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Not Only Bad News, but Good News!


I had forgotten to publish these news, but here comes a bit late, but still fresh

Quantum Santa Claus in the News. Scientists are finally able to explain how Santa Claus manages the Christmas Eve! UK physicist explains; Santa and his reindeer zoom around the world at such a speed that – according to relativity theory – they shrink, enabling Father Christmas to fit down chimneys. Such speed makes him also invisible for kids to see, Read more And Santa Claus caught on video, a real proof he exists!!!       


Finnish VTT scientist Lauri Reuter’s 3D-printed magic pot is growing healthy food from plant cells within a week. According Lauri this home appliance CellPod will offer soon consumers exciting way of producing local food in their own homes, and it will reduce poverty from the world. His team is now researching how to make food from the thin air, similar way than Keshe claims to be producing already.



“I work so that you could be happy” – Putin joking with young people, Zero Hedge makes up story that Putin Lashes Out At Obama: “Show Some Proof Or Shut Up” – meaning claims of him hacking US presidential election. By the way Putin got solved the territorial dispute with Japan, although he refused to accept their second ‘bribe dog’. The first gift Yume dog was given 2 years earlier, now barking Japanese journalists, ‘She is being a guard dog’ – Putin jokes,

Putin Ranks At Top Of Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people, for the third consecutive year. Donald Trump second, Merkel third and PM Modi ninth.

Trump’s Disciple Suddenly Shows Up In Russia, but Russia sources say he is just on his own business trip. Kanye West seems to have recovered, although confused, after mental hospital trip. Perhaps searching protection from Trump, who advertised Kanye to the press simply: ‘A Good Man’,

Someone comments; but..I thought trump was racist. why would he hug and have a meeting with a black man…jeesh, Then Bill Gates advertises Trump; Trump, the new JFK will unite country through innovation.

While McCain Freaks Out Over Putin & Trump, ( Patrick Bellringer comments Fulford’s claim; (Putin’s clone to be eliminated) ‘Putin, having shown his high standard of ethics, values and morals… We pray for his protection, for he stands today as our world’s greatest statesman…’

Aleppo is free after 5 years of hell, but depends on which side you are, And Let women drive says Saudi prince finally. Michelle Obama Reads stories at Children’s National Medical Center,


Earth dust is cosmic. Tiny particles dating back to the birth of the solar system have been discovered on rooftops in Paris, Oslo and Berlin.

Space X is ready for liftoff again, better luck, Space X wants to speed up Earth with 200 times faster internet,


Avoiding spiritual struggles and existential questions is linked with poorer mental health. And Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits. Even Scientists say time travel is possible, Archangel Michael; reincarnation is going to be hot topic at the beginning of the year, Have We Found The Fifth Force Of Nature?


Buzz Aldrin wants to tell about the moon, Mars, and mysteries of Antarctica. There was a mission (Kerry, Buzz etc) to explore the Antarctic base, recently abandoned by the Nordics. Buzz’s tweet, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself” was warning about the Nordic’s free energy solutions going into the wrong hands. More details, Bill O’Reilly Stepping Down Will Help With Disclousure,


Our cousins, Neanderthals built complex structures and hunted mammoths with tools. Ritualistic signs in findings make scientist to consider, Neanderthals were religious. For example in Uzbekistan, Neanderthal child was buried and encircled by goat horns.

Found 2,000 years old lead tablets about Jesus. According David Elkington, they show that Jesus was not starting a new religion, but restoring ‘a thousand-year-old tradition from the time of King David.’ The researchers write that the samples, ‘does not show radioactivity that is typically seen in modern lead samples’ but shows ‘decay within the metal oxidising and breaking down at atomic level’,

Queen Nefertari’s mummified knees found?…content=202805. As little as 6,000 years ago, the vast Sahara Desert was covered with rainy grassland. (Indian Sarkar has said it was once even under water),


Teenager built Africa’s first-ever private satellite. In May 2017, S-Africa will launch this private satellite into space to monitor shifting weather conditions. This satellite was built by 14 girls, as part of a high school science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) camp.

Norway has 100,000 electric cars on the road, the world’s highest number per capita, which save 200,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Plan is to increase to 400,000 in three years. (more) Solar car powers Your House When It’s Parked,…source=.


Neil Keenan advertises Bio-resonance system. Video One and Video Two. (I have personally gone through several check ups with it in nineteens. It was amazing, as it found even the smallest damage on my elbow, my childhood sicknesses, etc, without me having told in advance anything to the operator. Anyhow he couldn’t give properly the treatments, but it helped me to be able to recover with homeopathics by myself, DA),

Cute Baby Giraffe Born at Iowa Zoo

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