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Psychics love Bigfoot

When researchers can’t explain what the bigfoots are, lets try to see what the psychics believe them to be. We’ll get in a moment into the exciting views of psychics, channellers and past life bigfoot regression, but first let’s have a bit overview from one recent video, which partly explains bigfoot’s nature. It is on an interview with the author of the book, 100 nights of bigfoot sightings - about a family that haven’t slept for 100 nights.

She tells that In the beginning they brought researchers to see bigfoots and were hunting them with guns, which was a mistake that made the bigfoots only more irritated. She got obsessed with looking them through night vision. They look more like animal beasts. Once she saw a dog man. She warns not to mess with them, they are not so bright, but bigfoot are very organized, and experts of hiding.

She saw bigfoots do things that are not normal. When one was banging the closed bolt of the door, it couldn’t be seen even they have cameras covering the whole area. She believes bigfoots are telepathic, they know every time when she is filming and start to throw things towards her. The family don’t go to forest anymore and have learnt not to irritate them, so the bigfoots leave them now mostly alone. She thinks it possible that there might be a portal to other dimension and that her family might be withdrawing this kind of creatures…Some researcher said to her bigfoots are just having fun with them… See video, at 44.15 bigfoots.     ………………………………….

According Psychic Focus Bigfoots are real; When they see or focus on humans they feel sad, there is some kind of a barrier that prevents a relationship with humans. Their population is so small, lonely and they crave an interaction. They are an ancient creature. The Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch are all the same, but geographically associated to where they live.

Bigfoot are able to walk in and out of physical layer of earth. It looks like a self defence way of hiding themselves. They are very intelligent and their strong intuition gives them foresight to hide themselves. They watch humans from their “layer”, and they just don’t understand us… why we would want to capture them? They are scared of us, because we [humans] are so unpredictable. Bigfoot can communicate with telepathy also with ET s.             ………………………………
Video Interview with a Bigfoot according which; Bigfoots are calm, kind, subtle, big, having no neck. They don’t fear humans, but humans irritate and agitate them, because humans hunt them down, and don’t have respect for them. Why is it OK to go hunting bigfoot? Motivation for people to hunt them is just wanting to be the first one to kill a bigfoot.

Bigfoot families are small, kids get early self sufficient. They live in 7 th dimension, but they like moving through other dimensions; for fun, to teach their own kids and to teach by their behaviour other creatures, including human beings. In the earth they like to experiment the physical reality. There are more bright colours in 7 th dimension, telepathy avails amongst all creatures including plants. Their mind is more calm, it doesn’t race like human mind to different directions, they are more one pointed and at the present. Human mind races and creates false assumptions. Bigfoot purpose is to learn and teach collectivity, oneness.

In the earth when they see human they try to transfer to other dimension. While being amongst aggressive human beings, they also get into lower aggressive mood. While teaching human beings lessons or in order to protect themselves, they sometimes resort even into harming humans. Usually they rather just scare the humans off, in order to prevent having to harm humans for the sake of protecting themself. See the Interview with a Bigfoot, Part One (I don’t know how to set the video live here, so see on; More is coming, hopefully they explain why the bigfoots make crosses with branches.

Here is a bit earlier from Erik; Humans live in dimensions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and Bigfoot in 3, 4, 5, 6. They’re not harmful. They see us more like dogs or kitty cats. We’re expanding into 4th and 5th dimension, so, we’re coming across them more often. They have many gods, like related to weather, the sun, rain. They’re omnivores and wander around to stay in good temperature ranges. They pretty much live in a meditative state—very simple, and communicate telepathically. They come to our place to be alone. The famous film of Bigfoot walking is a real.

Interview with a Bigfoot, Part Two

 Interview with a Bigfoot, Part Three

Comment Tara Brooks; I was honored to see a Bigfoot passing almost like flowing through my grandmother’s neighbors field in 2013. He was 7 ft tall or taller. He had long flowing reddish brown hair, very muscular, longer arms than us humans.         ………………………..

Past life as a sashguat, bigfoot; The bigfoot lived on the mountain cave near a river. He was 8-9 feet tall, could catch fish and even moose. He slept inside the cave and made fire in front of it. He saw humans passing down the hill side. He died with light scaring him to death; 002 Alba Weinman QHHT Session – OMG! I Have Big Hairy Feet!;       ……………………………….

A Sasquatch’s messages by Canadian SunBow; Sasquatch are emissaries between our world and the underworld, with supernatural powers, intelligence. They avoid cameras, since they are so highly telepathic and empathetic, they feel all of the hate, ridicule, and negative intentions towards them. The Sasquatch were the first of the Mammal People, such as humans are.

The Sasquatch People are looking for humans to help make peace between all species. Humans must reconnect to “spiritual consciousness” through Nature and within ourselves to restore our spiritual and psychic gifts. Religion and technology are two extremist tendencies that present the main threats to the continuity of spiritual evolution. and       ………………………..

Researcher Alan Steinfeld knows 224 people that saw bigfoot, icluding 2 professors. Bigfoots are in higher freguency. They have difficulties to get food. One lady put food on table for bigfoots, she saw many bigfoot to come one night and pick the food, but finally the bigfoots were all gone. They move a lot. They are upset to see, how humans destroy this planet. Sasquatchs work with ET s to mine things from earth. Psychic Big Foot Sasquatch and UFOs- part 1;   ……………….

We are part of your ancestors, like other version of men, but evolved faster. We evolved from animal, but we are humanoids. We visit your world to be communicate with nature, to collect food. We observe your world, we are part of it. We can live on planet or in ships also. Some eat even pine cones. People want to shot us for fun. Sirian / Steve Jobs / Mother Earth / Sasquatch Channeling Session;

Man was kidnapped by bigfoot. Albert Ostman was kidnapped in 1924 by a family of Bigfoot on Vancouver Island, British Columbia; And Was The Ostman Bigfoot Kidnap Story a Hoax? A Poll Says no…

Woman Claims she Lived In Cave With Bigfoot; And 6 Most Believable Bigfoot Sightings / Footage; Australian “Bigfoot” Known As Yowie Claimed By Witnesses – Full Segment; And Utah, USA (2013) – HD;

Night Investigation North California Bigfoot Expedition; North American Bigfoot website at…

You may see lots of Bigfoot stories in BIN by Jeffery Prichett; /contributor/pages/106/013/stories.html            
Sarkar; The concern for the vital flow throbbing in other humans has made humans humanists. And in the process of expanding one’s inner love, there should be another sentiment, which will touch the innermost recesses of the hearts of all creatures.

From the mighty mammoth to the small blade of grass, everybody enjoys birthright. Nobody is insignificant. Nobody is unimportant. Just as your life is extremely dear to you, similarly the lives of others are equally dear to them. A person who thinks thus and shows mercy on other creatures is really a sádhu, or virtuous person. In sympathy with the joys and sorrows of all living beings, they help all creatures.

Didi Annapurna

A bit about human history; Galloping jump from evolutionary night to dawning light

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