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Coming changes in society

The power of human beings is much more than that of an atom bomb. So to imagine that atomic bombs will destroy the human race is to insult human intellect, to belittle human psychic power…When the creator is the unit mind, then whatever might be the physical force of the created object, its mental force must be less than the unit mind that created it. So whatever human beings create, these creations only possess material force, not psychic power. An atom bomb has no mind. Perhaps in future human beings will produce such machines (about which I have already hinted) which have minds also. But even in that case, those minds will be weaker than their creators’ minds.

The earth is not only for human beings, it is for other living beings also. So we will have to do something for them. The minimum requirements and maximum amenities should also be given to animals. Today cows, dogs and monkeys are developing; tomorrow more and more animals will be in this category. Animals will also develop longings for different psycho-physical pabula, so they should be guaranteed minimum requirements and maximum amenities too. We will have to do something for them also. This is the demand of Neohumanism, of Neo-Humanistic ideas. This demand should be fulfilled by PROUT.

Progress is never ending. Pabulum is also never ending. We should understand this. There cannot be any stop in the march of human progress. And not only in human progress, but in the physical and psychic worlds also. Geo-sentiment will die out; socio-sentiment will disappear; socio-economic sentiment will be eradicated. Finally a day will come when sentient sentiment will dominate. A day will come when human beings will get the maximum amenities, then human beings will reach the zenith. But is the provision of maximum amenities the zenith of service?

One may not be a genius, one may simply be a member of the ordinary public, and not properly accepted or respected by all, but even then one will get the minimum requirements and maximum amenities in an ever increasing manner according to the environmental conditions concerned, according to the demands of the day.

…Every living being is the child of the Supreme Entity, and that all the people of all nations belong to the same family. This will have to be explained to all, that there will be clash among different nations as long as national feelings exist. People may talk of disarmament, but military preparation will go on underground. And if people dedicate themselves to the welfare of the entire human race, their respective nations will also be benefited indirectly because their nations are not outside the universe!

Although the anti-exploitation sentiment is the most important factor in building a nation or a group of nations, this sentiment will not be able to sustain a nation or a group of nations for a long time…As soon as administrative power passes into the hands of moralists, then exploitation will cease to exist.

Today people give more importance to the political than to the bio-psychological and economic aspects of population growth. The population problem is not just an economic problem – it includes economic, biological, psychological and intellectual aspects.

Science has reached such a stage that it can usher in a new era. It can produce synthetic food in the form of tablets to help solve the food problems of the world. A single food tablet can be sufficient to provide sustenance for a whole day, so we need not fear population increases. Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease…With the application of science and technology we can harness these resources to meet the challenge of the food problem.

The importance and value of land will automatically diminish if the problems of food production are solved. In the future a synthetic food tablet may be enough to satisfy a person’s hunger. The production of abundant quantities of such tablets in scientific laboratories will remove the disparity between the rich and the poor, because the poor, under the pangs of hunger, are forced to become slaves of the rich, providing the rich with ample opportunities for the accumulation of more wealth to satisfy their greed…Yet with limited land at their disposal, people are increasing food production through scientifically prepared manure, high-yield seeds, irrigation systems, etc. So we see that science is indispensable for human progress, and without it half the population of the world today would die of starvation.

Now the element of physicality is predominant, but in future the psychic element will become predominant and the physical aspect will become secondary. All the ectoplasmic and endoplasmic potentialities of the entire creation are fast being converted into psychic potentialities.
…Artists should not only give a flawless portrayal of the present with their creative talent, but they should also continue to explore the possibilities of the future with a benevolent mind…The relation between the present and the future must be properly portrayed by presenting every stage of cause and effect.

Those who predict the future… who are able to give some hint of the future after having visualized it by dint of a little concentration of mind, are called iikśańaka or iikśańika.This science of iikśańa has yet to become a fully developed science, even today. It is still in the research stage…

The struggle between the good and the evil forces terminates in the latter’s rout – this you have seen, are seeing and will see in future. Only remain vigilant that the evil forces under no circumstances receive any indulgence from your side.

Like any other problem, great or small, there is only one way to solve economic problems, and that is through genuine love for humanity. This love will give people guidance; it will show them what to do and what not to do. It is not necessary to study great numbers of books or to rely upon those who speculate with the future of the silent masses. The only essential requirement is to look upon humanity with genuine sympathy.

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