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GoodETxSG shortly

Introduction; GoodETxSG, Corey Goode, worked for US Secret Space Programs (SSP) and became whistleblower; There are at present 5 or more different kind of sphere being ETs, that has brought their huge planet sized spheres cloaked in our solar system in recent years. These ETs materialize in Blue Avian (bird) etc form for earth's “good people”, but they are normally invisible or orbs in their own dimension. They don't use crafts (or anything physical normally). They are from 6th - 9th Density existence, like spirit.
The spheres are to balance energetic flows in the solar system. They are here to help to defeat the cabal, Dracos, reptilians etc negative ETs, to help with disclosure and us to get advanced new technologies. (But Psychic Focus thinks 'they are in physical form. They had to leave their own planet so they are here to help, but also to find place for themselves). 

Corey about the different secret space programs (SSP); Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) – is interested to get ET technology by bartering anything, even human beings. Dark Fleet – has alliance with Dracos. International NATO SSP “League of Nations Program” operates outside solar system. And Solar Warden is scientific fleet and guardian for earth, the only positive SSP. Most of these SSP personnel are brought up as MILAB’s since they were kids. 
The ET Sphere Beings have set quarantine on our Sol system. Corey says he is currently working as a liaison between the "SSP Alliance", the "Opposition" (cabal), and a "delegate" in the ET/EDimentional Federations, that are trapped inside the Solar System.
Recently Corey was taken to 3 different Earth Alliance Facilities to meet some of the "rank and file" who have been fully briefed on the Sphere Beings but wanted to ask questions about them. Many on the Earth Alliance don't understand how this new level of "love", "raising of consciousness" type of tactic, is going to make difference.

“Raw-Tear-Eir”, Blue Avian ET, put it’s hand on my forearm, when I was giving excuses that I had a “weak speaking voice”. It was a “physical encounter”. “Their hippy loving, Follow the Golden Rule” message will “rob” the negative entities of the “emotional energy” that they “vampire” off of us to nourish themselves. Meditate...
Sphere Beings have tried this (ascension) operation three times before in human history and say this time there is no way humans can turn this "message" into a "cult" or "religion"

The "higher density beings" have "access to shared consciousness". "Orb beings" are visiting "tens of thousands of people" on Earth right now (downloading Data/Information to them both consciously and subconsciously). There have been also few people that have been brought up to "class room settings" to study "consciousness" and "the higher self.
While in the Space Civil War is going on, I would not be at all surprised if an exotic object that was shot down crashed in a metropolitan area for all to see at some point. Corey/GoodETxSG

Corey tells that Solar Warden has been chosen, as a partner by the Sphere Alliance in 1990s, because SW rejected negative ETs, and also disclosured their ”UFOs” for public near ISS. Eisenhower created MILAB “Military Faction” to the Secret Space Programs. Truman policies created the “Break Away Civilizations”. Then ICC Groups gained power over the U.S. Government, Pentagon and Agencies.

Corey has been on board of Solar Warden Research Vehicle, article. The huge “cigars” carry large crew and triangle crafts”on board and travel to “other star systems”.  The ICC-SSP is sellling high technology in space for not only “human breakaway civilizations” but also to ETs.

ICC-SSP runs like a fascist dictatorship.
They scare people on believing, that Earth is going to be hit with “pole shift” - in order to recruit people to a “slave” colony on Mars, where their children will be raised as MILAB’s. They sell humans and art for high technology and biological materials
The Cabal Groups took “star seed” kids into their “MILAB” programs, but many of these kids are realizing now that they are here for mission of their own… The “AI (Artificial intelligence) “entities” use both the ET/ED’s and humans as “hosts". (You may see also here;, DA)

The Blue Avians say that when higher vibrational energies come through our Sol System, “negative entities” will no longer be able to exist here... Focus on becoming a more "service to others" person, "loving" and "forgiving"... "raising your vibration and consciousness" through what ever means and belief systems (prayer or meditation). Treat your bodies like temples, with higher vibrational diet. 
Sources; And © M E. Salla. Corey “GoodETxSG”:, Blog: Lie being exposed as a false channeling from the Blue Avians; ....

Channeled Lars says part of the Coreys stories are illusion, part are true like the huge spheres;

Psychic Focus on: GoodETxSG, DW and the future "Event": Corey has knowledge due to life experience and spiritual connection with the "oneness." It provides him with a lot of insight. There are ETs to help us, we just have to be willing to work with them. For us to regain earth we have to be freeing ourselves from the cabal. (Psychic Focus claims later on Corey has dark forces behind him, although most of his stories are true). You may see also discussions about Corey on;

And what say Simon Parkes, UK politcian; The last 6 weeks have seen some of the greatest activities on this planet perhaps not seen for the last 20 years. President Putin disappeared for some ten days. It was hoped that the Russian secret service would intercept false report that Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet had targeted their missiles on Russia (an attempt to start a 3rd world war). Putin realised the trick, and that convinced him to sign the BRICS agreement. He nationalized the state run bank in Russia, to trade in the new gold backed currency.

Zionist regime sent a hit squad to assassinate Putin, and to take out Obama. That is why some 10 members of the senate were recently arrested. US is being isolated economically...dramatic intervention, the period of July to October. 
Planet X will come close to the earth in the very near future, although it will not strike the earth. The CERN device could be used against such an object. There have over the recent years been so many airplane crashes. I wonder what message was being sent to the German government.

I’m utterly delighted that so many have started sorting themselves into starseed families. I am looking if anyone wish to take an ACTIVE role in helping humanity, email and title the email; ‘Group’. Much strength, much hope, much love. (Some has said Simon Parkes was engaged with negative Mantis, but I think he seems to be changing towards more positive sources??? DA). Simon Parkes; Moon matrix:

McClelland, former ScO [Spacecraft Operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with two tethered US NASA astronauts! Locklip. And DNA apewomen; And Shadow operations: Project Camelot, TV Pilot.

Keep Open Mind but discern!  

Sarkar; History moves ahead in every age, and in the process of its movement arrives at a particular stage where the speed needs to be accelerated. This entire phase or part of it is called “annals” in history. Sometimes, at a particular point of history, not only on this planet but on other planets as well where intelligent creatures like human beings live, the speed of movement must be accelerated. This is not an ordinary situation. In that extraordinary event, Táraka Brahma emerges to expedite the welfare of the collective body.

Sarkar has made also > 5000 songs. For your inspiration;; O' traveller just keep on moving ahead...Do not wander into darkness...just keep your eyes fixed on goal. There are countless voices of distraction that are heard from behind, which goad you to eat, drink and sleep all the time...There are constant battles between life and death, in between which you come, you cry and then you leave...Do not stop anywhere, do not think about have to just keep on marching ahead. O' traveller just keep on moving ahead...
The life that waits to dawn on you is filled with effulgent light made of sunset honey...unknown and precious love is bound with a string of blissful togetherness. There is only one companion who loves you unconditionally, all you have to do is recognize him.
O' traveller just keep on moving ahead...

And orange people in the forest;

Didi Annapurna 

Return of the "Gods" (ETs), by Psychic Focus


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