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US & Wal-Marts & Jade Helm

In US, there was Wal Mart investigation by the MSM (ABC news); The Midland Texas Wal Mart was in the top 10 Wal Marts nationwide. They had freshly stocked with perishable goods. In all closed Walmarts there were also private small stores and they were all given five hours to leave. In ABC reports only the five stores were mentioned. These are not plumbing problems or union scenario;

Inside local shuttered Wal-Mart. Dahboo gets an exclusive report. Someone telling this videographer to shut down her camera as seen in the, and Wal-Mart setting up barriers to prevent anyone from seeing anything video. Trucks heading to Texas;

Fulford; Walmart stores located near US military bases have been suddenly shut down. CIA sources say there are underground bunkers being built under these stores for the elite to hide in. Pentagon source says the Walmarts are being prepared as distribution centers for food and other essential products in preparation for a shut down and reboot of the banking system., from 2010, DHS Napolitano; 'This partnership will help millions of shoppers report terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.' Should the war on terror be fought in the aisles of Wal-Mart stores? At least 200 Wal-Mart stores will roll out security announcements. And 

And Psychic Focus on Wal-Marts; (; Walmarts are made distribution centres for military and FEMA camp supplies, tied to Jade Helm. They will also use Wal-Mart semi trucks to transport goods rather than military trucks. Other structures are being set up to house people over summer like circus tents with fence around. More permanent structures will be built later. If there is a FEMA drill and people see (circus) tents, it will make the people believe to a drill. The labour union threat is real, but the government actually leaked the union story, only because the plumbing story didn't stick. 
And Operation Jade Helm 15; Once the dollar fails the US is in very vulnerable situation. Several countries with combined advanced technology can overpower US, considering various targets on the coast, NY, DC etc. The ideal place for foreign occupation (farm land) is in the central US. Some high ups in US government are using Jade Helm as a reason to get their secondary governmental base up in Denver, and to erect temporary strategic "mini bases" before permanent structures are built.

By calling this an "exercise"... people get used to troops around, then if and when the exercise converts to real, revolt isn't as apt to happen. They will start testing martial law, evacuation and "camps". They need "hostile" Texas on board during the "real" attack, because the US can't fight an inside rebels and outside battle at the same time. If they start to send people to "pretend camps" DON'T GO! Don't live in fear, but stay alert. Love and light.

Related, Psychic Focus; Russia, Ukraine. A trigger event will happen, false flag, that will give the US/Ukraine permission to attack Russia. Russia will be blamed. The US troops are aligned in the Ukraine (and also Operation Jade Helm), because as soon as the "blame game" starts Russia will want to attack. The US appears to be unsure, if Russia will attack the Ukraine, US or both. The war starts, but not the way they envision. Like sacrificing US people to get people reacting, but that is short lived(?). (Obama sending tanks to the Ukraine;

And previoulsy; Threat of Attack; Russia will be attacking (small scale attack on New York, fall 2015) to send a message to leave them alone - but it gives the US the reason to go into a more forefront battle. Then Russia is forming alliances and formulating their own attack back on the US - Then I hear they want to get the US where it hurts, wallet. Russia will be made out to be the aggressor, when in reality they have been victim.

Residents of Big Spring, Texas are reporting the “scary” sight of helicopters and tanks arriving in advance of Jade Helm... preparing for civil unrest in America.

Stunning new photos reveal that Jade Helm is not just about martial law. Jade Helm overrides every military function in the country. Jade Helm 15 has just taken a very dangerous turn which has very strong implications for every single American. Why would a martial law drill need to include surface to air missiles located in the middle of a vast wasteland in Texas? This is not drill.

Simon Parkes Jade Helm; Crucial time in US, live military exercises, movements of troops, July Jade Helm. California, Texas - too independent people, Jade Helm looking those places, public will get accustomed to see military in the streets. National Security received one million cops, soldiers wouldn't fire civilians, but police will. We can all see the cliff edge that US now balances on... dramatic intervention. 
Another Neocon Hoax, Gordon Duff. There may well be a National Guard exercise called “Jade Helm,” but we can assure you this, nothing will happen; And Katy Whelan Jade Helm training drill going on across the country;

People Know Something Big is Taking Place; The large military training operation in the U.S. starts in July, and one city in west Texas is welcoming Jade Helm and The Army Special Operations; And; Scary”: Big Spring Residents Report Tanks, Helicopters Arriving Before Jade Helm. Bulked up its satellite office in Chicago; ( Flooding in NY;

Video footage of Marines conducting riot control exercises in Virginia; Marines taking on irate demonstrators with pepper spray, batons and rifles, causing concerns that the U.S. Army and the government are preparing for more civil unrest in US. The fact that the training exercise has been presented for the American public also raises questions as to its intended purpose; 
I work at Major Bank in Charlotte NC, with several thousand people working here. We just had a "fire drill". We were ushered into a parking lot, city cops at the entrance. Once in the corral we were not permitted to leave. Why lock us into a 6 foot fence steel gated parking lot with armed police? I have done 30 of these in my career but the not letting us leave was either new or my being aware and awake.
More from Jimstone; Spooky A U.S marshall, disguised as a normal police smashed a woman's cell phone for taking video of police activity in the Jade Helm region. The police had a large number of people from neighborhood detained and lined up. When they discovered the woman videotaped it, they smashed her phone. Other people were video taping them smashing her phone, so they let the people they detained to go. They are now rounding up Americans to be shipped to the detention centers as part of Jade Helm, and they don't want any video footage out... of top secret activity??? They certainly would not have let real criminals to go, just because someone videotaped... people could ask: Hey, where did Bob go? 
The sinking of the large boat carrying Libyan refugees - There are no images on google. But the Mexican press has been repeatedly airing photos of the boat, or what is left of it, tiny fragments, mixed with people. If a boat broke up naturally, there would be large pieces. The 800 or more who died actually were killed by some blast. So the refugee "sinking" was in fact a war/murder scene. 
And Iranian "armada of war ships" is in fact humanitarian aid on large freighters that are being escorted by small Iranian patrol boats. It is so obviously not an aggressive move, because if America or S-Arabia sinks these relief ships (red cross type), it won't sit well with decent people, so they make up the story. Additionally: Israeli and Saudi Arabia war planes are bombing Yemen. American/Israeli/Saudi forces are trying to starve Yemen after destroying food supplies.

Chinese Government moving 250,000 people per week into Ghost Cities. The overall plan was that since a majority of the Chinese population still lived out on farm land, self sufficient, they were quite independent from the Central Party. They couldn't control them by the usual means and people were demanding higher wages. Yes, it is Agenda 21 bullshit of moving all of your good little communitarians into large, metropolitan areas so they are easier to tax, monitor, control and kill off.

Retired CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: “I Killed Marilyn Monroe”. CIA, hitman Normand Hodges claims he committed 37 assassinations for the US government ordered by Major James “Jimmy” Hayworth. He claims he has no regrets. “We had evidence that Marilyn Monroe slept with Kennedy and Fidel Castro”. I did it for America! FBI has opened an investigation to verify his allegations; (Why this guy needs to tell it, if no remorse??? DA)

How Finland could tear apart the euro project; Europe’s biggest cheerleader for austerity on polls. Its stance on Greece threatens to catalyse a break-up of the EU. London Telegraph; While decamped in Washington DC, Athens will be keeping half an eye on developments in Helsinki. In the five years since Greece’s financial woes were revealed to the world, it has been sleepy Finland which has emerged as the most trenchant critic of EU largesse to the indebted Mediterranean. The outcome of the country’s general election could now determine Greece’s future in the monetary union. And The new expected PM of Finland Juha Sipila is rich. Finnish main campaign news telling lies; that group of Russian supporters disturbed right wing politician speech, but in reality those activists were demonstrating clearly against NATO:

At least 6 million people died in Nazi Germany's camps, more than 3 million were Jews," PBS aired their 1985 archive. The netflix version has been updated to: "11 million people died in Nazi Germany's death Camps, 6 million were Jews." And World Almanac showed more Jews after world war 2 in Europe, than before in 1939, only 5.5 million. So there were not even six million Jews in Europe to kill. The Israeli/zio front then started reverse wiping history on the web. PBS screen capture see at The Jews want eternal victim status, because the guilt they can inflict on society translates to money and power in their hands.

New mass grave found at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp; Bergen-Belsen was only the beginning, though. In time, ghettos and camps would be discovered in Nazi-occupied territory throughout much of Europe. In all, at least 6 million people died in Nazi Germany’s system of camps — more than 3 million were Jews.

Prison; Jeb Bush’s spokesperson denied that Bush would attend the June 2015 Bilderberg conference in direct response to an article pointing out that Bush would be near the conference. Usually the coming presidents attend Bilderberg group in order to get into presidency.

RT; The Russian Defense Ministry stated citizens from 19 countries had been rescued, including Russians, 18 Americans, 14 Ukrainians, 9 Belorusians, 5 UK citizens and 159 Yemenis. Trapped in Yemen, Americans File Lawsuit Against US Government. Khalid Awnallah, a Yemeni-American, is safe today in Michigan, but his wife and four children are among the thousands of Americans stranded in the midst of an escalating civil war in Yemen, between Houthi rebels and Al Qaeda. On April 9, the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government on behalf of Awnallah’s family and others trapped there.

IPS; S-Arabia’s right hand does not know what its left foot is up to, Asian diplomat. The Saudis are accused of indiscriminate bombings resulting in 1,080 deaths, mostly civilians, 4,352 injured – and triggering a large-scale humanitarian crisis in Yemen. As if to compensate for its sins, S-Arabia announced a 274-million-dollar donation “for humanitarian operations in Yemen”, according UN.; ‘Submarine’ in Sweden was only civilian boat. A suspected submarine spotted in the Stockholm archipelago a week after Sweden’s extensive hunt for Russian underwater vessels last autumn was only a civilian boat, Sweden’s Armed Forces have now said.
Fulford; The US has gone bankrupt. US failed to pay on March 31st, given time April 17 th, but was unable to come up with the goods. 
Identity theft, murder and secret negotiations as players jockey for position in the emerging new financial system. Decision was made; China will get a 20% voting share in the new system, and not seeking world hegemony. WDS, Iranian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean royals met. The genuine heirs to historical gold, told many of their relatives had been murdered and cabal members are acting as royals. 
Lord Blackheath discussed at the House of Lords in England in 2012;, ab the use of 700 tons of gold owned by an Indochinese royal to fabricate 750,000 tons worth of gold backed certificates to create $15 trillion that was used to bail out the Fed in 2008. Now, other Royals are coming out... Persian/Iranian royal heir claims to have $45 trillion worth of such bonds...other relatives have been killed. 

The post war prosperity of the US and Europe was financed with gold from ancient royal families. These families have been asking for their gold back and, it was the failure to come up with the gold that led to the bankruptcy of the US on April 17th. The EU royals many join China’s proposed AIIB.

US NORAD military command reopen the Cheyenne military base under the Rocky mountains to prepare for “an EMP attack.” It confirms that the newer underground bases Denver, Colorado, Washington D.C etc have been seized by the white hats.

Y Fed plan to move to Chicago. Chicago Fed has been filling its windows with concrete. US Treasury department stocking up for emergency. However...For the 99.99% this will be a time of great liberation from Hyksos debt slavery,

Wanta Responds To Fulford; This Blackheath discussion is a lie… The Royal Bank of Scotland was bailed out with my money ($150B was granted to me by Reagan). Goldman Sachs was given $23T, and the Pentagon was given $10T…. by Bush Sr and Greenspan to trade around the world for the last 25 years. NY FED has to turn over my money, so says a judge, all of it... US corporation is no more…..the NY FED is moving to Chicago, because they are bankrupt. Leowanta on;
Exogen Intel Snack; Iraq is in private meetings with BRICs and AIIB. IMF reforms are just talks for sheeple, who is not aware of BRICs and AIIB. SWIFT bank code is outdated, more.
Sarkar about Democracy shortly; In all countries where democracy is in vogue today, people have been deceived into believing that there is no better system than political democracy... it has snatched away the right of economic equality. Whether or not a candidate gets elected usually depends upon party affiliation, political patronage and election expenditure. 

The farce of democracy has been likened to a puppet show where a handful of power hungry politicians pull the strings from behind the scene. In liberal democracies, capitalists manipulate the mass media such as the radio, television and newspapers...

Political democracy has become a great hoax for the people of the world. It promises the advent of an era of peace, prosperity and equality, but in reality it creates criminals, encourages exploitation and throws common people into an abyss of sorrow and suffering.

The days of political democracy are numbered. PROUT demands economic democracy, not political democracy. To make democracy successful, economic power must be vested in the hands of the common people and the minimum requirements of life must be guaranteed to all. That is, PROUT advocates political centralization and economic decentralization. 

Nature has been kind enough to provide abundant natural resources to every region of this earth. For all the members of society to live in peace and prosperity, human beings have to adopt a system which ensures the maximum utilization and rational distribution of all resources. To achieve this, human beings will have to establish themselves in morality and then create a congenial environment for morality to flourish.

Economic decentralization is not possible under capitalism, because capitalist production always tries to maximize profit. Finally, it should be remembered that economic democracy is essential not only for the economic liberation of human beings, but for the universal well-being of all – including plants and animals. 1986, Calcutta.
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