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Soda, Coconut, Ash, Potato drink, all the same?

In Finland ash extract has been used commonly through ages to treat cancer, acidity, athlete's foot, skin problems, rheumatism, gout, intestine diseases and inflammations. Dr Pertti Arkko from Oulu University in his study from 1986; “Traditional cancer treatment methods in North Finland”, mentions that birch ash is the most well known and common treatment used in serious diseases in Finland traditionally.

Research shows ash contains 60 different minerals in good proportions. Another researcher “Henning Karström has commented; “there is some unknown effect still”. It might be the alkalising effect. Ash is very alkaline, similar to borax and baking soda, (I have once made caustic sodium from ash). There has been well known healers in Finland who has been using birch ash method as long as I remember. Nowadays ash extract is available in some health food shops too.

There are lots of miracle foods announced by time to time in the net, such as coconut water, potato juice, buttercup squash etc. I think they might be mostly based on the same effect, they are all producing alkaline effect in the body, and as we know most people are too acidic so the effect can be remarkable.

Process of making ash extract; birch ash is separated from the solids. One cup of this ash powder is mixed into five cups of water and then cooked 10-15 minutes and cooled down until the sediment sinks to the bottom. After sifting through a fabric, the liquid is bottled and kept in cool place. The solution should be clear. Use of the ash extract; 2 large spoonfuls (30 ml) in one glass of water, first week 2 times a day, second week 3 times a day. Then 2-6 weeks pause. Can be taken one week more. (Other option; 15 ml twice a day for 2 months).

The reason for acidity is mainly diet - too high of acid producing meat, fish, eggs, white flour, sugar, coffee and dairy. Drugs and artificial sweeteners can be extremely acid forming too. Besides one reason for this problem is simply addictions. We have used to eat sugar, coffee etc and can't give up. Same with sitting in front of TV or computer all day long and not moving.
Most meat/fish/egg eaters are far too acidic. I suppose well advertised Paleodiet also falls on this category. High acidity is the basic reason for many illnesses. Ash or Baking soda intake can alkalise the acidic tumours and thus cause cure in urgent situations, but far better is to take for longer periods of time more alkaline food and lemon/salt/water 2-3 times a day to flush acidity out. Our bodies pH level should be slightly above 7.

Lemon juice have good, but not too strong, alkalising effect in the system if taken juice of ¼ or ½ lemon with little salt and glass of water. Note that food acid or alkaline forming tendency in the body is not same as the actual pH of the food itself. Yoghurt can be made more alkaline by adding salt. While adding a little bit sugar to tomato soup can reduce the acidity.
If you want to improve your health holistically, overall, the diet should consist daily and constantly more alkaline forming foods; fruits, green vegetables, buckwheat, beans, spices, herbs, seeds and nuts. 
Sarkar, Indian scientist and spiritual leader, in his book, Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies, already in1958 describes alkaline diets for many common diseases besides specific asanas, natural remedies etc. Here some examples of diets;

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer; Acidity is the main cause. An ulcer patient must give up non-vegetarian food and all types of intoxicants. Also extra-sweet, hot (spicy) and salty foods are forbidden. Alkaline food is best. 
Rheumatism; When the system becomes acid-dominated, rheumatism is the consequence. If three-fourths of the food is alkaline and contains no meat, it will cure rheumatism completely within a very short time. Fasting on lemon water with salt is helpful.

In any blood pressure diseases all acidic foods are to be rejected. Non-vegetarian food should be avoided. Fried, parched and sweetened foods are also harmful, little honey can be taken.

Tuberculosis; drink cow's or goat's milk, peanut or coconut milk. Spices, meat, eggs, ghee and rice should not be taken, because of constipation. As with most other diseases, avoid acidic food. 
Diabetes is basically a disease of liver and pancreas, all types of fruits are good, especially ripe bananas. Non-vegetarian food must never be eaten. Vegetable proteins are to be eaten less, but more other alkaline vegetarian food.

Syphilis; non-vegetarian food, onion, garlic, too much spice, all kinds of sweets, and milk products are to be strictly avoided. All types of alkaline foods and foods prepared with ghee are good. One can take milk in increasing quantity as the disease heals.

Paralysis, take alkaline foods such as fruits and roots, vegetable soup mostly. In a severe state of the disease, fasting on just lemon (salt) water is advisable. 
Cancer; Alkaline foods as much as possible. If the liver is bad, the patient should drink often coconut, peanut milk or curd-water instead of cow's milk. Take evening meal before 8 P.M. Pineapple, banana, all kinds of citrus fruits and tomato are both food and medicine. Sun and mud baths. Sleeping during the day, staying awake at night, non-vegetarian food, and sex are to be strictly avoided. 
Astma; local fruits, lemon-salt water 3-5 times a day. The patient should never completely fill the stomach. Constipation aggravates asthma. All alkaline foods are beneficial. 
Gall stones; Give rest for liver by taking fruit juices and alkaline foods. Has to do sufficient physical labour. Lemons are both food and medicine.

But more important than any food is spiritual food! I would suggest a bit yoga and meditation. Yoga postures have effect on gland secretions and thus restore as well physical and mental health. Meditation...that would be another subject for the further writing.
Related; Keshe pain aid pad, PAP testimonies from Poland; Case 60 years old, with right arm all over painful in any movement partly due to heavy lifting, partly due to long hours use of mouse on computer. In one week the pain almost disappeared. The person used PAP twice a day for one or two hours. Then he didn't use it for two weeks, and there was some pain. Then he used again one week, the pain disappeared always when using PAP, but due to less pain the person used more computer. Conclusion the arm became better since beginning, but not totally cured. If the person would kept the computer work same as before, probably the arm would have healed totally, he thinks.

Case almost constant sciatica pain on right leg for one year, sore feeling in lower back. First time disk damage diagnosed 1980, back heavily worn out, but has tried to take care by exercising etc. The PAP removed immediately sciatica pain, though it came back few times occasionally during 2 weeks. Sore feeling also disappears while using PAP, but comes back after half day or so. 
Knee accidental damage since nineties, there has been some pain always after long walking or working, and occasionally feeling like patella could dislocate easily. After using PAP no pains, but sometimes feeling still it could dislocate. Pain might still come if more heavy work or longer walking, he thinks. (One more person tried it few times for leg pain, but when didn't notice any difference stopped using). More testimonies on video;
There are some comments that the Keshe's nano coated health bottle could make water more alkaline. May be the PAP has alkalising effect too. Some health food shops in Finland sell also not only ash water, but alkaline nanowater.

Cassiopaean ETs; Iodine can kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, detox heavy metals from the body. David Brownstein says that 96% of all people on the planet are iodine deficient. Iodine can combat AIDS, Ebola, Plague, Chicken Pox, Measles, glandular diseases etc. By the way they promote acidic Paleodiet;,40125.msg616127.html#msg616127

The Miracle PEMF Machine “pulsed electro magnetic field” machine, can treat hundreds of unwanted health conditions including life-threatening health conditions;

Every mouthful of savory buttercup squash soup delivers an abundance of cancer-fighting nutrients: carotenoids, vitamin A, real vitamin C, and manganese.

Selenium deficiency is linked to an increased incidence of death. Selenium plays a significant role in fighting a number of cancers and other conditions impacted by oxidative stress and inflammation.

American Cancer Society admits conventional cancer treatment causes more cancer. Heal yourself;

Didi Annapurna,

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