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Cassiopaean year 2014

Notice; When the politicians, scientists and media are not telling thruths, we have to read even what the psychics and channelers speak, but I would suggest please read their texts with caution, but let the Cassiopaean ETs and people speak:

CASSIOPAEAN ET s say: "we are you in the future”. See what more they say on 2014;,34301.msg481380.html#msg481380, but if you don't have time to read all, you may see here short cut, by DA; Cassiopaeans have German, Finnish and US community groups already. There will be enhanced telepathic ability when the frequencies change. Work on "receivership capability" (awakening conscience) all else will come naturally.

Cassiopaeans started community farm in US on July 2014. They prepare for aiding and also receiving other people from the outer network edges. Some high PTB don't like them to expand; anyhow two of their major attackers died. 'Those with dark or negative frequencies hit like a brick wall... to enable our tribal unit to expand'. Earlier got verbal message from French minister: "You have enemies in very high places." There was police and FISC investigation in 2010-2012. Bank closed their account after 11 years relationship. When trying to open an account in other banks, some banker told, that somebody in a very high position has targeted them.
Strange and abnormal animal behavior due to Electro Magnetic (EM) frequency changes affecting DNA, also human DNA. Something will turn the genes on in human bodies that will cause to transform into 4th density; changing into broader receivership capability (for higher vibrations). The receiver is mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.

When running breathing and meditation programs, some people are having unusual experiences physically. Diet and detox strengthen the pituitary gland and make people more psychic. 'You have to work on the body and environment, understand the wider world and then you can develop cosmic consciousness and spirit. Those who suggest that you must look only within, live in a bubble'. And if you wish to really effect changes in human society, it can be done by early education.

The SPACE: Earth changes should get the system going in a big way – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, superstorms, onset of an ice age, floods and comets. Big amount of CCI4 in the atmosphere is pollutant that breaks down the ozone layer. There's a lot of methane outgassing going on and big outgassing event coming.

The magnetic pole is tilting towards Siberia and magnetic field weakening, because the current flow is being drawn off by an incoming stellar object. (Sun's companion). In six months in 2014, the magnetic field weakened 10% in N-America increasing the flow of cosmic rays. In Russia and China, it grew stronger. Weakened magnetic field have correlation to space rock attraction, meteorite impacts and geological activity! Three astronauts stating that since 2001, more than 26 atomic-blast-type asteroids have impacted earth.

Bleedthroughs going on at 4 Dimension are EM phenomena, which cause increasingly fireballs, weird explosions, strange sounds on earth. The ancient records speak of such weird things. It was necessary for evolutionary progress to proceed, so the dinosaurs had to go! Widespread suffering prewave approaches.

Infinitesimal slowing of the earth rotation cause things to "open up". Siberia sinkhole was caused by increase in electrified gases exploding within the earth. Also wildfires in the winter are caused by gas emissions, combined with active plasmas. The catastrophic events around 2300 BC changed gradually the axial tilt of earth 20 degrees.

All matter has an EM frequency. EM frequency can be used to manipulate the matter - or create matter (alchemy). Strange lights, orange glow in or over the Pacific was plasma glow produced by earth movement and subterranean stress.

FLIGHTS that went wrong: There are many crashes in history that are due to EM anomalies, also some recent. MH 370 got into “well of space/time lock. The phones of passengers were still ringing 3 days after, because different time/space is not out of reach of electronic signals. Flight MH 370 was sign to the PTB not to start third world war, but it was also 4D bleedthrough glitche as a result of PTB own destructive actions.

Higher entities wanted the PTB to back down from Crimea and Russia, but the PTB revenged by taking down MH 17. Bomb was placed in MH 17 prior its departure. The cockpit of MH17 was shot first to take out the pilots, so that they couldn't communicate, and then the bomb in the plane went off (???). It was to demonize Putin and to distract from Palestine massacre. Change in MH 17 course was instructed by Air traffic control at Kiev, top STS (service to self) and MOSSAD. Nazi business has been going on there for decades. Claims that there were already dead bodies in MH 17 is not true. NATO intervention in Ukraine against Russia may be preempted by upcoming Cosmic events.

Crash of the AH 5017 was due to vortex of electric charge. This induced EM effects which disoriented the pilots and caused fragmentation and charring of the aircraft. Expect more of this sort of things around the planet... more dust in the atmosphere. The plane crash with the junior Rockefeller was an accident, the "victim" was somewhat aware and “participating”. It is just a conspiracy theory that every single plane that makes a contrail is a chemtrail producer.

Things like jumbo jets exiting and other things entering to 3D. Jets disappearing from radar and then coming back. Many drones have been observed over French nuclear plants. NSA and Mossad keeping the pressure on France, to not switch to Russia.

PUTIN and BRICs: Russians are having video evidence about 9/11. Putin could release it as part of information war. All the efforts to support Putin will help the revelations to come sooner. He is not perfect, but he's the best, in such a position, at this time and there are those conscience (ETs) giving him advices. BRICS leaders have some genuine interest in improving the collective future for humanity, but as with everything in your realm, there are mixed motives and cross purposes. 

HEALTH: Curved walls are deadly. By changing them, there will be relief of psychic and physiological constrictions. Drinking soda will harm the heart badly. Medicated dying people’s consciousness is still functioning. You can still “talk with them” even if they "appear" unconscious. 

If one has many blank (memory) spots in childhood, it might be due to experienced abuse, which can aid dissociation. Writing down life experiences can help. When you feel yourself slipping into despair, just do something for others to prevent them from suffering the same feelings. If a person devalues another's efforts, they will find their own efforts devalued.

Gabor Mate's use of ayahuasca: He works with fairly desperate cases and situations. The true spiritual growth is not achieved this way, but can be used, if one needs a "reset" in desperate situations when nothing else works. Psychopathy in the population is rising due to "downloading" activity of 4D STS and infections. 

Rapid transmission of Ebola virus is due to mutations becoming stronger and "a plan" to deliberately spread the virus. Ebola presented an opportunity for decimation of population via pathogens. They don’t have vaccine on making for Ebola. The cold protocols can aid to help fight off Ebola and strengthen the immune system. Stay in cold ten to fifteen C, 10-15 minutes every day 2-3 weeks, then every other day. I.e the DNA of the virus enters the cell at human body temperature 37°C. Cold therapy changes our normal body temperature, so viruses die...same at heat 39 degrees. Like a constant fever. DNA can turn from a solid to a liquid:

Mechanism behind homeopathy is frequency vibration resonance. Think of yourselves as "homeopathic medicament" for the planet. Individuals being on the truth vibration frequency could have a positive influence on the macro-organism that is Planet Earth. The homeopathic medicines are more potent as you dilute them, because then the resonance spreads more widely in the solution. In the book The Field, homeopathic experiments; they record the EM signature of a certain compound and then play it back to water. Then the water would react as if that compound was present. It could reverse virus like Ebola. See Rife.

French scientist discovered Paleolithic pestles made of rock, which give tones. When the tone is accompanied by frequencies, they "speak" to the cells in the body and heal it. Specific stones were also chosen for Stonehenge.

ECONOMICS: The future for stocks has 11 months timing down. Banks are making gestures toward confiscating funds. The advantage of community is, that it can be done under corporation law, which the elite has on legal protection. Better to invest your money into silver or gold, but best into "needful things” and get community going. Money will soon be worthless, ownership will survive awhile longer. In the US money collapse is on process and martial lockdowns. It is only a matter of acceleration to more dramatic events.

PTB, ELITES: The USA and allies are in for a rude and painful awakening. Nazi Germany was a test run for everything that is happening today; in Ukraine. Nazi ideology has been encouraged by similar forces in the USA and Israel. The US and NATO alliance will not last. PTB see that the earth changes are growing, so they become even more destructive, which in turn increases the cosmic reaction. Many of those in "power" do not realize why and how controlled they actually are by these secret PTB. At the top of PTB is MOSSAD, more or less interface with the STS, ETs. 

STS side uses two hooks: money and promises of power. Families and people with "soul" or conscience are very wounded by the programming by PTB. Some huge cosmic shock might change it, when PTB see suddenly - it is real. If you develop a strong group identity, there can be protective influences activated. Communal "doing of things" means helping others to learn and put them on the step behind you. Service to others (STO). This way you can create a vacuum in your life into which energy can flow.

Ferguson, Missouri events were not a marker, but opportunity. The psychopaths see these events as reasons to impose more controls, but that only results in more anger which will reach a global tipping point, and eventually lead to cosmic reactions and earth changes. The same consortium that was behind Bush and others, pulls Obama’s strings, including extended golf holidays. In Scottish voting the real percentage for independence was 73!!!

EU putting up together a "Rapid Reaction force of 10,000 to protect NATO countries. NATO intervention in Ukraine may be preempted by kind of "space invasion". When the Western Consortium-type government tries to take over the world with their faked invasion, that's when everything is going to go wrong more or less.

Final words; Sharing information is important.
You may see also; What the Cassiopaean ETs say?

Sarkar 1986; As a result of this change (physical changes on earth and solar system) the magnetic structure of this Earth will change, 

and other planets and satellites of the solar system will also undergo certain remarkable metamorphosis. And if the magnetic order 

is disrupted, then certain remarkable metamorphosis in the electromagnetic vibrations of this Earth and entire solar system will occur. 

As a result of this type of change in the electromagnetic vibrations, human thought waves will certainly be affected. 

Our progress in the arena of science depends much on progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic emanations...

We should be prepared for such change, and that change may take place in the very near future.
Didi Annapurna 

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