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Predictions for 2016

Let the Extraterrestrials predict first; Adronis from Sirius for 2016, Year of Illumination; Last year rough times was necessary for exposing shadows, cover ups. Socially, politically unveiling the darkness. Banks, cartels will be exposed more, arrests. Illumination year means information, integration, transformation - educational, financial, governmental. Global unified currency. Governments more unified, ‘people-selected’ new leaders will stand up. People creating local banking. 

Celestial comets, solar activity. etc. Purification of energy around planet. Transition to Galactic centre. Biological changes. People opening up, shine light. Disclosure about ancient civilizations. ETs, star systems, animals more in main stream news. Desire for disclosure, but humans have to evolve first, get along together, only then can join into galactic civilization.

From Kryon ET; three years to get used to new energy, paradigm shift in the mainstream. Before you needed push against... no more pushing, but cooperation, unity, create light for yourself and others; Pleiadian Prophecy about World Revolution 2015 – 2017; Integration of things what has been discovered. Religions will fail. There will be pressures to reconsider every aspect of life.

Reptilian Predictions (In Dec 2014) by ET Bashar; By the Fall of 2016 Everything will change! But future is not set in stone, depends of humans. US presidency is related to expectation of UFO-disclosure. 2015 to 2025 nuclear meltdowns, new “space race”, landing on the moon, “free energy”, books from the library of Alexandria re-found. Golden Age. Official first contact on Earth with the Yahyel. Short funny video; And

ZetaTalk 11/21/2015: Both Putin and Obama are prepared to participate in the announce admitting the pending passage of Nibiru, and want ISIS put to rest before then. The state of the planet...the wobble and Earth changes such as earthquakes and EMP affecting both man and his machinery increasing... migrant distress and sociological restlessness. Rioting will be on the increase...threat of having a corrupt or short sighted nominee about to become President in the US. All will only increase.

Animals can also predict; Some dogs know the day before the onset of labor; Elephants saved lives; Year of Hyperactive Monkey in Chinese horoscope Febr 2016; Nostradamus has said, that the science of telepathy will enable humans to communicate with animals.

Psychic Focus; People start seeking alternative news and listen to their intuition, realizing things aren't always as they seem. It is those people that will open the eyes to (other) people as to what is going on. San Bernardino Shooting. And actors; Five for Friday #23. US loses strength in Syria, war breaking out because money is made on both sides of war. There are ETs out there that want to help us. We just need to let them in an allow it. Humans evolving consciousness start to reverse (heal!) the damage that has been done. The Reptilian rule (cabal) would be forced to leave. Earth's Last War.

Barbara Goldsmith for 2016 – 2017; New humanity on making, leaps in medicine and space travel. Much more deeper earth changes until 2024. We have to get everything old dug out. Banks, resources, everything...restructuring the planet. People questioning religious and belief systems, for change. Immigration laws and regulations changing, boundaries will lessen, races mixing. Amazing things about spirituality and aliens. 

Leaders have to be ready for change; politicians start talking ab peace and love, which will withdraw following. Those who talk about war, not finding followers. Be individual, speak truth, say what you want, have wild cards, balance with sharing and accepting each other. No more same old. Freelancing work a lots. Fighting against dark forces, and positive forces rising. Lennon; Imagine all the people living life in peace...

Ceryll Lynn; Horror on the shores, dying sea creatures. New technologies - too much. People are heard due to protests. Old cruise ships sinking. US hostages in families. Yellowstone something. Fracking must stop. Kennedys come up. Gravitational pull on mother earth. Russia plotting against US. Increase of non surgical procedures, medical explosion. Invest to gemstones. Baby boomers coming.

John Hogue, (Made on 2014); “Centralizing” revolution, the Many to The One, in all walks of life, Ie. one global crypto currency. Free energy box, will change everything. H Clinton president. Some interesting chapters in his book; The Stars War. The “Under-Government” Coup and the “Under-Government” in your Underwear! A Ballot Boycott to shut the Two-Party Cartel Down. Netanuahy will loose. EU Breakup. Building BRICS. The Russian Bears the Dragon. Quantitative Weaseling. The Dollar: Nothing—Soon! The National Socializing of Israel, Kali Yuga Koka Kola, A Climate Change Crisis in Leadership and Scorched Earth.

Posted on Jan 2015 for 2015, 2016; mini Baby Boom with enlightened souls to help humanity, because Indigo children were falsely diagnosed as ADHD and thus shut down spiritually with drugs. The mass exodus of souls has begun to leave the planet. ETs concerned about the survival of the human race, take humans to safety, like in Mh 370. More Catastrophic/Earth Changes, solar flares. Red fire in the sky. 

US; Obama makes 3 impeachable moves... viewed like Antichrist, in grave danger. Mass Suicides, violence, rioting, looting. Islamic radicals attack, the Statue of Liberty gets hit. Russia in war with the USA. China take over of USA in 2018. Learn Chinese. US economy crash in 2016 if not sooner. Scandinavian economics OK. 

Ten predictions, 10. Series of violent quakes in Japan. 9. TVs go touch screen. 8. ISIS will be defeated. 7. U.S. Hilary Clinton, Democrats to a landslide win. 6. N and S-Korea unification, top economy in the region. Kim Jong-un overthrown. 5. Cuba embargo lifted 4. Uncertain economy. Prices rise, gas fluctuate end up all time low, gold fall, silver rise. 3. Russia invade former Soviet Union countries. 2. Moon Landing conspiracy revealed. 1. The winter may be colder than the last. US ice storms. And;

Rose, Predictions for 2011-2017; California 8.5-9 quake. Plates on the Western Coast ripple effect. More sightings of UFOs predominate. Weather, major devastations worldwide. Misplacement of people from homes. Poles and axes of the earth shifting. (Warned Governments since 1992). Energy shields covering nuclear power plants.

Realist News Web bot; 2015- 2022. More ETs show up, ET incident. In Alaska public awareness UFOs, breakaway civilizations of humanity and earth expansion; storms spring time, in north cyclonic forces. Earthquakes around planet. New pandemic scare by propaganda media. But mold spore releases over earth, contaminates; food, skin, cosmetics, mainly women suffer mentally.

In EU; markets flooding, related to politics and finance. Civil/refugee crises in winter, freezing people, burnt down urban areas. Murder of religious figure in Germany bring anti refugee tactics, changing road signs. Refugees tricked to settle down on Rothchilds' property! Women with guns turn invasion away. Scandinavia more violence with refugees. 

Confrontations between states and US government. Coup attack, revolt of governors, jihadists. Fracture of US two party oligarchy, protests, mental breakdowns. Prostitutes, propaganda, push for civil war 2017. US Refugee crises, people living in containers, resettled in Fema camps, causes political, armed conflict. Lay out of secret government officials. Economic dollar crash, panic. Rumours that silver, and gold created in secret factories. See more;

Nostradamus; 10. Obama, The Last President. 9. Unusual Weather Patterns more. 8. Unusual Planetary Alignments etc trigger massive events on earth. 7. Middle East oil On Fire. 6. Planes falling from the sky. 5. End of the World. 4. White House playing war games to destroy the world. 3.The Poles Will Melt. 2. Fate of Israel. 1. Russia Makes Peace, help to set things right.

Lots of predictions (Posted 2014); Unrest and Riots in London - April 2016. Queen Elizabeth Dies, Prince Charles King - March 2016. Thousands Die During Massive Earthquake in Morocco – Jan 2016. Read more;

Fortune; GDP growth 2.6% to 2.8% in the U.S., higher in emerging economies. Apple could build an electronic car, if it buys Tesla. Trusted name in security will be hacked in 2016, say Hackett. Self-cooling” clothes for summer. Small-scale commercially viable fusion in 2016.  In Japan Robot Taxi. Due to drought no chocolate!

World Predictions (made in 2014), by Craig for 2016; ISIS in Germany. Merkel attacked. Due to Russia. Refugees from Ukraine and Georgia. Right-wingers in Spain, France and Italy rioting. Turkey invade Kurdish Syria. Britain troops and drones in Syria quell ISIS. Attempted coup in China as Chinese currency collapses. India’s economy forward. Terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and London. US; Trump’s bid lost due to illness. The republicans win. 

2016 is a 9 Universal Year; 2+0+1+6=9. NINE is the number of the humanitarian and represents the end of a cycle, 2016 is a year of completion, rest and forgiveness. With endings come new beginnings.

Within five years: Levitation devices. Biometric US currency. N and S-Korea will be united and become successful economic force in the region. Apple own sovereign country on island. Marriage will include people/animal mates. Cloning children for the wealthy in Europe. Animals get human rights status. Ray guns that incapacitate a person.

US, 2016-2020; historic riot on July 14th, 2016. A fear of revolution, and wealthy being attacked, grows throughout 2016. Climate change, people feel like apocalyptic time. Embryo growing in a lab will be an option. Mental and physical health known before a child is born. The Right to Die on demand granted in many states. By the 2020’s economic growth and global warming, cooperation necessary to ensure survival. And more predictions;

Lisa; no mass ascension. If you have done your physical inner alchemy then your body will vibrate at a level that will turn on your dormant DNA. Wave X; all will receive this energy, it forces to see things differently, but you get out of it what you put into it. It's not your saviour, but your helper.

Space X, Dragon V2 flight, India's first manned space flight. The first hotel in space. Agricultural robots on farms. Three-parent babies. China's largest environmental cleanup;

Some economists are not pessimists; SEO Predictions You Need to Know for 2016; Mobile searches will surpass desktop. The rise of voice search. Structured data and direct answers are trending; Serious economic change takes place over the course of about a year;

US elections; Next US president; Another; Who is US president;

Indian Sarkar, (made before 1990, beyond 2016); After capitalism and communism are gone, the new era will evolve. Revolutionary psychic changes taking place. People will follow the path of Dharma (spirituality). The spiritual people will lead the society. It will be a spiritual world. “Unite the moralists" said Sarkar.  

It is not easy to predict the future, because human beings have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do next, and the future depends on that. Anyhow certainly some people get better 'hits', than others.

Very many ancient (and present) prophets told that huge calamities, moral and religious decline, wars etc will occur... but after that, each of these prophets were also waiting for golden era to follow. You may see; 

The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars?

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