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Cassiopaean 2015

Notice; As the politicians, scientists and media are not really telling the thruths, we have to try to find answers even from psychics and channelers. I don't aggree with many things what the Cassiopaeas say, and only now I found about their diet recommendations, which I feel as vegetarian really strange. On year 2011 they have made some readings about diet: https://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,24722.msg285390.html#msg285390.

There are many odd things to wander about diet for example (question marks and comments added by me); One can get all of our nutrients from animals without taking supplements, if the animals were "wild fed". (??? we all know what would happen to the nature, if lots of more people starts to eat wild animals or cattle even). HAARP and Fukushima radiation; vegetarians are nuclear “toast” since so much of their energy must be expended to raise the vibrations of their food...(??? what?). Researching...things about the evils of dairy and plant foods - and of the necessity for eating more meat and fat and the Paleo diet being best suited for the human being - we've attracted opposition from "vegetarian trolls". They're like fanatics. (??? WOW?)

If you're eating a Paleo diet, you're minimizing carbs and not eating dairy. (Paleo diet or caveman diet, is a diet [1] based on the food our ancestors might have eaten, such as meat, nuts and berries. Based on claim that human metabolism has been unable to adapt yet to handle many of the foods available since the advent of agriculture (??? and how about taking shower, using make up, eyeglasses).

Most vegetarians are believing that it is more "spiritual”. But as you have noted, the vegetarians you have encountered have been singularly "unspiritual". (???, what about vegetarian indigo kids, sadhus on himalayas or vegetarian meditation societies?) The body is just a machine and needs optimal fuel. For vegetarians, eating a cow is like cannibalism, because they identify with the animal kingdom so strongly. (??? so for meat eaters animals are just toast?) They don't eat cows, because they have the essence of a cow! Gandhi was vegetarian and cared about the human cattle like himself. (??? and you don't care?)

What's really wrong with cannibalism? (???) In some instances, nothing. Carnivores do not eat other carnivores, because it is not optimal energy source. But then we could eat vegetarians!!! (??? even as a joke sounds incredible) That has been the case.... higher density beings derive nourishment from some humans and human body products. Preferred are fat children and nonsmoking vegetarians. (??? if you are going to visit this planet as 6 D beings, and need at least 3 D food, what are you going to eat here, vegetarians?)

Vegetarians are basically just farms for 4D STS looking for a good lunch. So then India is just one big cattle ranch. The loss of children of India is just unbelievable. (??? you should know that the girls are unwanted there). Agriculture and vegetables and the owning of the land is pure STS destruction (??? it may save the planet at least). Eating flesh also means eating consciousness (??? whose consciousness, is that service to other beings?). When you eat veggies you're basically eating a much lower level of consciousness (? less destruction at least. You can even ask the plants, if they want to be eaten, and most of them might even offer their ready ripen "fruits", but ask the animals if they want to be killed!). 

There are many more things, like the intestines of human being are too long for eating meat which easily rotten on the way. If you compare our teeth to any carnivorous animals, we don't have those kind of teeth for eating meat. Most people would not manage to eat raw meat, or get it down, even without talking about killing the animals by oneself. I feel this Cassiopaen ETs might have some agenda of trying to make people to accept or at least to understand why some evil ETs are eating human blood, lymph etc. It even sounds like they want to prevent us from becoming spiritual by recommending to eat crudifying meat. Eskimos, mainly meat eaters, live only ab 50 years, if I remember correctly, while the vegeatarian Hunsas in Japan many live 100 years old. But of course Escimos have to eat what they can.
Cassiopaeas recommend also ketos diet, but in later chapter actually one ET admits that ketos diet is not fit for many people. (???) After reading all this, I would suggest please read their texts with caution, may be I should not have put them even here, but let the Cassiopaean ETs and people speak:

Dramatic changes within 4 months.
Also you may need skiing skills soon, but wait and see! So (before June) economic crash, then comes starvation, police state goes after hungry mobs, people rioting, killed, plague, mass migrations, war etc. And that energy is magnified cosmically, so maybe attracts a big load of space rocks, earthquakes, flybys, volcanic eruptions....? See what more they say on 2015; https://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,34301.msg481380.html#msg481380, but if you don't have time to read all, you may see here short cut, by DA:

Jan 1 st, British state botanists go around and check the number of flowering plants and usually, there are 20 to 30 plants flowering. But this year they found 300. A lot of that is due to changes in cosmic environment. Not all plant and animal cycles are related to earth and diurnal cycles. Much is determined by the Earth's relationship to the sun and related electrical current flow between other planets in the solar system. At the present time, all of that is in flux.

Activation of inner earth energies in response to activities on the surface. Often this is expressed as heat which results in earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions, etc. Also the use of infrasound machines by secret projects to control human emotional states can evoke devastating responses from the planet/solar system.

An upcoming
economic collapse is last-ditch effort to prevent a new system under Russia and BRICS. Attempt to impose the NWO. They already had the machine in motion for the collapse for years. Putin has read Laura's letter, concerning of Putin not invited to the Holocaust event in Poland. Commonly the letters that Putin receives, give him hope. [Write to Putin: http://eng.letters.kremlin.ru/]. He has being defamed by the biggest, loudest propaganda artists in the whole world. Nemtsov was killed by CIA agent. Also Chavez didn’t die to natural cause, he had induced cancer.

Putin gives hope. Putin is working hard and steady. Solving major global imbalances. surprises in store for the globalists, who are too blinded by greed to anticipate his moves. Also new Greek government is giving hope for people in Greece, and help from Russian will make the difference. They need a similar reaction all over EU. It is to be hoped that youthful enthusiasm can be harnessed by patience and wisdom.

Italy is on the edge. US's Coalition breaking up. Disasters fall to those populations that are least observing reality. The reason everything is falling apart is because chaos is intentional, ISIS etc. They had no intention to bring freedom and democracy to Afghanistan or Iraq. On 4D STS perspective. they want to remake things after they destroy first, nature of psychopaths. It's a runaway train, and nobody's driving.

Most cannot move in urban centers, but some can assemble to community locations if needed. This would be predominantly in the USA - all the symptoms of a "Color Revolution". USA try to stage-manage the social unrest or revolution, but Cosmic influences may intervene. It will take time to develop.

Air Asia flight QZ8501 disappeared on the 28th of Dec 2014. No word from the pilots. Similar to the African flight. A vortex suck it up and then threw it down... The vortex was caused by variations of temperature and in charge. There would be more of the same. 4D war is experienced by us in 3D as weather, meteors etc. Germanwings autopilot system was hijacked remotely by Mossad. It was a warning! to "authorities" in various governments, that their flights can be so easily manipulated! Couple other planes landed in an emergency. Will get worse. Mossad is toying with the "PTB" and enjoying the resulting turmoil. In Amsterdam there was reflective event of 4D, caused by Mossad/ 4D STS.

Since the invention of mobile phones spirits send text messages to people. Entities love tech! These entities can influence the feelings of people by Wi-Fi waves. We're basically feeding entities in other realms and enabling them to enter ours. People who believe only in technology are in for a big surprise. Microwaves etc are perceived in other dimensions. Apple takes on a whole new meaning!

So this rash of Black-Eyed Children and other strange entity-related phenomena is a side effect of having so much technology around. BECs, window fallers, steal energy from humans to stay in earth realm. if you invite them into your house they don\t do much, but scare you. The quasars, celestial objects are a fraction of a galaxy, but shine more than a whole galaxy, are transdensity portals of energy.

Divine will manifests through humanity. There are cosmic processes that must take place, and human activity will reflect them. Chaos precedes creation...elements need to be broken down in order to re-use them in a creative process, metaphorically speaking.

A wave or a phase transition at the macrocosmic scale taking place...like a giant cosmic rototiller coming through the universe and turning over the soil and spreading fertilizer for new growth to maintain the universe like a good gardener. We're like the worms who see and feel the vibration of the rototiller approaching for hours. After the Wave there would be a 1000 year period as 3D transition into 4D. ETs ride the Wave. The Wave is here, chaos is the manifestation of the Wave. It's like quantum jump. It accumulates, and then jumps etc. People should act.

The ketogenic diet is not good for everyone. It helps some to evolve, raise FRV and pay off karma. Half of all babies never house individualized souls. In some cases the soul enters as late as early adulthood. (???) Something else can take over the body in the meantime, and gets kicked out when the soul comes - or soul can get kicked out of a body, if the frequency is no more matching the soul. Some people go for operations and wake up speaking a different language. Person can hold more than one soul sometimes, multiple personalities. (You may find here some similar; http://donaldmarshall.proboards.com/thread/264/rem-phase-cloning-brief-explanation).

We are becoming
tuned into group, rising in frequency. Many who have faith in the process will rise with the group. When doing the best that one can, they will be brought along anyway. You will be amazed how well you can think once you receive the signal that the time is "NOW!" It is good to express dissatisfaction when feeling lack of faith in the process. If people would just talk about it, that would help. Help is on the way!
Sarkar; It is through anti-exploitation movement that Russia, the country of many nations, was united. This movement has made China a strong state. The nations in the capitalist countries are not united on the basis of this anti-exploitation sentiment. Their unity is based on some other sentiments.

Although the anti-exploitation sentiment is the most important factor in building a nation or a group of nations, this sentiment will not be able to sustain a nation or a group of nations for a long time...but As soon as administrative power passes into the hands of moralists, then exploitation will cease to exist. In the absence of exploitation the anti-exploitation sentiment will die out...

What will happen then? The sentiment of spiritual inheritance and Cosmic ideology will keep people united... it will definitely unite the entire planetary world, and even the universe, into a nation. Then there will be only one nation a universal nation

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