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Covid 19 – Microvita, Time for Prout

In 1986, spiritual master P R Sarkar, Shri Shri Anandamurti, spoke about mysterious microvitum, microvita in the plural. Micro-vitum literally means "micro-life". They are entities which have different physical and psychic manifestations. Some of them are smaller than atoms, electrons or protons, and some even more subtle in the psychic realm. They are emanations of cosmic mind, so they are everywhere. Their basic characteristics is to exist, multiply and die and they can be positive, neutral or negative.

One type of crude, negative microvita is called commonly "virus". Coronaviruses are certainly also microvita. Optimistic human ideas and actions attract positive microvita, while fears and evil thoughts and deeds absorb negative microvita. So how we have got coronavirus negative microvita to attack humanity? Perhaps there is some karmic reasons, or negative thoughts and deeds of humanity, that brought it into existence. It could have been created purposely in laboratory or it may have just escaped from animals, which we deal in crude ways by torturing and killing. 

Corona virus spreads very fast, perhaps not only by touch, but even sound can spread some microvita. In order to control the spread of coronavirus globally, medical care is not the only means, positive global atmosphere should be created to counteract this negative microvita, instead of fear mongering. We should certainly take care of our cleanliness and not only body, but also of the mind through spiritual practices.

Shri Shri Anandamurti has given a universal mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” - singing of which can bring tremendous amount of positive microvita. Positive microvita are able to neutralize negative microvita. Singing kiirtan during calamities has saved for decades the members and properties of Ananda Marga. Now kiirtan could be sang by loudspeakers in hospitals, streets and more so at homes.

You may listen this powerful Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan

In long term yoga practices balance the function of glands and thus reduce the psychological tendency for anger, jealousy and fear – those have a very big role in case of coronavirus. Besides meditation increases faith to divine help and guidance. Still when one is doing service, the more likely one will get divine protection.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has said in 1977, that there will be massive "man-made and natural calamities where lakhs and crores (crore is ten million) of people will be killed, but he has also said, “day will come when human beings will gain control over these microvita”.

Negative microvita after all, removes karma and gives scope to change our future for better, let's see how it could be done

Most of the world nations have been climbing towards a centralized global economy. More and more products have been manufactured in China, India etc due to cheaper prises. Each country no longer has produced its own goods, and in this emergency time there is increasing lack of basic needs.

On the other hand, third world countries has sold usually their local resources around the world and suffered themselves about malnourishment - mass migration has been the consequence. Coronavirus prevents now migration, and when resources are not distributed abroad, this is the time for poor countries to start building self-sufficiency.

In wealthy countries there are going to be now also difficult times, even with the survival of citizens. Not only due to lack of medical supplies, but soon many will be facing food shortages and too high food prises. There is no other way around than to start develop local self sufficiency. 

According Prout, Progressive Utilization Theory, decentralized economy is a must. Only this way countries can be sure they will have the products they need in critical times. Obviously local resources are not enough everywhere, then barter trade between countries would solve the problem. Co-operatives and barter trade should be the fashion of the day. 

Especially crowded cities are dangerous places during catastrophical situations. I think, soon people will realize this and start moving countryside. Stock market volatility effect not only people but companies, states – even pensions. Stock markets should be gradually closed down and money should be backed by gold or something valuable, according Prout.

There might be also different kind of related crises to be expected. When militaries are also struggling now with coronavirus and economical problems, they are unable to protect their homelands in case of possible attack. Interestingly P R Sarkar, the profounder of Prout, predicted that China will attack India one day, due to food shortages. Now it could be somewhat understandable to happen, but let’s hope that timeline has changed.

What comes to natural calamities, it is more hard now to eliminate the consequences and when oil prise has gone down, many oil countries will suffer greatly, like Saudi-Arabia, Kuweit, Iran, etc. Now is the best time for “free energy”, anti-gravity etc solutions, to be brought forward. Certainly there are already some secret facilities producing it. This would eventually bring also the idea of humanity as a part of cosmic brotherhood, more near! The ET folks!

Shortly decentralized economy; All the resources in area should be controlled by the local people - especially the production of minimum requirements for all. Barter trade may serve things which can not be produced locally. Surplus wealth should be distributed among the meritorious people and for social welfare. Production should be based on consumption, not on profit. As far as possible, agriculture, factories and trade should be managed through cooperatives. Agriculture should include local agro-industries.

I have just mentioned few basic Prout ideas, which P R Sarkar, introduced already in 1959. According him, Prout will be the economy of future humanity.

You may read more about Prout, The Prout Handy Booklet 

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT/EL) has distributed essentials for Covid -19 lockdown people all over India, coronavirus-invasion-of-our-planet-by-negative-microvita

Failing food supplies and production videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Am0t4qQaP_Do9FwMWw3Q/videos

Pentagon helpless, begs don't attack us now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIwU-kdlRC8

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