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Move on disclosure

Psychic Focus tells it straight; Cobra and Corey Goode feel like they are just credible enough to get attention, but incorporate some disinfo in their work to serve as a distraction. They make people think, and get those feelings of truth, but then follow up with something totally false. I feel like they are in bed with some pretty scary people who have forcefully guided them to reveal this type of info. Five for Friday #22.

Earlier Psychic Focus saw his positive side: GoodETxSG, (shortly): GoodETxSG has knowledge due to life experience and spiritual connection with the "oneness." His clairvoyance, knowledge, and experiences with ET life provides him with a lot of insight. He relays his messages to spread truth and help people to realize that it leads to empowerment. With a level of increased consciousness, we can rise and join with a higher ET force. There are ETs to help us, we just have to be willing to work with them. For us to regain earth we have to be freeing ourselves too from the cabal. We must raise our overall consciousness, lot of work to do, but achievable.

So what Corey GoodETxSG is saying now; German secret societies had their own developed technology and besides they were scouring Tibet and India for ancient texts exposed by their channelers. These ancient flying devices had very advanced weaponry. The vimana is many tens of thousands of years old.

Religious monks in monasteris had guarded the secrets, but Germans at gunpoint, took these scrolls to Germany, with translaters. In the beginning they created mercury-vortex-driven vehicles that created electrogravitic lift. The Thule Society, the Order of the Blacks Sun, the Vril Society etc technology was not serviceable to deploy by the end of the war.

Nazis were looking for religious advanced artifacts that had power. They were trading these off with ET groups for technology. There were three sonic Ark of the Covenants supposedly providing manna, food and ways to defeat their enemies. Levitation and crystal devices too, "Cosmic Disclosure".

Anyhow all news are fake say; German reporter; So better you decide yourself what you believe.

Corey GoodETxSG's quarrels on; More here;
And others talk about him; Cobra and Corey credibility;

And lests see what Psychic Focus said earlier about Blue Avians; The spheres are the shield surrounding ships that are carrying the necessary material (genetic and physical) to create life within our solar system. When the ETs war occurred thousands of years ago and many ETs left, these (Bue) Avian species were among them. I see they went to our sister solar system. As this sister solar system approaches ours, some kind of hostile environment is created in that sister system, causing ETs to leave. That’s why they are coming back to this system, and want to make earth the oasis that it once was.

The Cabal knows they cannot win, and are trying every tactic to spread lower vibrational energy (to keep us down). Desperation to create new flavor of fear constantly - war, terror, ISIS, Ebola, false flags, etc. They want us to argue among ourselves to distract from the bigger (universal) issues. The lower level beings if they can't survive on earth will either have to burrow deep or be forced to leave.

Blue Avians feel vibrationally much higher than humans. They want to help in creating the energetic shift to upgrade earth to a 4D or 5D planet (like their home planet and also unsurvivable to the lower level beings.)

These "sphere" shielding houses are not only Avian, but Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs too. There has been an enormous unification of forces aligning to help "reset" this solar system. Earth needs cleaned and polished to bring it back to its' natural state and true potential.

We do have the power to regain the planet by elevating our consciousness. Educate yourself, focus on the unity in the universe and truly listen to your gut. More on fireballs and UFOs in the sky:

And more from PF; disclosure? This ET craft move with strange motion and has capability to cloak itself. Many of the ETs are frustrated that disclosure hasn't happened, and it showed up intentionally to people... An agreement was made that gave many earth leaders a deadline to announce disclosure, and that deadline has passed. Also they don't mean to cause harm, but something happened near their base (due to humans) that has created "irritation" which is making them want to force accountability back on humans to honor their "agreement." These ET s have a base on the far side of the moon. UFOs.

David Wilcock; The Alliance groups have reached a consensus ab Disclosure. The shoot-down of the Russian airliner is definitely related. The Pentagon faction is pushing for full disclosure, China for a more limited release.

Moon visitors vehicle tracks before humans went there; Glowing object in ISS; Six alien races fight about control over earth;

Main Stream Scientist Says He Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe, cosmologist Ranga-Ram Chary, In a new study, published in the Astrophysical Journal, suggests cosmic bruising -- one universe bumping up against another universe -- could explain an anomaly he found in the map of the cosmic microwave background.

Fulford sources; Israel’s military airplanes and warships are grounded. Israeli F16 jet fighter flying out of Ramon Airforce base shot down a Russian airliner in the Sinai desert, killing 224 people. The downing of the airliner made legal Russian attacks on Israel. Russian can also now use bases in Egypt and may use nuclear.

Rothschild, Chinese, gnostic illuminati, Pentagon and others send representatives to negotiate with the WDS. No conclusion yet. “Alexander Romanov”; a “major nuclear terror attack” was planned for Nov 4th in Texas? Romanov warned also in advance of 311 in Japan. Rochild central bank slave system failing.

Doctors Without Borders hospital was bombed because it was Armitage’s drug distribution center. Richard Rockefeller was killed earlier, because Bush had taken over the DWB, but Richard was planning to expose it. Saudi Prince was captured with 2000 tons load of drugs.  Pentagon has given nuclear weapons to Vietnam, in order to make sure that China can’t take next over the islands in China sea.

Former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn told al Jazeera that Obama knew he was helping ISIS to grow but decided to do it anyway. And Capt. Robert L. Salas: "I, without reservation, accuse the U.S. Department of the Air Force of a blatant, pervasive, and continuing cover-up of the facts; deception; distortion; and lying to the public about the reality of the UFO phenomenon."

London Independent; Spontaneous human combustion: Woman bursts into flames on park bench in Germany. She is in a critical condition in hospital. Ice or no ice; Researchers believe a killer quake in California - is 72 years overdue; Risk of a megaquake.

Keshe teaches magrav power unit set up and function; And for downloading here; Blueprints;

Past Lives Caller Line; Web bot predicted ab him again and correctly;

British heatwave: Hottest ever start to November since records began; Across the country 22.4C in Mid Wales, beating the previous record in 1946. Florida, Sunday's high temperature of 88°F and low of 75°F, the warmest ever recorded there in Nov. Check if the moon is rising at right time and location, zetas claim it is not, but here at least last time was ab correct;

Civil society abandoned the COP19 climate change negotiations in Warsaw. Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Actionaid, Friends of the Earth, the ITUC (statement). In Warsaw failing, and  G77+China walk out. And Australia and Canada major wreckers. Poland's Coal Summit, and fossil fuel corporatism. Someone saving sharks;

Remote viewing latest; JFK assassination; Another JFK remote viewer, big oil killed Kennedy; And PrinCess ab Japan surrender; She has done also Hiroshima, you may find in youtube. Ed dames remote viewings coming true?

Putin calls for cooperation in Sochi on 24 Oct 2014 (short cut); Colleagues, given the global situation, it is time to start agreeing on fundamental things. The more we all face common problems, the more we find ourselves in the same boat, so to speak. And the logical way out is in cooperation between nations, societies, in finding collective answers to increasing challenges, and in joint risk management.

It is obvious that success and real results are only possible if key participants in international affairs can agree on harmonizing basic interests, on reasonable self-restraint, and set the example of positive and responsible leadership...I will add that international relations must be based on international law, which itself should rest on moral principles such as justice, equality and truth.

We do not even need to build anything anew, from the scratch; this is not a "greenfield," especially since the institutions created after World War II are quite universal and can be given modern substance, adequate to manage the current situation.

Improving the work of the UN, whose central role is irreplaceable, as well as the OSCE, in the Euro-Atlantic region. In southeast Ukraine, the OSCE is playing a very positive role....I think that we need a new version of interdependence. We should not be afraid of it. On the contrary, this is a good instrument for harmonizing positions.

I have already said that building a more stable world order is a difficult task. We are talking about long and hard work...Our common duty is to resolve this fundamental challenge at this new stage of development;

Still Psychic Focus shortly ab Russia, Syria and Putin. The world does not want the US involved. US midst of creating a destabilization in Syria. Russia wants to rescue and is not backing down although economically strained with this, have deal with China about assistance. Most of the next president's term will be spent dealing with long, slow battle. 

Russian fight crash; And; And 16 passengers cancelled flight tickets on day before, others died, but death is not that bad says Khrisnamurti;
Leaking about Clinton campaign; Fema is having again shooting drill in Texas;

Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiit No: 74 – Marching Song;

Move along, move along, singing songs, move along
The flame of hope is burning bright
Liberate the world from all its shackles
Move along from door to door, singing songs, move along

We are the enemies of the wicked and the strength of the good
Those who are weak, we proect

All Languages,  all doctrines,  all paths we respect
The flame of hope is burning bright
Move long,  move along,  singing songs, move along.

Didi Annapurna

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