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Good ETs and Sister Sun

Alternate Solar System and Sister Sun in our solar system. Our sun has strange glow around it due to the gravitational field interruption from the second sun. The other planets in Sister solar system need to be viewed with a telescope. As the sister sun rotates further away, we will be able to see it with our naked eye, end of May or early June. NASA's goal is to keep us fighting to distract from the real issues of the earth. video of the sister sun; And Richard Syrett conspiracy show with Bob Dunn 1. Interview of Psychic Focus; 

Here also about sister sun; A star HD 162826 is 15 is located 110 light-years away from us (in the constellation Hercules). Even a set of low-power binoculars reveals it to human eyes. Ramirez says, that HD 162826 is our sun's sibling. He explains, And Earth wobblings due to sister sun;

And Corey, GoodETxSG; Several “Ancient Breakaway Civilizations” have pretended to be “Gods” and ETs to “help humanity” along with the “Secret Earth Governments”. Some of the these “Trickster Aliens, ”Draco/Orion etc are willing to sacrifice their “Cabal Human Followers” in exchange for freedom to leave Earth, but they have been denied! Corey met White Draco "Royal" 14 ft tall, who had tail and wings. When the Draco communicated telepathically, Corey felt it penetrating and invasive; but also "empowered" as he had 4 security personnel from the SSP Alliance with him.  

The “Cabal”/”Illuminati groups” also want to “Disclose” some “Fake Aliens” before the “Mass Disclosure”, so then they can take the honour of disclosure!

Mr Salla in Coast to Coast; Clinton could make ET s topic for next president will ask. Hillary's campaign manager Podesta came already forward recently to have classified UFO files released. Common people want to know. Obama admitted, that presidents know and are controlled.

Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye) told about Secret Space Program after being 17 years in Mars. He flew antigravity craft. His memories were suppressed during MILAB and SSP, but he underwent hypnotherapy, meditation, etc., to regain his memories full in 2014. Randy says in both the Mars Defense Force and Earth Defense Force had strict communications blackout to Earth.

Salla met someone from Mayan ET race in 2010 in Mexico. The Mayan flew crafts in war against reptilians, Coast to Coast Radio. Salla said, that similarities in Corey's emails ab the secret Mayan space program showed him that Corey’s testimony is genuine. Vatican spoke about baptising ETs in NASA occasion.

On Mars as a defence against ETs, Randy had sonic rocket launcher on his back. Reptilians shot his head off, but it was put back to his clone. He saw clones of himself, and there is clone replicate from every important person. Now News are telling Russian with muscle-wasting disorder is going to have surgery to attach his head to dead donor's body. RT; “Italian surgeon TED talk in Dec 30, 2014. (Sarkar has said that if the head is transplanted the identity of the person will change.) Cramer's age was also regressed 20 years back.

Donald Marshal talks about cloning center; Interestingly Donald tells also a lot about the eye problems and Corey ended up having a detached retina, told by doctors having “Astronauts Eye” in its later stages, may be related.

Dr Salla questioning of Corey/GoodETxSG; Here just a bit short cut, by DA; Corey was identified as an “Intuitive Empath” at about 6 years old in the MILAB Programs, with 300 other “Star Seeds”. IE” training included “Simulations”, Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing and “Data Download” into brain etc. He served 21 years in SSP, with no contact at all to Earth. At ending it he was “Time and Age Regressedand returned back to “Normal” life, from where he was picked up “21 Years” earlier. He finished his High School studies etc. But Corey kept on remembering his “MILAB” experiences and 70 % fragmented SSP experiences. Anyhow he denied it when questioned. Part 2, the first SphereBeing/Blue Avian meeting in moon, March 2015 the 70 participants.

Ancient human societies had also secret off-world missions. On Vedas the flying cities in Mahabharata war, were Mother Ships” battling between Ancient Breakaway Civilizations and “Off World Beings”. (Sarkar wrote a lot about Mahabharata and there was for sure no any mother ships and off world beings, DA). Plato wrote about a war between ancient Atlanteans and Greeks.

“Trusted” sources are stating that the “Sphere Being Alliance” and the “Blue Avians” are a giant “PSYOP”. Use always “Discernment Filters”. Corey/GoodETxS. © Michael E. Salla. And Comparitive Analysis;

A lots of links to UFOs; Shocking indeed, UFO attack: huge flashes coming down from strange floating objects in the sky. NASA´s, giant Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport suffered a nearly half-hour long “sustained” attack resulting in the deaths of over 500 US Military and space contractors??? Main stream media never reported on this. David talks about mile wide tetrahedron shaped crafts created by the cabal. David Wilcock’s Bombshell 2015;, and

74 NASA scientists killed in last two years; Almost all are officially labelled suicide or an accident. Magnetic storm and quakes;

By the way China-led Asian investment bank welcomes 5 new members: Netherlands, Brazil, Georgia, Finland and Denmark. Total number of founders has now reached 46. The founding members have a priority to possess the right to establish the rules for the bank’s activities. The final list will be announced April 15. And Russia Joins $50bn China-led Infrastructure Bank.
Due to technological advancement our search for unity is culminating towards friendship with interplanetary beings, bringing us eventually into the age of cosmic brotherhood...You could fly in a few minutes to any place on the globe. You could take a trip to other inhabited planets as well, but that might not happen before we have acquired deeper understanding of life and learned to share. They are ahead of us spiritually and I think they don't want us there messing things up before we have grown up to be responsible and caring brothers and sisters. The Prout Handy Booklet 
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