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Prediction of China - India War

Almost one month China has been attacking India in Sikkim and Ladakh area. Concern is, whether it would lead to a real war. China continues to build up its army along the Indian border area. Recently China was seen deploying artillery and tanks. India has also started now deploying its forces in large numbers.

Gravitas: Tensions prevail at India-China border standoff. Recently China has also shown expansionist efforts towards Taiwan and Honkong, Wion,

During previous Chinese conflict with India in 1962, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti predicted that China is going to attack India in the future with a massive military force and conquer Indian area up to Mokama (bridge). China is not happy that India supports Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan. Besides China has problem to feed its population and needs more land. China has only ab 10 % arable land and is still industrialising more areas, while India has rich Deccan plateau and 80% agriculture land.

Pakistan and communists within India will support China during this war. Pakistan will overtake Kashmir, but will eventually merge into India. USA will be hesitating to help India, due to facing financial problems. Russia realizes China wants to be world superpower by what ever means. Eventually USA and Russia will join India to defeat China due to fear that India would become communist country. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti have even explained how China will be defeated eventually. Lets keep it secret, except I mention that Ananda Marga will play its own role to stop the war and you will certainly hear about it.

After the war India will grow economically, politically and spiritually and in the future it will become important, leading nation. Taiwan will also gain bright future. These predictions are told by followers of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, so everything might not be exactly according what He has said. And let’s still hope that China-India war doesn’t need to happen as humans have free will...

Ananda Marga becoming well known also due to service it is providing

Kiirtan is also done for service, our people are singing on social media all over the world these days to rise the vibration,

Prem-Baba’s devotees are also singing nicely our universal mantra

Let’s see what astrologer Joni Patry expects for China and India. She predicted the coronavirus situation quite well.

The future of India, Joni Patry: This entire year until 2021 will be very intense. India has to be very very careful against their enemies, because there's possible serious attacks or invasions from other countries causing great problems for India. Watch how the summer months go.

There's going to be also conflict between China and United States. India is going to need help with their economy big time this year. Until April 2022 India is dealing with opponents

March, April 2020 prediction for China: disease, death, opposition, economic losses. From June 21st to the end of June; secrets, hidden agendas exposed, attacks with foreign countries. Explosive events are about to occur. In September lots of warring between US and China. Secrets by President known before September, China's Future and the Coronavirus,

Gravitas: Pakistan 'Spy diplomats' caught red-handed, tensions escalate, Beijing warns India,

Swami Vivekananda; There will be great danger of India being conquered by China, with English subtitles,

He has been predicting for some years: India will win against China in the war going to take place. The war is unavailable,

There was great conflict between India and China in 1962. (Is India/China war going in the direction towards 1962? Prediction by Astrologer KM SINHA, but no English, Nostradamus predicts Pakistan and China can jointly attack on India, no English,

Interesting predictions from Joni Patry for June

June 13 th scandals, untruths fed by media and conspiracy theorists. We should not let the negativity destroy us. Secrets will come out of the dark to bring the light. June 18 th, communications, travel going haywire. Riots, terrorism for the next six months. Earth changes, oil and gas prices up.

Solar eclipse on June 21 st, dramatic events concerning countries. June 29 - 30 th incredible things will unfold that we never thought possible in our lifetime. Also exposing what China has been up to.

September 19 th till March 15th of 2022 there's going to be great healing period (covid) similar to penicillin discovery in 1929, or 1798 smallpox vaccine. September is a turning point into the light. See more,

Didi Annapurna

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