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Are you clone?

Here if you put your name on search engine in this page, you can see are you clone;

"This is no hoax, this is no joke. My name is Donald Marshall, I have been cloned by a large secretive cult known as the "Free Masons","The Vrill Society" and "Scientologists" together called the Illuminati. They make replicated bodies of people to victimize in terrible ways...Most of the G20 gather there to discuss worldly matters and watch gruesome things done to innocent people for sport... I know who is involved, the ring leaders and everything they do. The Queen Elizabeth, Phillip and Prince Charles are the worst of them...Putin loves to put the fear of torture and death into people, but is essentially a cowardly pervert himself...All it will take is a few lie detector tests, I will volunteer for them ”....(and more and more incredible things, lie detector indeed needed...I think when people are under mind control/cloning what so ever, they are also fed by false information, so mostly this might be true, but not everything, anyhow at least better than science fiction, but you see. DA).
The people that want to keep the cloning place going are old ugly fat people, the mentally handicapped massively inbred people and the scuzziest perverts... most want out... old rich people threatening and scaring people there into compliance... it is quite the scene. (And you may ask Donald directly;

Here it is; his letter to humanity; And he talks ab Vril Lizards; More ab The Vril; And government cloning center; You may see; Cloning Fact Sheet. And And; Get Started With Cloning; And Royal family; And;

There are different kind of clones - what I get from this. Some elites are cloned voluntarily due to old age or sickness in order to continue their life. Then there are those who has been forcefully cloned that they can be controlled, politicians etc. Then there are the poor (often also singers) purposely made as torture victims; these cloned people have two or more bodies, in the other hand one is living normal life, while their clones are in cloning center used for abusive purposes; 'In case of REM driven cloning.... once asleep for 1- 2 hours your brain enters R.E.M sleep phase (rapid eye movement), now somehow they can transfer your consciousness into your clone at the cloning center.... And you just walk around out there,... little fuzzy and dumber if your memory is suppressed... but clear as a bell if you've been "awakened" as they call it... (allowed to retain the memories)... Then they fuck with you, maybe make you go through some drug-induced visual and auditory hallucinations. Nothing good, if you're there... but when your real body wakes up your clone drops limp in cloning center'. 

In the other hand not only the victims, but also their abusers have clones in the cloning center, that they use to abuse the victims. If I understand this what the victims, such as Donald, are trying to say.
The aliens, vrils, are the ones who has given the technology, seems. Some of the aliens treat humans same way as we treat the dogs...But there are the good aliens also. DA
Here singer Tila Tequila tells ab good and bad quyes, ETs and her murder attempt after exposing cabal; She is claiming that cloning centers exist and children are disappairing; After she was tortured with aneurims (typical torture method according Donald); And https://encrypted-tbn...WE. And recently very positive spiritual approach; (No doubt when people turn spiritual they are protected, DA).

And what says Donald Marshal about her; She is playing a deadly game with them right now... Trying to make out like release me or I'll talk everything like Donny... Theyre stuck cuz if they let her leave others will demand to leave too or talk,... The Tila situation is important there right now... If they kill her off like Whitney Houston then other celebs will talk...
And the victim cries; Eminem crying, illuminati drugged him; Business Insider; New Book; The Queen’s ‘Accidental’ Intervention In The Scottish Referendum. And witness; William Combes, Eyewitness 1952-2011; But he happen (?) to die; William Comves, age 59 and in good health, was scheduled to be a primary witness at the opening session of the ITCCS on Sept. 12 in London, England; "The aboriginal man who claimed to witness the abduction of ten fellow residential schoolchildren by the Queen of England and her husband in Oct, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, B.C has died suddenly at the Catholic-run St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver...Continue Reading.

George Green talks about cloning of presidents, Bush, Castro...; And Psychic Focus ab Donald Marshall; Pedophilia Rings; He is ready to expose what is happening, even if it costs him his life. He feels very mentally detached, as if he views and experiences life detached from his physical body rather than inside it. I get this happens much more than what you would ever think, done by rich elites. As in Movie Hostel where people with enough cash are allowed to do what they want to another living person, and the victims treated like disposable objects - I feel this relates to how this man has experienced life.

Within the victims there are fighters born... As if karma is working through these kids. It is destined to happen where one of the almost victims or "underdog" will rise up and kill someone of power, turning the table, and one day one or more will rise up and fight against this and have some shocking results. I see the victims taking this ring down, and not an outside influence.

The perpetrators have some type of reptilian DNA that runs on primal instinct and a very "me" centered way of thinking - incapable of higher vibrational thoughts. The Queen abide by old and outdated customs, but blood drinking and sacrifices are not one of these (PF changed her mind later). Perpetrators try to justify their actions; if these [perverse] actions are normalized, then they don't themselves feel as flawed. They have infiltrated the media and are programming us with these ideas I.e children to show up more sexualized; make-up, sexy clothing, etc. Parents even fall into this trap; And lluminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! We need to turn off the tv and not allow ourselves to be brainwashed. Teach children about the media. 

Learn to remote view and you will know who is clone; Farsight institute says that three events controlled by different ET groups are designed to overwhelm humans;
If you were one those who hunted down children in the forest on military land outside D.C., as previously reported, would you be subject to blackmail?  Recent months same activities in EU with ‘Royals’ participating. Yesterday there was a report that 40% of US Politicians are pedophiles. Today there is a post saying pedophilia has become a matter of national security in EU, therefore they are protecting the pedophiles. There is a ‘force’ greater than Governments running this Rocky Horror Picture Show‘They’ own the Courts, the Banks, the Int’l. Financial Institutions. 11-28-14, Casper.

Fulford; the Satanic Nazionist cabal is about to be taken down and the result will be the toppling of over 20 governments, including US, Japan and the UK, CIA. Many CIA and Pentagon officers have gone into bunkers in preparation for battle. The firing of US Defense Hagel last week was the trigger event. And two main cabal candidates refused the job... indicates something is definitely going on. Obama tried, and failed to use staged race riots as an excuse to enforce martial law....

There is also a lot of confusion at CIA and other US intelligence agencies about the consequences of the bankruptcy of the US. The chaos would come from a failure by the military industrial complex... to reboot it for better. The situation in Israel and the Middle East is reaching a boiling point. Turkey, Iran and the Gulf oil monarchies are against cabal interests in the region. The so-called ISIS is run by Israel...Putin was in Turkey this week to seal a big energy alliance with Turkey; And From And 5.12 Fulford interview;

Atletes targeted during Olympics with microwave weapons: And; it is obvious this has got to be going on. It is easy to make a high frequency travel in one direction like a laser beam for precise targeting against single individuals. When it comes to a sports field, anywhere there is money to be made via a win or loss would obviously be prime for their use
Living up to his promise to promote India's therapeutic traditions, PM Narendra Modi created a ministry of yoga and alternative therapies for the country this week. India's PM is known as yoga fan. Modi used his Sept address to the UN General Assembly to promote the practice and call on member countries to mark June 21 as International Yoga Day. "Yoga should not be just an exercise for us, but it should be a means to get connected with the world and with nature," Modi said. "It should bring a change in our lifestyle and create awareness in us, and it can help fighting against climate change."
Sarkar; Nobody can say for certain that no great person would have emerged from among those wayward boys whom we tend to slight and hate. The women who have embraced prostitution for the sake of their physical existence might have grown into a noble personality if their agony had been appreciated sympathetically, and if they had been taken care by society. But since society has nothing to do with human values, a good number of great personalities are withering away in their embryonic stage. People turn into satans or sinners when for lack of proper guidance, they are goaded by depraving propensities. If their depraving propensities are sublimated, they will no longer be satans; they will be transformed into gods. Every course of action of society ought to be judged with an eye to the dictum “Human beings are divine children.”

The sadvipras (spiritual, political leaders) will undertake to revive this neglected section of humanity. The purpose of the penal code, which will be framed by the sadvipras, will be to rectify, and not to punish, a person. They will knock down the prisons and build reform schools, rectification camps. Those who [are] inborn criminals, in other words, those who perpetrate crimes because of some organic defects, ought to be offered treatment, so that they may humanize themselves. And regarding those who commit crimes out of poverty, their poverty must be removed.

The significance of society lies in moving together. If in the course of the journey anybody lags behind, if in the darkness of night a gust of wind blows out anyone’s lamp, we should not just go ahead and leave them in the lurch. We should extend a hand to help them up, and rekindle their lamps with the flames of our lamps.
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