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All sorts of sources

Fulford sources: Meeting April 4 th between the Chinese Communist Government and of the WDF ended badly after the Chinese stated their goal was to take over control of the planet. The best they can hope is one fifth of the world power. Anyhow their push has already produced agreement by major EU and US allies to join AIIB. 
Why the West cannot be written off; is there any world changing Chinese invention within the past 600 years? When Chinese secret societies made a deal with the WDS to join the fight against the Satanists, they were told that they could become world power only, if they ended poverty and stopped environmental destruction. China is hiding some of the world’s worst pollution and some poverty is there. The West is better environmentally, but making poverty.

That is why East and West need to form a 50/50 win/win relationship for the sake of the planet. US Defense Carter is visiting Japan, S-Korea and Singapore. And the US is showing up warplanes in Taiwan. US also has micro-wave weapons, that could burst every head in China, or neutralize Chinese nuclear weapons.

US Senator Menendez
(Khazarian faction) was charged due to waging WW 3. Rockefeller´s General Electric plant, is burning after mysterious military attack; Turkey had a nation-wide power outage during covert war against the Khazarian strongholds. 
Pentagon view Israel threat and not Iran and released intelligence about Israel’s nuclear program. Iran/Pentagon alliance and the Saudi/Israeli faction contacted the WDS and were told Sunni/Shia and Saudi Wahhabi fanatics has to be taken care.

April 9th is IMF pay day for Greeks. If they miss it and go back to the Drachma, it’s end of Euro. Could AIIB help or the new economic planning agency on making? Singapore heading it? As they changed from one of the poorest to one of the richest nations in short time. The beginning of a new age, also await the arrival of certain promised documents.
And Neil Keenan is giving up possession of the Black Book, aka Book of Codes. He says ”it will go to the one I believe is best suited to handle it”. He himself had no time to use this “lethal weapon” to the world’s maximum advantage.

With this Book, Greek Government would never have to worry about the EU’s absurd demand for repayment. The Book exposes the EC for providing the entire EU with nothing, but blank paper. Yet they expect to be paid back. So long EU! And if the Russians had this “Financial Holy Grail,” they could expose the unrestrained frauds that the West has perpetrated against its own people! This book can be also deadly for those exposing it.

The World Bank will finally be seen for what it is. It has nothing to do with the Collateral Accounts. Spiritual White Boy, King Anthony Martin (ASM) died in 1985. There is now play-actor Anthony Santiago Martin claiming the huge accounts. Together with the new AIIB, BRICS, etc., we will all make a very nice harmony. For any interested in the Black Book please contact us at: More from Keenan: The German Jet Crash.AndA Deal Between The Central Banks’, sign of unprecedented global finacial reset. A very large polyester manufacturing facility, built in 2009 exploded in China. Though this is easily at the scale of Bhopal, except paraxylene is not chemically so dangerous (other than explosion and fire hazard). Flames are at a minimum of 700 feet high. The Stuxnet virus is designed o trigger this type of event - could be a punishment to China wanting new world reserve currency and AIIB.

Malaysians who had gone to a rubber tree forest to view the lunar eclipse witnessed helicopter explosion before the eclipse. The helicopter exploded in mid air twice...and the blades started making the sound of a "clanging rusted fan". So, obviously Malaysia has the tribe upset about something, with many downed jets already. This was a direct attack on the Malaysian government. They died: PM Najib's chief of staff, lawmaker, a former Malaysian ambassador to the US, actual crash.

Jimstone ab Washington DC electric outage: If the power was switching off and on in small pockets at random all over DC, it means beyond all doubt that someone hacked the system, and wanted to show the U.S. government that they could be shut down from somewhere else. CNN lied about this and said it was central power facility. Smart money says Israel, but I would not be surprised if Russia. (Fulford expected outages to come as a warning for US cabal, DA)

From Wilcock: (Short cut by DA); Carla, channeler for the Law of One material left her physical body on April Fool's Day. Law of One series is spiritual foundation. Carla, (Christian) was unconscious as her body spoke on behalf of a positive, ET, 6 Dimension spiritual presence. Wilcock lived with Carla and L/L Research in 2003-2005.

"Golden Age" and "quantum leap" (brought up by Law of One), has not yet happened, but may occur ab 2017 to 2018. Ra,1981; 1.5. I am Ra. We as a group... made contact with Egyptians and others in S-America. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message - we removed ourselves. 
Since Dec 2014, Ra (as sphere avians?) has returned to help us defeat "Cabal." Wilcock says he has had contact withe the Law of One ET group throughout his life. Readings sections posted in 1999 – which prophetic data is starting to come true now. Wilcock started a fight against the Cabal with Financial Tyranny, and two Russian TV documentaries, which each saw 23 million people. ´One group of Alliance people from the military got identified and killed because of my overzealous leaking of too much intel too fast´.

Wilcock tells; I begin again intuitive readings Oct 2014 – source coming from deeper level than before. Most still are not transcribed. We did publish the first in Oct 27, 2014: "Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal". New insider appeared then; Luke/GoodETxSG; Fed W/Black Sun, SSP w/ET "AI" issue.’ All the insider info I had gathered over the 22 years came together – unexpectedly; Five hours of video footage soon for YouTube distribution. I asked my source, if the Sphere beings were indeed Ra. I was simply told "Go outside now." There was a huge rainbow.

6.24 Ra: I am one of the members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. There are approximately 53 civilizations, comprising approximately 500 planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation, also those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third...

Channeling; If you focus too much on worldly information rather than just spiritual growth philosophy, the positive beings are required to let a negative entity take over. 16.7 Questioner: In this way, total free will is balanced so that the individual have an equal opportunity to choose service to others or service to self. Ra: This is correct.

All of the negativity is permitted to occur as it helps usher in a collective awakening. Two drunk people on a hiking trail started talking about the Illuminati. And in Denver; A teenage kid was going on loudly about the Illuminati. Everyone was listening and no one ridiculed him. These are just two of many events showing that this secret information is becoming mainstream.

The "Cabal" or "Illuminati," is very well aware of how accurate the Law of One really is. The Space Program also asks people to read it as a sort of entrance exam. Law of One gave information about the ET life. Fourth-density entities can appear as a blend between a human form and any forms of the animals, but the fifth-density entities look more similar to us, because they can appear in whatever form, that gives us comfort: 90.6
There are only 5 % third-density entities on other planets similar looking than we on Earth. 90.9. Our own local planetary system [Logos] and several others nearby have ape body for soul evolution; due to the need for speech, and thumb as means for third-density physical manifestation for using physical tools.

The Law of One also has many, "direct contact" with the Edgar Cayce Readings of the early 20th century. Cayce died in 1945 and the contact of the higher forces was temporarily shut off -- but it resurfaced again in 1952, as Law of One material: Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connection. My friend Dr. Michael Salla´s artickle, but according Luke, others are passing disinfo:

Law of One model is that the universe is alive. We are ultimately holograms of a far greater intelligence that created the universe. We stumble about in ignorance, fear and pain, all of which is ultimately caused by our lack of knowledge of the truth. It can take many lifetimes, to fully shake off the amnesia and remember who and what we really are.

Law of One free at Other sources; Grant Cameron;, see Wilbert B. Smith section. ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age. And recent Wisdom Teachings. The Disclosure with David Wilcock 99 cents for the first 30 days. And Another "SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conferences”. Soon to be posted on my Web Site. Luke / GoodETxSG:
GoodETxSG, DW and the future "Event": GoodETxSG has knowledge due to life experience and spiritual connection with the "oneness." His clairvoyance, knowledge, and experiences with ET life provides him with a lot of insight. He relays his messages to spread truth and help people to realize that it leads to empowerment. With a level of increased consciousness, we can rise and join with a higher ET force. There are ETs to help us, we just have to be willing to work with them. For us to regain earth we have to be freeing ourselves too from the cabal. We must raise our overall consciousness, lot of work to do, but achievable.

Who is Cobra? (He says he is representing The Liberation Forces and talks about compression breakthrough and a reset of financial systems to remove oppression.) He is representing a small group of people, who collaborate their sources through meditation and research, and one person (Cobra) speaks out. There does feel to be a lot of truth in his messages (and he wants a better earth), but the source of information makes me feel uneasy (dark gremlin looking ET)
Comments; Galactic Federation ETs are keeping Universal balance. Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan; Someone likes Channeler Suzzane Lie, the arcturian representative and Carolyn Evers and Richard Presser host readings with passed on. 
And Cobra himself: A Short Planetary Situation Update: AIIB will support infrastructure projects of global importance: And Capital for a soft disclosure of advanced technologies: The Eastern Alliance target date of Jan 1st, 2016 for the financial Reset:
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From Sarkar: In the future, human beings from other planets and satellites will join our movement; we will have to build our society together with all. We will have to look upon this whole world as an integral entity...The only way to establish universalism is to bring about mental expansion through spiritual practice.
On other planets and stars as well, the bodies of human-like beings have evolved in accordance with the particular amounts and ratios of the five fundamental factors (etherial, airial, luminous, liquid, solid) in those places. Those amounts and ratios will not remain the same as they are now, either.

You may see also; Return of the "Gods" (ETs), by Psychic Focus 

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