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Homeopathy Worked Better than Antibiotics

We have a male dog which is quite wild being and I have no idea where is its origin. I have just heard it was brought by some villager more than six years ago. First time when I met it four years ago it run away and kept hiding some days, but after some weeks it started to let me touch. Since then we have become good friends and it loves to try to lick my face especially when I sit for meditation. I just call it "it" in order to protect its identity !!!

Some months ago it started to become sick. It started to whine every time it made stool. The stool itself looked normal for me, so I had no idea what was the problem. I started treatment by giving some homeopathic medicines for the irritated rectum, but no difference. I had to go then for one month traveling and the dog was taken care by someone who neither knew what was wrong, but the problem continued. The stool started to come out flat and in small pieces.

When I came back I gave again homeopathic medicines, this time for prolapsed rectum. It helped nothing. Next to try was cancer medicines. Why I didn’t take the dog to veterinary doctor, in order to get diagnoses, was that I thought the dog would become mad if I tried to restrict it, or put in car and as well try to bite the vet doctor. I even tried to put the neck band, but it managed to escape every time when I almost got it tightened.
Anyhow finally when I got translator to help, we went to talk with a vet doctor. He gave antibiotics straight a way and came after two days to see the dog. As he seem to speak some English, I was now took the dog downstairs next to boiler room, and hoped the vet doctor knows how to get the dog examined. Surprisingly the dog was not barking even, but was curious about him. After some struggle by me to keep it in one place, the vet managed to bind a rope around its nose and head.
During examination I asked him if it is the glands, as now I had finally come across the anal gland problems, that dogs often have. He answered just “hmmm” which could mean anything, or he didn’t understand my question, or he didn’t know yet, or he thought it is the anal glands.

He gave one injection and left me with three more injection files to be given every second day and antibiotics, which I had to continue giving daily. I thought to go this time along with allopathic treatment. Within second day a neighbor came to help me to get the injection given. After that the dog’s glands seem to become more swollen, so much so that one could see them bulging externally. On next day, christmas eve, the dog tried whole day desperately to make stool, but nothing came out. It was now whining constantly quietly even when not trying to make stool. Otherwise also it was very restless and hot.
I gave about 10-15 plums and magnesium powder mixed with sausage as I was thinking if it would get diarrhoea the stool would come more easily. Nothing happened so in the evening I finally decided to solve the problem with homeopathics. I gave first three times Belladonna 30 within one hour and it helped a bit as something smelly gas was coming out. The dog became also more relaxed and the heat was gone.

But as still no stool after two hours, I gave Baryta Carbonica and Mur both 30, and still Kali-Iod 30. After about hour I gave same as 200 potencies. I have learned to give easily many medicines in emergency situations, as something might help, and often it is the combination that helps - and the ones not helping doesn’t also cause much harm.
Then the miracle happened the stools started coming out. I could go finally to sleep at four a clock. Today at Christmas day, I took the dog for a walk and he made stool quite easily, although still whining. The anus side don’t look anymore swollen at all, except when he does the stool anus sides still bulge out for a while. He is also now more active running after some creatures that seems to live in our hay barn, likely rats. I gave once more Bar c and m and K-iod, and in the evening some Merc, Sulph and Arsenicum, all in 200s. I don’t believe “one medicine at time” policy in every case, although in some clear cases one medicine can do miracles also.

The problem is not yet totally solved, but I hope soon it will be normal again. I have managed most of our dog’s problems with homeopathics. Most difficult is to get the diagnoses done, as I’m not any doctor. Also dogs don’t speak (much) so it makes even more difficult to guess what they feel or experience.

I have no camera myself, but here is very similar looking dog from Ariana Prestes,

If you have a dog, and need to know more about anal gland problems, see this christmas video

Update 3rd Jan; doggie is much better now, but on the other side of anus the gland is still a bit swollen.

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Didi Annapurna

Update. Our dog died finally on Jan 7th 2018. It served us all those years by guarding the house. I feel gratitude for that. How it happened was that its hind legs got paralyzed on fourth of Jan. I kept it in the basement and stayed myself often there during two days. It didn't eat, nor moved much. On seventh morning sun was shining so I took it in a baby washing tube to the door in the sunshine. It started then coughing and soon died. 

Why I didn't ask vet doctor to give a shot for easier death, was because as far as I know our Guru didn't recommend killing animals, although they were sick. I think they also need to finish their karma otherwise it has to be faced again in next life.

Now I still have a female dog, who is now even more lonely, so I have to help it to find the rats, and go for running after birds, and even barking the visitors!!! We also continue to do meditation as we all have used to do every evening for years in the basement or outside.

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