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I had a bit chance to watch TV in Finland after so so many years, ab 10 that I have not really watched anything. Biggest surprise for me was the Astraltv channel, which was open day and night, that people could ask about their future - money matters, relations, health etc from ab 20 psychics.

Part of those were shown for TV watchers, which made me convinced they seem to know something about each case. Psychic abilities are clearly increasing. Their advices gave wider perspective for understanding human nature, karma, past lives etc, which is good, but future can't be predicted often as we have free will.

The other surprise was that people were analysing often their feelings - why they had done something, what did they do wrong, what could be the solution. That was nice, but it went then also into programs where they chose couples in front of TV cameras and even tried people with temptations if their marriage will last or not. 

I hope those people will recover from the image that they certainly get during these programs as it is not all that nice. Here their pictures;

Here is also one Finnish artist's painting beautiful ascension pictures (after some texts). Here is his bush on the beach;


After returning to Poland I notice again how this place is really a paradise for ticks. Every day I end up killing 5-10, of my tick friends sorry to say. Nowadays they even bite me frequently, as I don't care to check up so often. Needs to take then homeopathics, they seem to work - hopefully forever. DA

In Poland women march out of church during the worship, due to sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests etc, while before some years back; And now Hangers symbolize illegal abortion;

Some alien filed a report to MUFON, claiming to be a body-snatching ET stranded on Earth. These aliens were forced to leave their planet due to disaster to seek refuge on Earth. The being introduced itself to MUFON as Mogay from Matif. They are in the form of electromagnetic waves and use replaceable bodies to work, now they are forced to use human bodies. A celestial body knocked out of its orbit, hit the Matif and made most of their equipment dysfuntional. The being said: "We're extraterrestrial beings without enough protection on the Earth... I hope to get help from this platform." And Channelled Interview with this Stranded Alien; 

Coming False Flag Events?; Awareness did suggest that an alien invasions might happen on the 15th of March and included in this was the aproach of Planet Niburu and Second Messiah, but this was stopped. The-powers-that-were plan with the Anunnaki, Orion and the Reptilian races, was to convince humanity to become followers of their Messiah. The benevolents have halted Nibiru in its tracks. Alex Collier has recently exposed the footage of explosion that occurred in front of Niburu. 

Astronomers and amateurs are able to see this planet now and have recently identified it as the ninth planet. Nibiru suppose to come close to Earth, and create tremendous destruction. Niburu will be released after one, two years, but then there is no harm to planet Earth or the inhabitants. 

Around 15th of March Spring Equinox, the Fall Equinox and the Lunar Eclipse will trigger intense energies, that could be used both for good or ill. The PTWere have still several other plans to carry out false flag events. The leaders may speak up that a unified force is needed against a common enemy, but this is just their agenda. 

This time brings also a great opportunity to grow individually. Unfortunately it is also a time where one can be drawn deep into the deception and con. This critical period will last over the next several months. Rainbow phoenix; 

Simon Parkes, Win Keech, Jim Nichols, Alex Collier & Tolec; Alien visitors 2017 & 2018 – Human awakening by Abbey Normal.

The recently called media attention to the discovery of what is being called Planet 9 ( is a gradual announcement process. Since the ZetaTalk saga began 20 years ago, the cover-up over the existence of Nibiru, has moved from a denial that planets can roam far from their suns, or that denial that the mythical Nibiru admission.

Ivan Teller channeling ETs: In Russia much going on, targeted, terrorists, expect movement in Russia. There are many open minded, and some try to take them down, but can't. Mother Theresa admits she rather helped only Catholics due to narrow mindedness and was against abortion, but she has now realised her mistakes. 

Alex Jones is on the right track, but he is not saying everything what he should. He is aware of alien connection, afraid of it. He knows he is protected, but he gets lost, paranoid. He has been in reptilian facilities... in public he feels he has to rage. He tries to wake up human race. He is good person. Psychic Focus said recently Alex Jones is compromised, so you decide for yourself.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode are repeating nowadays just the old stories mostly, but let's see a bit. David; Mars was a watery planet that was actually a captured moon around Super Earth (which exploded and smakller earth was left). Cosmic Disclosure: Who Built the Moon?
David; The technically advanced race that was on the Super Earth, their height was 70 feet. They were playing around with transhumanism, which is the idea of integrating their giant human form – into some kind of computer. Also the space program insider, Jacob, validitated that they developed some type of Internet, Wi-Fi-type of method of communication, microfluctuations with light on their faces. 
Corey: They would have micro-facial auric light show. Some communicate telepathically and have auric play of light as well.

David: they had a baseball size technology to build bases inside moons and they could send this ball into the past, and it would build out with little nanite robots. And they would then send it to the right time so that the base would be ready when they wanted it in their time.
One of sources say that moon was a hollowed-out. Jacob said, that these elites on the Super Earth portalled moon in, and then they portalled themselves into the moon before the Super Earth blew up. And they programmed the moon orbit around the Earth to make the Earth into a much more habitable place to live. Cosmic Disclosure”.... and Government Troll Data Center

Rockefellers and other groups are getting out of energy commodities, oil and coal. Maybe they know that some new energy technologies are about to unroll. Recently they cut a deal that holds off any economic collapse until some disclosure announcement is made.

Corey; No flat earth, but you have get to about 160,000 feet . . . pretty far up to start really to see the curvature of the Earth.

David; my number was literally blocked from making a call to Hoagland phone. A close friend of mine was hit with all sorts of unexpected disasters. Almost all of the money was removed from my bank account by hacker kids. I get fraud attempts at least once a month and have to get new card numbers every 2-3 months. Twice in one day, a military helicopter flew over Corey's house and the perpetrators flooded his phone with distractions to try to prevent him from filming the incident. Recent Cosmic Disclosure episode

Update from David; The Panama Papers are not what they appear to be. "A quarter of Iceland's cabinet members held offshore companies - even the current prime minister. Gunnlaugsson was the most effective enemy (to defeat the mega-banks etc) of the Cabal in the visible media world. According to popular site Putin is the other. So who is behind the shoot-down of Gunnlaugsson and the targeting of Putin? Panama Papers are funded by Soros, Rockefeller fund, Ford Foundation, Goldman Sacks...

The Alliance have a massive series of "data dumps" ready to go. The "Panama Papers" are a very obvious attempt for elites to slam the Alliance with at least some of the damaging intel in the full disclosure data dumps. We are probably just now seeing the very beginning of a bare-knuckle "Disclosure War" that could get really violent. The "leaking" of the personal data of 50 million Turks. The hack appears to have come out of Iceland!

Mr. Keshe declared a change point for humanity and new technologies that everyone can use to free themselves from pharmaceuticals - how to easily purify contaminated water, how to neutralize viruses and radioactive materials in your body. 
A declaration of an end to all religions. All religions create differences in the human race. Religions are all done! If you stay the same, you are destroying yourself. Better become ONE, here [on Earth] before we go out into space.
Fighting [wars] is financed by the Christians and supported by the Jews. We are finished with state of Israel. We claim, that we (Keshe fans) are the messiah and return of Christ, Allah. The state of Palestine does not exist. Now, millions support Keshe foundation.

We need to refocus to give/use energies and monies to develop new technologies of peace that are going to help everyone. We can take our families with us into space. Our future is bright.  
Using only the copper oxide GANS directly into the water and letting the mixture sit and settle for a period of time, it neutralizes the pollutants and clears up the brownish water in Africa. Car exhaust pipe can run directly into the liquid CO2 GANS. 

The mice that were infected with influenza and drinking radioactive water were treated with CO2 GANS and all lived. GMO seeds can be returned to original by Gans, and without herbicides and pesticides can get multiple times harvest;,—LJE. and

Fulford; Hillary Clinton's email proves; sacrificing chicken to Molok; Merkel taking selfie in Bryssel airport in front of terrorists; Mossad was in charge of security. US canditate Cruz, no desire to copulate with Trump, so he copulates with rats.

Khazarian Mafia is looking for trigger like WW3 in order to stop US economic collapse. Khazarians now under attack in Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, US, Japan. No US government officials met with NATO ally Turkey’s Erdogan, while he visited the US. http://www.veteranstoday...egypt-asks-israel-to-keep-turkey-away-from-gaza/. Gnostic illuminati warning...

Dunford told Silicon Valley is under White Hats. So the chips that are put on all computers for spying our data will be stopped. Vote rigging in US is no more possible, so Hilary is loosing. Pope Francis is planning to make a major announcement, possibly in May, and then retire. 
(Remember Fulford was the only one who knew when the previous pope retired.) 
Jimstone proves vote rigging; And The New York Times has turned election theft into an April fool's joke. 
The prime minister of Iceland resigned on Tuesday after an enormous leak of documents from a secretive Panamanian law firm about offshore tax shelters, confirmed by RUV. Nazi-reptilian connection;
SOZT; The Panama Papers have been in the hands of the media for over a year, so why the media focus now? Why did 100 media partners agree to WAIT? Now UK papers rush to make Putin as the headline. In fact, it is not Putin, Russia nor China...The documents show 12 current or former heads of state and 61 people linked to world leaders in the data.

Dutchsinse Facebook page restored, but he lost 80,000+ subscribers.; pril 5, 2016 : Los Angeles was struck by an earthquake. His earlier earthquake forecast specifically mentioned the pumping operations in Los Angeles as a place to watch for quake to strike.
Business on refugees. First Turkey and Greece/EU trade refugees, now the Maltan opposition leader claim that Malta and Italy cut a secret deal, according which Malta would surrender oil exploration rights, while Italy would return the favor by picking up Malta’s migrant rescues at sea.

Sarkar; Mars also came out of this Earth, but it did not move around the Earth as its satellite. And that is why a name for Mars is Kuja. Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku.

It was the opinion of ancient astrologers that the moon was formed, when a certain portion of the earth broke away and went into orbit around it. There was a great pit left on earth, and that pit was the Pacific Ocean. The old Sanskrit name for the Pacific Ocean was kssiirodarnava. Thus we even find it in the ancient moon's worship; The divine, snow-coloured conch born of the (ksiirodarnava) Pacific Ocean. I salute the moon with devotion, the one who adorns the crown of Shiva. 

People must remain aloof from dogmatic religious ideas. Some people – after sighting the moon, start their religious penance. But what will happen to those who will live on the moon itself?

When going to the moon or Mars, people should be sufficiently cautious. The body and mind should be properly adjusted. This is called environmental adjustment. Asanas, pranayama [yogic postures and breathing], etc., help us in this adjustment.

Didi Annapurna 

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