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Chavez and Latin America

The incredible story of Chavez rising into presidential seat of Venezuela continues, seems like nothing can stop him continuing. And not only nationally but also globally he has awaken masses, given inspiration, hope and ideas. (I wrote him once letter and got beautiful very personal answer from his secretary) Study: Venezuela’s Chavez 4th Most Popular President in the Americas. (Ecuadorian president Correa most popular 80%. Next Funes of El Salvador and Guatemalan Perez.

Chavez seeks re-election on October 7 against right-wing opponent Henrique Capriles Radonski.
Sept 27 (Reuters) - Chavez seeking a new six-year term with state governor Capriles running against him on a united opposition ticket. Latest datanalisis 47.3 for Chavez and 37.2 for Capriles.

Some titles black and white: The Hugo Chávez cult is over (is it or this is just usual probaganda). Hugo Chávez holds ten point lead. Leon said the president Chavez´s campaign clearly has been affected by his health problems. More comments: And Chavez:

Venezuelan Opposition Falling to Pieces as Parties Withdraw Electoral Support. Four small organisations withdrew their support yesterday for the opposition candidate Capriles.

Video has emerged: Venezuelan opposition candidate Capriles Radonski covertly accepting 40,000 bolivars (US $9,300) and offering to set up a meeting between Capriles and an unknown businessman. And Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has strongly criticised a leaked document of MUD, which proposes plans for deregulation of banks, a number of privatisations and the elimination of many of the present government's social programs. Venezuelan Opposition Prepares for Non-Recognition of Chavez Victory.
Capriles, 40, with vision for business-friendly government with strong welfare policies, lambasted the government for the fatal shootings of two local opposition leaders in Barinas state. “We demand an immediate investigation…" Capriles said on Twitter. Gunmen killed the two activists, including one from Capriles' First Justice party, at a rally on Saturday afternoon in the worst violence of the volatile election campaign. Chavez said in an interview on state TV: "The first thing we are going to do with our victory is something like put a lockdown on what we have achieved, to prevent any going backwards. That would be terrible."

On June 1, 2003, Dada Maheshvarananda was invited to meet Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on national television. He presented a copy of his book to the President Chavez and mentioned what Sarkar said while visiting Venezuela in 1979; "Venezuela needs good spiritual political leaders. If Venezuela can produce spiritual political leaders, it will not only be the leader of Latin America, it will also be the leader of the planet. Venezuela is a blessed country." D Maheshvarananda also briefly explained that Prout is based on cooperatives, regional self- reliance, ethics and universal spiritual values. President Hugo Chavez said, "Dada Maheshvarananda has given us a book that we appreciate very much. Your visit has come at such an opportune moment. Sarkar said also: “Prout will be accepted like hotcakes in Latin America.”
See photo of D Maheshvarananda and president Chavez:

Venezueland Agricultural Minister Efren Andrades added: "Dada Maheshvarananda and other citizens of the world are welcome to visit, especially those who come in good faith and offer their ideas, their spirit and their moral flame to the Bolivarian Revolution. This has attracted the attention of the whole world, especially those that struggle and dream of a better world, just as it says in After Capitalism: Prout's Vision for a New World." Copyright Proutist Universal 2003.

So Equatorian president win the title of best president of America. President Correa, comes from an upper class family and is an intellectual, “Christian socialist”. His first official act was to freeze all bank accounts of the Church’s IOR in Quito’s banks and divert the amount into a social welfare program for the economically disadvantaged. He put on trial the entire political class of the previous government, confiscated their property and nationalized it…

On 12 December 2008, Correa announced on television that he had decided to cancel the national debt considering it illegal, “immoral debt”…..“The country is isolated,” declared Strauss-Kahn, then IMF Director General. The next day, Hugo Chavez announced that Venezuela would contribute free oil and gas to Ecuador for ten years. Brazil would give 100 tons/day of wheat, rice, soy and fruit free. Argentina announced could give 3% of its beef production. Bolivia, Evo Morales announced free coca leaves to Ecuador with a loan of 5 billion interest-free. Two days later, Ecuador nationalized the agricultural industry in bananas.

Fight growing between Brazil and the United Nations, (Christine Lagarde, Merkel).  Italy was officially relegated from the eighth largest to the ninth largest economy in the world. It was overtaken by Brazil. So at the next G8, Italy will not be invited, but Brazil will…Europe, with England and Germany, simply cannot accept the “Keynesian” triumph of South America. 

Argentina President, Kirchner hands a cheque of €12 billion to the IMF (whose loan was due on 31 December 2013). She announces that with this instalment, Argentina has shown itself to be a responsible nation. For 10 years, Argentina fought IMF’s attempts to impose restrictive measures of economic austerity. It opted for a different path based on financing infrastructure, research, innovation, instead of cutting expenditure. And it recovered. Fifteen minutes after making the payment, Kirchner lodges a formal complaint against the US and UK to the World Trade Organization, on the basis of files made available by Wikileaks, Assange. It’s a fight between Kirchner and Lagarde.

On 15 June 2012, Julian Assange fears that in US there will be a demand for the death penalty based on the provisions of the Patriot Act. So 19 June, Assange enters the Embassy of Ecuador. His team opens negotiations with British agents in London, with the Swedes in Stockholm, and American diplomats in Rio de Janeiro. Assange has gained the classified records of long conversations about how to cripple the economies of South America, to take away their energy resources and prevent their recovery… Those and others were handed over by Assange to the Ecuadorian ambassador in Britain.

On 4 Aug 2012, Julian Assange assigned the Spanish judge Garzón, (the most dangerous enemy of the global banking system), to defend him. Judge Garzón has access to 145,000 files still in possession of Julian Assange that have not been made public.
Source; And Assange claimed British police had attempted to enter the embassy on Wednesday evening. Assange was granted asylum by Ecuador this week. Ecuador has previously said that asylum would be rescinded if Assange made "political statements". Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa delivered a harsh warning to Britain against the suggestion that police may storm the embassy.

Assange accused President Obama of seeking to exploit the Arab spring revolutions for political gain….Assange was speaking to a gathering of diplomats at the UN general assembly through a satellite videolink from the Ecuadorean embassy in London. The meeting was hosted by the Ecuadorean foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño. He was granted asylum in Ecuador in August but he still faces arrest the minute he steps out of the embassy building.

The gathering in Brazil; The IV World UFO Forum (I UFOZ 2012) with 24 speakers from 12 countries, as well as military personnel involved in UFO investigations and invited authorities. . The Brazilian disclosure campaign “UFOs: Freedom of Information Now” was launched a few years ago and that resulted in the declassification of nearly 5,000 pages of UFO material.

Law of Mother Earth sees Bolivia pilot new social and economic model based on protection of and respect for nature. The Law of Mother Earth recognises the rights of all living things, giving the natural world…Once fully approved, the legislation will provide the Earth with rights to: life and regeneration; biodiversity and freedom from genetic modification; pure water; clean air; naturally balanced systems; restoration from the effects of human activity; and freedom from contamination.
Sarkar spoke in Caracas 1979: Some say that after thousands of years, there will be no humanity. Beings from other planets may come and see their fossilized existence, to see that there were creatures on this earth named human beings who were educated, who were intelligent, who used to build palaces, buildings, cities, but who have now become extinct due to their internal disunity and infighting. Do you want history to be written like this? Then preach the gospels of humanity everywhere – save the dying humanity. (Discourse in Venezuela)

The entire human society is anxiously waiting for you, for your service. You will have to shoulder a great responsibility for this suffering humanity. You know that humanity is bleeding, and you will have to save it. You should remember that if you do not help humanity, who else will come and shoulder the responsibility? It is you, you are to do everything. You are the torch bearers of human civilization. You are the pioneers of the human march, you are the vanguards of the new civilization. Discourse in Venezuela

Ours is a subjective approach and an objective adjustment – the happy blending between objective world and subjective goal. While moving towards the subjective goal, you must maintain adjustment with the objective world. There is no other alternative. When the human society is ensconced in this supreme idea, in the very near future it will become more constructive, with proper planning. Humanity of the entire universe will unite, and we are anxiously waiting for that happy moment. Sarkar in Venezuela.

In South America all the countries are poor. Venezuela…unless it makes more effort to become self-sufficient it will face economic difficulty when its petrol runs out. Brazil, which is a large country, and Peru, are the countries which are the worst off. There are also hungry people in Paraguay and Uruguay. In Peru rice is one of the staple foods. 5 April 1989, Calcutta.

…Hence, until fifty-one percent of the population adheres strictly to the principles of morality, there is no chance of a successful democracy. Where immoral persons are in the majority, the leaders will necessarily be from and among them.

True leaders should always be vigilant and think how to work best for the human society; they must be ever cautious that under their guidance the people are not led to darkness, death and immorality.

Those who proceed to play “the leader” in attempting to build a benevolent society without having undergone meticulous self-preparation and self-discipline through intuitional practice, will not only bring about their own downfall but will lead the entire humanity to disaster as well.

One cannot expect this moral force from a government power functioning within a democratic structure. We must expect it from the non-political side. The government, be it fascist, imperialist, republican, dictatorial, bureaucratic or democratic, is sure to become tyrannical if there is no moral force to check the capricious activities of the leaders of the party in power.
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