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Sarkar about energy

Prakrti is energy or the shakti of Puruśa, it cannot be a separate entity. These philosophies are called Dvaetavádii or dualistic because they believe in two separate entities of Puruśa and Prakrti.

….Electricity is a blind force – it is controlled by the human intellect. There is also intelligence behind the Cosmic Energy. And that is why there is order everywhere, there is system everywhere. The entire creation is of a systematic order; it cannot be the creation of a blind force or blind energy. There must be some intelligence behind it.

Everything moves within the scope of the three fundamental relative factors – spatial, temporal and personal…Wherever there is movement, there is vibration, and there is expression of energy. And you know energies are inter-transmutable. Light energy may be converted into sound energy; and the vital energy of human beings may be converted into spiritual energy, into electrical energy, into light energy, or into sound energy. When you speak, you convert your vital energy into sound energy.

By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. This is due to the fact that the energy which is packaged up in matter comes out. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc. Matter needs a shelter, and the shelter of matter is the earth. This is the secret.

It is the condensed state of the particles of energy that we call matter. It is by no means correct to consider matter as an original substance. To adequately understand matter one must be acquainted with the energy entity. The greater the understanding of energy and accordingly of matter also, the greater is one’s right to use matter as an object of enjoyment. Such people who possess this understanding are indeed called scientists.

Those who think that the world has evolved out of atoms of energy are very much mistake.
It is energy alone that is active in this material world? Is there no room for Shiva or Consciousness? Those who regard atoms of energy as the initial manifestations of Prakrti (nature) and want to deny the existence of consciousness beyond them, should know that these so-called atoms of energy are indeed dancing on the bosom of Consciousness Himself.

About two billion years ago when the world had just come into existence, there was no trace of vegetation or organisms except for so called atoms of energy.
The potential of the manifestations of consciousness that we find today in human beings, the undeveloped expressions of consciousness that we notice in the various other organisms and in trees and plants, were all certainly present in those so-called atoms of energy.
Sun rays are light energy, which as per the rule, may be converted into electrical energy, sound energy, magnetic energy and so many energies known and unknown to the world. They are interchangeable and inter-transmutable. But the position of matter is not such…Rather, energy and movement are inseparable. But the position of energy and microvita is on this silver line of demarcation between matter and abstract. Energy generally comes within the range of perception, but not always. Energy in its subtle form does not come within the range of perception.
…But microvita are more active in the physico-psycho-spiritual strata, and energy is more active in the physical planes of inferences

Now, energy is inter-transmutable and interchangeable, but matter is not inter-transmutable or interchangeable. It undergoes metamorphosis, metamorphosis once, but not always.

Energy, if it comes in direct contact with this world of physicality, is converted into so many energies – magnetic energy, electrical energy and many other energies.

Fundamentally, energy is “one”, but it has got several expressions. The so-called energies are interchangeable. Electrical energy may be converted into magnetic energy, magnetic energy into sound and sound into light. In common (laokika) Saḿskrta the term for light is “agni” and in older Saḿskrta the term is “indra”. In this universe Parama Puruśa started His creation and the creation stemmed out of the acoustic root “a”.

The energy remains and maintains the structural solidarity of each and every entity of this universe by taking the form of its container according to the structural solidarity of the different entities. The same energy is operating through this ceiling fan or through the bulb or other expression but do we ever see or feel it? No body can ever see any energy and no body can directly feel the presence of any energy but every body feels the presence of energy through its operation. Because of this function of the fan, we come to know that there is energy behind it. We get the light from the bulb but we never see the energy. Energy is never seen or perceived but its effects are seen, perceived or felt.

Similarly the same Cognitive Principle – that cognition, is also just like energy. There is vital energy in your body, that is why you can speak, you can move or you can think. When there shall be no expressions from your corporal structure, others will say that the man is dead and gone. Similarly the same Cognitive Faculty functioning through different entities of this universe works as the subjective counterpart of their existences. And because of this subjective expression of the Cognitive Faculty, people can perceive and conceive its existence. The existence of God is conceived but can not be perceived and can not be expressed. We see only its expressions. Similarly, we see and feel the expressions of the Cognitive Faculty. Átmá is not seen or perceived or conceived personally or collectively.

When form remains in the abstract realm it is called energy; when it comes into the material realm it is called matter. Energy is not one of the fundamental factors, but a stage prior to the metamorphosis of the Cosmic Citta into the five fundamental factors.

Ideas in the psychic world gain momentum with the addition of vital energy. This process of coordination must be consolidated step by step before ideas can be expressed through words in the external world. The human body’s energy, or indrashakti, or luminous factor, is located in the mańipura cakra.(11) The mańipura cakra maintains the body’s physical balance. When pashyanti shakti comes to the mańipura cakra and there receives the assistance of vital energy, it becomes madhyamá shakti. The controlling point of madhyamá shakti is the mańipura cakra or navel area.

Conversion of Energy
There are also, in less deep seas, some animals that generate electric lights to catch hold of their prey…whether the human body can generate electric current or not?...While working, vital energy is transformed into mechanical energy. The same vital energy can be transformed into electric energy also, but in that case, the body will be electrocuted and the person will die. Human vital energy can be converted into magnetic energy as well. In the case of conversion of vital energy into spiritual force, it does not affect the body and mind. But in the case of conversion of vital energy into magnetic energy, it does affect body, mind, etc.

In this solar system, we derive energy from the sun. But from where does the sun get energy? The sun gets energy(3) from the Cosmological Nucleus. There are countless solar systems in the Cosmos. And for all these solar systems, the hub is Parama Puruśa, Puruśottama. He is the Nucleus of all energy. The sun gets energy from Him alone – therefore Ráti mahiidhara.

Now let us analyse how the mind functions. In the physical sphere energy is essential for action. What is energy? Energy is the actional state within a material structure. This energy by itself is a blind force and for its activation intellect must exist: a driver is required to direct this blind force. The support of the intellect is a prime necessity for the operation of energy in this material world. If an useful thing is kept easily accessible to the common people in a country or society, in most cases it is misused or spoiled. Those who are considerate and have the power of judgement should be entrusted with the responsibility of controlling the physical power of common people with their intellectual power, otherwise everything will be spoiled. It is like a bullock which, without a driver, is unable to decide whether to pull its cart towards the right or the left. Only a discriminating driver can control everything efficiently.

Every region in a socio-economic unit must strive to be self-sufficient in power generation. The local administration will have to supply locally generated power such as solar energy, thermal energy, bio-gas, hydroelectricity, nuclear energy, pneumatic energy, electromagnetic energy and tidal power, or any other power which is easily available locally. The generation of power is a key industry which should be run on a no profit, no loss basis so that the cost of production is minimized and the purchasing capacity of the people is increased.

Prakrti, the qualifying principle of this abstract entity, can also only be understood as an energy, force or principle which cannot be seen even though it qualifies the crudest of things.
An energy or principle can never have a shape. It cannot be seen or heard. Prakrti, also a unique force, a principle, is a subtle entity. Puruśa and Prakrti are both subtle. Brahma, the collective name for these two

There are good possibilities for utilizing oil and natural gas as well as harnessing solar energy. Solar energy is of a permanent nature and will not run out. Solar energy can also be collected in batteries.

If the nuclei of protoplasmic cells are split up, they release innumerable times more energy than a nuclear explosion does. Obviously, living bodies, being composed of countless protoplasmic cells, possess huge proportions of energy – something which is beyond ordinary comprehension.

Now, energy, what is energy? First, what is matter? Matter is bottled-up energy. And, what is mind? Mind is when matter gets powdered down, then it is mind.
The method of utilization of every object changes according to time, space and person…For instance, the energy which a powerful person utilizes to operate a huge hammer should be utilized through scientific research to operate more than one hammer at a time, instead of wasting the energy to operate just one hammer. In other words, scientific research, guided by progressive ideas, should extract more and more service from the same human potential. It is not a sign of progress to use outdated technology in an age of developed science.

In the same way all the urges and longings should be gathered together and directed towards the Supreme. If this is done indomitable psychic energy and invincible spiritual energy will grow from within. This will enable people to solve all the world’s problems – economic, social cultural, big and small. Unless one develops oneself in this way, as an ideal human being, one will not be able to solve any problem, no matter how madly one beats one’s chest or how loudly one shouts slogans.

People always seek a solid base to preserve their mental potentialities till eternity and to give them vital energy in the struggle with temporal factors. Is there a solid base in this world? That which is finite cannot be the base of your life, because it will be used up and will leave your mind unsheltered

What is the meaning of “Hara”? Ha is the acoustic root of the ethereal [factor] and ra is the acoustic root of energy. The vibrational flow of energy on the entire ethereal level is “Hara”, that is, in the expressed universe the most vibrating, the most dancing, entity is Hara. Hence Hara is also known as Nataráj or Natesha [Lord of Dance]

Political leaders depend on physical power. Though they talk of non-violence, they are guarded by the police force. Physical power is the crudest manifestation of energy. Sadvipras will use intuitional power – intellectual and physical power will work as their slaves, to be used according to the indications of intuitional power. It therefore goes without saying that a Sadvipra is stronger than a political leader.

The practice of Sádhaná aims at converting the crude physical energy into subtle psychic energy, and the psychic energy into spiritual energy or cognitive faculty. Thus, in successive stages, sádhaná converts matter into energy, energy into idea, idea into consciousness, and at the highest stage, ensconces one within Supreme Consciousness.