Hague… we find iodine and 5-fold higher tritium than [reported] by the operator Areva. Molecular Biologist tells thatthe radioactive toxins accumulate in the food chain. A worm can contain 2,000-3,000 times more radioactivity than its environment...and humans come last. Another disposal pipe is located in the north of Englan. Plutonium is 10 times higher than the permissible limit. SWR’s investigative report and ENENews.

Dutchsinse blocked by Sandy Hookers;
And he finds out weird things; What the pastors suppose to do in case of US martial law - separate family members;

British economy worse than during the Great Depression. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog pointed out that EU is stuck in a “Greater Depression”. Economist DeLong agrees. As does Paul Krugman. Neil Howe provided charts via Forbes ab EU. In the summer 2008, the price of oil collapsed and after same patterns are happening again. Then other commodities and again.  Market for junk bonds started to implode and again. End of 2008 horrifying stock market crash, now another?  Last week was the worst week for the Dow in 3 years... And some more “bloodbath” that  Zero Hedge summarized.

EU stocks worst week in three years...and far worse in the Middle East. Dubai stocks down 23 percent 2 weeks, and crashes in Qatar and Kuwait too. the Brazilian stock market down, probability of default on Venezuelan debt is now up to 93 % watching how junk bonds will perform. From The New York Times here; ‘The Golden Age’ is about the growing use of gold in geopolitical affairs; Gold repatriation movements in EU and the gold accumulation on East - particularly Russia and China.

Poll: 81 % of people in Finland want Finnish mark back: And 61 % doesn't trust Finnish MSM. Finnish government supports Ukraine with 6,4 million. And Five million euros per day for the Army: Ukraine calls for new loans from the EU, Denmark will claim 900,000 square kilometers at the North Pole on Monday on the UN in New York.

Lindsay Williams; Oil prices dropped because Obama - due to his hatred of Putin - sent Kerry to S-Arabia (without any authorization of the Elite) to negotiate the price decline. By now even the New York Times is openly talking about it. The Elite angry at Obama, his folks shot their own foot; US oil production prices also will plummet. WTI will fall to $70 a barrel. In Sept 2013, WTI was $106 a barrel. US Obama is expected to sign new sanctions against Russia. Russian bankruptcy; Russian investor: "We have a panic in the markets". Rich by luxury cars, furniture etc to keep the value of their savings. Russia raises interest rate 17 % in the night. And Full-Blown Economic Crisis In Russia. Nobody predicted this, everyone waiting dollar collapse, will it come after? DA

Psychic Focus ab homeless in US; Government groups bringing them to a shelter, feeding and clothing. After government group talks to the homeless and convince them to be a part of a drug testing program (the homeless feel excited having purpose). And cyber attacks going on with large central banks in America; i.e JP morgan chase...The Chinese are trying to get into our system to see how vulnerable we are... The US is also hacking their own system in order to have access to funds in addition to setting up a scapegoat for when the dollar collapses. And Sydney Siege is false flag.

OIL: Sarkar said that oil can be found in the southern portion of Sicily and Sardinia, as well as in Taiwan. He also said that to the vaeshyas (the neo-cons) the social body is merely a machine for making money. They supply the oil, water and fuel to the machine, but they take far more from the machine than they spend on it. They think, 'As I supply oil, water and fuel to the machine to keep it running, all of the output is mine. My money built the machine. If necessary I will get more work out of it by supplying it with more oil, water and fuel, and if I no longer need it I will send it to the junkyard.'

In the commune system individual ownership is denied. In such places there is no scope for workers to get either the inspiration or the incentive to fully utilize their skills in either agriculture or industry. They are like oxen moving around an oil grinding mill with their eyes blindfolded.

All microcosms, knowingly or unknowingly, are rotating around the nucleus of the Cosmic Cycle, the Supreme Entity. The distance between the two has to be removed then there remains no separate existence. When sádhakas establish themselves in bhágavata dharma (human destination), by virtue of vistára, rasa and sevá (service), their journey comes to an end. ( Sarkar also said that; due to inner thirst for material gain, the human mind goes around in circles, like bullocks trudging endlessly around an oil mill).

The Supreme Consciousness is there in you as the oil is in the oilseed. Crush the seed through sádhana (meditation) and you attain Him... And; Meditation or dhyána is a constant remembrance, flowing like an unbroken stream of oil from one vessel to another.

So better no peak oil...
Didi Annapurna

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