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What the Cassiopaean ETs say?

Notice; When the politicians, scientists and media are not telling thruths, we have to read even what the psychics and channelers speak, but I would suggest please read their texts with caution, but let the Cassiopaean ETs and people speak:

The Cassiopaean ETs talk about coming wave. We are on on the phace of becoming spiritual beings, but in order to get there we have to face some calamities etc; “real storms are coming!” The followers of these Cassiopaean ETs have formed communes, where they learn spiritual and psychic things and put them in practise by living together. Besides they prepare for coming earthly and cosmic events. 

(We have also so called Master Units, where, in one of them, I’m in this moment. These are ecological, spiritual, service centers and also we, from different nations, practise living together in harmony. But we don't recommend Cassiopaean diet, which is very opposite what we eat). What else the Cassiopaeans say, see their original pages: Cassiopaean Session Transcripts by date. But if you don’t have so much time for research now, this is a short cut of what the ET s and their followers say and predict (from year 2013):

New world is coming means that the old world has to go. Everything that used to be prophesied for the future - now we're in it. Transition of cataclysmic nature will accelerate dramatically soon. There is relationship between comets and earth weather. All kinds of things on Earth are influenced by the solar system and universe. Also plague can come from comets.   If people spread disinfo, this will increase the attraction of meteorites or comets. Also industrial plumes can attract cometary discharges, because the plume is electrically charged.

The exploding comet fragment in Russia did some serious damage and it had coonection with the asteroid DA14. “Just wait for the next doozie!” There is increasingly cometary dust between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth. This dust is highly electrically charged, leading to “sheets of rain”, fires, thunders and “plasma sheaths”. Fireballs and other celestial visitors have increased 26 %. These cometary bodies have also electric effects on the planet itself that may cause increased precipitation. Waco fertilizer plant explosion was caused by small comet fragment with a massive electrical charge.
Claim that actors staged the Boston terrorist attack scenario – is simply not true. In the case of Sandy Hook, the fact that they didn't show the pictures of the children, is not any evidence that it was staged by actors, as some people have been claiming. Judy Wood (9/11 researcher) was ab 6 years in coma. During this time they mind programmed her, anyhow stil her book contains some important truths, but she was sent to destroy information with Hutchison Effect and Zero Point stuff. People are also promoting the “actors scenario” or “no planes” nonsense on 9-11. Hurricane Erin plaid a role in the 9/11 attacks. Magnetic field changing technology was used to destroy the WTC complex.

The 'Sons of the Law of One' was perverted to the monotheistic Judaism. History has been rewritten by this group under the influence of Orion STS (service to self). Given bood plasma affects human system negatively, better to use only in emergency situations. Body fluids are holders of life force and awareness.

President of Syria and his forces didn’t use any kind of chemical weapons. Obama changed from “going to war” to, "I'm gonna go talk to Congress!" Whole show is partly to cover up the oncoming comets. Drama to keep the masses off about what really matters: the coming Earth events, for which people are entirely unprepared. They are just making money and distracting people, keeping the people afraid.

Right before H Clinton went all evil with the Libya thing, she suddenly swelled. And then John Kerry, due to Syria thing, got puffy. Kind of sign that they've turned evil, when they became inflamed. The Russians are trying to stop the war waging. Putin is not so heartless. US DHS is making huge bullet orders, and building compounds with fences... The real war is on normal people via proxies.

The eleven year solar cycle is caused by reverberations due to passes of companion (sister sun), and some kind of resonance. Reasons for the changes in geomagnetic field of the Earth are; iron-rich crust, the jetstreams, and the core, but the main one is electric flow between Sun and cosmic environment. Geomagnetic reversal can cause big explosions and mutations in humans and other living things.

Mass deaths of animals are caused by certain geological events and by the wave and its electrical and magnetic components, which affect the entire solar system. Those who wish to participate in the future, should "be prepared" like the “wise virgins” while those who seek to block or harm them, can face crises or accidents related to planetary flux. It is important to connect to other people in order to achieve truths, and to prepare for currently manifesting changes. Group also helps in material or physical ways in the coming times. Consciousness, information, and matter are different concentrations of truth. Information arranged by a truth becomes consciousness. 

Here still more about the coming Wave which Cs speak;  The earth is not going to be safe in 3Density, because wave is on its way. Sun radiates massive amounts of electromagnetic energy, having effect on planets. It will throw the Earth magnetic axis off - spin out of balance. Nibiru is made of Cluster of comets, but appear to be a single body on its way here. The squadrons of (good and bad) ET ships ride the wave in. Also Annunaki from Zeta Reticuli come here every time the comet cluster is approaching to sap the soul’s energy created by the fear, chaos...

Wave consist Realm border, like a dimensional boundary. Earth fluctuates through 3D to 4D every 309,000 years. Fourth density earth and a third density earth coexist in totally different realms. Wave effects are felt many years in advance, gamma rays, earth changes... but physical cataclysms will occur only for those “left behind” on the remaining 3D earth... And 90 per cent of the population not surviving - means they are going to transform to 4D. 
Sarkar about comets, sudden changes in the angular movement of the sun and other celestial bodies like comets, nebulae and galaxies can effect earth climate and cause draughts etc. Due to strong gravitational pull of a powerful comet or meteor, clouds may not be formed. (There are other reasons for draughts too).

Certain deviations of celestial bodies like meteors, comets and satellites take place due to the concentration of a huge number of positive and negative microvita (microvita can be attracted even by human beings’ negative thinking), and this also affects life on earth.
I will post more from Cassiopaeas from 2014 and 2015...
Here; Cassiopaean year 2014

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