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Sarkar and microvita

Previously, people were under the impression that molecules were the minutest particles of elements. Later it was found that atoms, not molecules, were the minutest entities. Still later it was discovered that even an atom is not the minutest particle, for atoms are made of electrons, protons and many other imaginary and non-imaginary particles…Microvitum is the minutest entity. The collection of microvita forms a carbon atom. …As a microvitum is a singular entity, it has no structure. By nature it is more energy than matter, so it travels and moves through inferences, whereas other entities cannot move through inferences.

These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites – not carbon atoms or carbon molecules…So the root cause of life is not the unicellular protozoa or unit protoplasmic cell, but this unit microvitum.

Microvita are mainly of two types: the positive and the negative ones, each having their peculiar influences on different animate or inanimate structures; that is, they have influence on both animation and inanimation.

Positive microvitum, being more of ectoplasmic nature, starts functioning or working first in the mental level then filters down towards physical matter. Negative microvitum starts functioning in matter and moves towards the mind, towards ectoplasmic stuff and endoplasmic coverage.

In the case of positive microvita, the reaction takes place after they cross the lunar plexus, both in female and male bodies… and as they move upwards they increase their speed and bring about acceleration in spiritual progress, both in the case of males and females…Non-vegetarians are not fit to receive the application of positive microvita. Positive or negative microvita can affect the protoplasmic cells of a structure directly, and even bring about a change in the genetic structure.

In order to kill negative microvita before the end of their life span, the number of positive microvita has to be increased by good thinking and sádhaná (spiritual practice).

Each and every day microvita – more negative microvita – bring so many ailments from other planets and celestial bodies to Earth. They come through different inferences…Even now influenza is fatal to human beings in cold countries.
The disease can be cured only when the numbers of positive microvita are increased, and they devour the negative microvita…Similarly, from various planets and distant nebula, varieties of positive microvita bring pious, sentient thoughts and elevating sentiments.

In the course of their study, doctors should try to find out the coincidence between the characteristics of metazoic cells and multicellular protozoic cells in both the physical and psychic realms. This will greatly help doctors in finding out the medicines for many diseases. Moreover, doctors are not acquainted with many diseases that are yet to come to Earth. If doctors can find out the factuality of negative microvita, they can prevent attacks of negative microvita before they occur – before they reach the planet… In fact, the increased concentration of negative microvita caused by allopathic medicines creates many new types of diseases, and due to this, two or three new diseases are presently being created every decade.
Externally we should take medicines to check diseases, but internally we should perform spiritual practices to increase the concentration of positive microvita and thereby kill the negative microvita.

In communist and capitalist countries, there is plenty of unutilized positive microvita because of the excessive use of negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata in the society. That is why there is the problem of immorality etc. there. There must be full utilization of the accumulated excess positive microvita through sádhaná, service, etc. to solve this problem.

Due to the excessive use of positive microvita, it will become difficult to control and balance the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata because there will be a shortage of positive microvita. You must not run after occult powers.

As a result of intensive research on microvita, there will be many significant changes in the chemical formulae of various objects. In India there is a constant shortage of tin and copper. By bringing changes in the inner physical structure of objects with the application of microvita, necessary elements can be created. In the same manner, petroleum can be artificially synthesized with the help of microvita. This sort of change takes place with the change in the internal structure of objects. There is greater scope for change in metals than in non-metals. Newer varieties of explosives will be created in the future. In fact, there will be radical changes in the field of pyro-technology.

There will be revolutionary changes in the fields of pharmo-chemistry and biotechnology. A particular object has its particular medicinal value. Take, for instance, the case of copper sulphate. It contains copper, sulphur and oxygen. Any variation in atomic proportions brings changes in the quality and effectiveness of medicines. Changes in the number of microvita bring qualitative change. Intensive pharmaco-chemistry research will reveal the amount of microvita required to produce particular kinds of medical effects, and accordingly a scientist will be able to evolve accurate and effective formulae for various medicines.

Energy, if it comes in direct contact with this world of physicality, is converted into so many energies – magnetic energy, electrical energy and many other energies. And when that very energy functions through the cosmic “known” world, the Cosmic “Known” Entity, then it creates different psychic faculties, different psychic worlds. And if after passing through the Cosmic “Known” Entity it comes down towards the plane of cosmic or individual propensities, its movement is towards the crude, towards crudification. But if it moves towards the cosmic cognitive faculty it is converted into psycho-spiritual movement, and finally spiritual movement or into the Spiritual Entity.

If matter maintains a close proximity to microvita, microvita maintains a close proximity to idea. Here is the line of demarcation. That is, if you powder down atoms then you get microvita, but if microvita could be powdered down you would get idea. Just as atoms are not perceived by the naked eye, but only by experimental results, similar is the case with microvita. But while atomic research can be done in physical laboratories, microvita research can only be done in the human mind and soul.

So, microvita are the initial stage of matter. Microvita are the silver lining between idea and matter, though they are closer to the realm of ideas than matter

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