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Alternative for Communism and Capitalism PROUT

Reason for Economic Depression: According Sarkar the biggest reason for economic depressions is the existing cap between the rich and the poor. The wealth of the world is invested in non-productive things - poor people lose their purchasing capacity - less production - unemployment increases - purchasing power further down... in endless circle.

Vulnerability of Capitalism

Weakness of basic structure; self-centred philosophy. Individual advantages more important than the rights of collective body. Uncontrollability
Wasted natural resources, pollution, draught
Risks: food production and seeds in the hands of private sector. Mega cities – possible failure of net, energy distribution, etc
The extreme materialism fed by Capitalism; consumerism, greediness
Increasing debts of people; companies, governments
Speculation markets; money, food, gold, oil – some benefit, some suffer
Expected social unrest… and government’s failures
Media unreliable. The statistics are late or falsified – things are actually worse

BUT now the economy is recovering, isn't it? Or is it just momentum for capitalist parasites to suck the last wealth from the society, until the whole society collapses

Karmic reasons; Rich exploiting, poor yielding, the peak has come and time for reaction has started – Karma demanding pay with interest. Those exploiting have to face consequences – to lose. The poor have to learn to keep and demand their rights.

What instead
The vacuum after Capitalism has to be filled with a new progressive system, otherwise people will hang on any past straw, already known to be failure, or they go into extremism
The deepening of economic crises will bring positive changes in the human mind when materialism fails. It gives scope for adopting spiritual values; to become more caring for others and to realise need for cooperation and assistance.
The future of humanity depends on the advent of moral, peace loving and righteous people…

Solving the crises: Silent, spiritual, intellectual and moralist revolution

Intellectual revolution, based on spiritual values – countering the psychology of greed and envy of capitalism and developing better technology.
Lifestyle revolution. For example; Yoga and meditation are gaining momentum all over the world; these will have remarkable impact on lifestyle of humanity.
Moralist revolution – moralists of the universe should unite – dreaming about better world becoming more popular.
Evolution “revolution” is going on without fail to higher dimension

March on; search for the purpose of life and inner truths and be the pioneers of the revolution

Human being is not only a physical, mental and economical being, but also a spiritual being. Revolution based on spiritual values will bring inevitable changes through mental to material level…


Sarkar:”And if the magnetic order is disrupted, then certain remarkable changes…in the electromagnetic vibrations of this Earth and also of the entire solar system will occur. As a result of this type of change …human thought waves will certainly be affected… human beings will become more spiritual. We should be prepared for such a change - that change may take place in the very near future. Our future depends on our knowledge and application of electro magnetism.” (Anti-gravity, free energy ?) Sarkar says that the direction of change in each individual depends on free will.

Advantages of meditation from the environmental point of view:

Vegetarian food, collective living and farms (today each individual is heating: residence, office, summer cottage, car)
Intuition, realization. Awareness of world situation & sense of responsibility.
Examples in activism and moral courage
Like the yogis of Himalayas; inner satisfaction – no interest for consumerism or accumulating wealth, altruism, collective welfare, righteousness
Freedom from co-dependencies. (The world is in the state of destruction – caused by lack of self-discipline of human beings and societies.)
Karma laws. Understanding the laws of cause and effect and acting accordingly
Science confirms: Meditation makes one more positive -> capability to find solutions.
Less emotionality, more rationality; no wars for the sake of wealth, race, religion. One is an UNIVERSALIST.

Time for PROUT, The Progressive Utilisation Theory

Humanity deservers now something better, something more righteous than communism and capitalism… Human society is in need of universalism

Prout is based on universal spiritual values and spirituality. Founded by Indian philosopher P. R. Sarkar (1959). A new socio-economic model. Its aim is the welfare of all living beings...

Wholistic approach into all aspects of human life: physical, mental and spiritual.
Decentralisation of economy; local economy, cooperatives, collective farms, with local leadership and planning
Basic necessities to all – guarantee of purchasing power through employment.
Local self sufficiency, especially food
Global solutions concerning climate, human rights, etc. collective interests of humanity
Sustainable development and growth, emphasis on psychic and spiritual
Natural resources – common heritage of the whole human society – righteous and rational distribution.
Ceiling on salaries and wealth – exceptions by collective body
Profit motivation to be replaced with consumption motivation
Private small scale industry: handicrafts, tailoring etc. When growing larger should become cooperative or serving the community.
Mostly cooperatives, collective farms etc. The basic salary would be equal to all, but the surplus would be distributed amongst meritorious. For those in special need or meritorious workers, should be organized incentives, advantages and assistance according time, place and person. Every worker would be encouraged to educate and develop their skills, knowledge and spirituality
Large scale key industry owned by government; special production and services, infrastructure; hospitals, mines, energy production – no loss no profit.
The taxes would be levied rather on production; especially luxury items, unhealthy products, those polluting, unusual natural resources. On transition period some taxation would be still levied on income of the wealthiest

The Five Fundamental Principles of Prout

1. No individual should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth without the clear permission or approval of the collective body
2. There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe
3. There should be maximum utilization of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of the unit and collective bodies of human society
4. There should be a proper adjustment amongst these physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilizations
5. The method of utilization should wary in accordance with the changes in time, space and person and the utilization should be of a progressive nature

Differences of Prout vs. Capitalism & Communism

COMMUNISM: Spirituality, psychic development, initiatives, local decision making are actively suppressed - lack of motivation and inspiration, abuse of power, corruption and massive resentment
Prout - local economy gives scope for individual development, inventions, decision making, in cooperatives etc. - better motivation.
CAPITALISM: Individual interest hampering the collective welfare -> exploitation. Inclined to depressions – people can lose everything. Profit orientation encourages consumerism and greed
Prout is based on collective progress and responsibility as well during the crises and golden times.
The clouds can’t cover the sun forever. The forces of darkness would never allow the expansion of human consciousness. Nevertheless human society will march forward.
Nobody can hinder this progressive triumph march. You have to be the harbingers, the pioneers in this victorious march. Look that nobody lacks behind.
P R Sarkar

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