torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

Five Principles of Prout into Practice

P R Sarkar Said: The basic ingredient for building a healthy society is simply genuine love.

All kind of economical theories and political methods could function much better way, if there was love and willingness for sharing. Prout goes still further; even without love and sharing it would be better system than defective communism and capitalism. And with increasing love and growing spirituality in the earth at present, Prout can create ideal society.

In order to understand Prout one can take any problem in the society and fit it into the “Five principles of

Prout” -frame work.

Take example women’s rights.

First Principle of Prout says:

No individual should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth without the clear permission or approval of the collective body.

If that would be taken care, no any male could as well accumulate wealth…Then there would be also more money for sharing according special needs.

Second Principle of Prout:

There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, (physical) supramundane (transcendental, psychic) and spiritual (causal) potentialities of the universe.

Women and men are fully equal only regarding spirituality; while utilizing spiritual energy and vibration and advancing towards enlightment. Perhaps women utilize often more transcendental potentialities, while physically stronger men naturally use more physical potentialities and resources. When it comes into question of resources and money, the distribution should be righteous, not equal.

Third Principle of Prout:

There should be maximum utilization of the physical, metaphysical (mental, intellectual) and spiritual potentialities of the unit and collective bodies of the human society.

“The bird can’t fly with one wing”, says Sarkar. Giving chance for women to engage in the work in all levels would uplift the society as a whole. Women might be also more sincere with utilization in a proper way while they are more engaged with childcare's needs and are thus more concerned of the future of children and planet.

Fourth principle:

There should be a proper adjustment amongst these physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilisations.

Women should be given more chance to serve in mental and spiritual areas, while they have more interest of that type of things and physically they are not as strong as men.

Fifth principle:

The method of utilization should vary in accordance with the changes in time, space and person, and the utilization should be of a progressive nature.

Women are in advanced position, because they naturally seem to have more interest for service and spirituality. This should be further couraged as there will be soon spiritual revolution in the earth.

Evolution is going on not only in spiritual level, but along of it in the physical level; one day in the future women will not need to make babies. Sarkar has told: “When laboratory babies are produced and the reproductive power of human beings is snatched away by Prakrti, the surplus creative urge can be diverted to the creation of good things, resulting in better discoveries, better inventions and better pursuits of life.” Which means also that women will have less burden with pregnancy and delivery so they are able to participate more in the society and work.

Better methods of utilization should be continually developed, but the process of utilization should be progressive in nature.

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