maanantai 26. kesäkuuta 2017

Summer Programs in Poland

Weekend Retreat
Secrets of Successful Life
The ancient wisdom of Yoga and meditation can transform ones body, mind and spirit, and change the World into a better place. Acarya Anandaprama has over 20 years experience in teaching yoga practises, and working in several service projects all over the world. At present she oversees ecofarm in Ireland, spirulina project for malnourished in Kenya and assists in Haiti relief

Come to learn from her and others and enjoy weekend in Beautiful Yoga Center and Ecofarm Ananda Ashiisha, in Gize 40, near Olecko city in Poland
Arrival Friday evening 14 th July 2017, Departure is on to 16 th evening.

Bring your own bed sheets, or sleeping bag
Attendance fee 50 PLN, info

There is another program Ecofest is in Ananda Putta Bhumi on 14-18 th of July. After that there is Summer Conference on 20-23 th July. Adress, Glebock 37, 58535 Milkow Poland, info, Welcome!

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