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Artist Bears and Yogi Bears waking up from hibernation in Finland

Juuso bear is doing beautiful art work for the maintenance of a private care center for bears in Kuusamo, northern Finland

The caretaker of bears in Kuusamo Predator center, Sulo Karjalainen, inspired last summer Juuso bear into painting mood in order to raise funds for two water pumps required for the swimming pool for the bears. Juuso bear’s beautiful paintings were sold in the net with total 8000 euros. More art work is expected soon from Juuso as he is already waking up from hibernation at this private animal shelter in Finland, according local newspapers.

Juuso painting video;
Video Sulo helping Juuso to go into hibernation, this video is from previous years but you see (couldn't get videos functional here), link;

The Predator Center in Kuusamo was started by Sulo, a wildlife researcher, in order to take care of bears in his home since 1997 by the request of authorities, and people who found orphan or injured bear cubs. Sulo met first bear in forest when he was 8 years old, now at 75 years age, Sulo is hoping to find someone enough brave to continue his valuable work. He has couple of people to assist him at the present. The oldest bear is 24 years and the heaviest weights almost 500 kg.

Sulo says that when tourists happen to meet him with the bears in forest, they become frightened, but Sulo assures that his bears will not attack if people don’t come too near to them. He feels the bears have similar feelings; fears, love and desires, than human beings, but they express them in a different way. More videos from the bears and Sulo here, and in youtube many more.               ……………..

Bears at Helsinki zoo woke up from hibernation a month earlier than normally this year due to warm weather conditions, video; Photos of Yogi bear,Bears Waking up and Friendship of bear and wolf all in Finland

There are also real “Yogi Bears” in Finland; The caretaker of bears in the Ähtäri wildlife park, has thought them to do yoga posters in order to delight the visitors who come to see them. Bears have natural tendency to mimic human beings.

Here is vidoe;

And unusual friendship of a bear and wolf in Finland, more photos from Lassi Rautiainen here;

The Man Who Lives With Bears in Alaska; These bears are wild, he takes a great risk to live amongst them.

This video shows that bears are indeed wise. He destoys the electic shocker in order to get it;
We have started to see how animals become friends with their enemies and how they help other animals. Indian yogi Sarkar even wrote that animals will evolve and start practise meditation and yoga. I don’t know what he meant exactly, but could it be that they might evolve similar way than the reptilian ETs have evolved from reptiles, according some speculations. Will we see more evolving animals soon?

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