tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

Sarkar about taxes


Essential commodities will have to be entirely tax free. There will be no income tax. Instead taxes should be levied at the starting point of production.

According to PROUT, a certain percentage of the farmers produce should be collected as direct taxes. It is also convenient for the government to realize taxes in the form of goods, because it needs to store produce as insurance against future contingencies. Taxes in such a form can easily be distributed from government stores when the people are in need. Moreover, this system will easily meet the requirements of people in the towns and cities…

Taxes, levies, excise duties, etc., should be collectively paid by the cooperative, thus freeing individual farmers from financial pressure and economic exploitation. In many economically developed countries, there are no land taxes because the revenue collected from such taxes is only a very small part of the total revenue.

The vaeshyas [those accumulating money] evade taxes and indulge in black marketeering, smuggling and adulterating food and medicine, and increase their profits by paying bribes, but it is the vipras [educated], grovelling at the feet of the vaeshyas, who supply the brains and the techniques behind these activities.

If dramatic art is to develop properly – indeed, if it is to be kept alive at all – then every country must adopt a strong policy. The first step of this policy must be to build up fully or partially government aided theatres in every major village and city, which must be exempt form amusement taxes.

Shiva’s teachings: One can discern the actual age of a palm tree by reading the marks on the trunk. The tree never lies about its age for some employment advantage. In the veins of the banyan leaves the same lines are permanently visible; they never change those lines to evade taxes. Wolves never change their voices to gain an advantage in catching goats. They are all embodiments of satya [truth]; falsehood is unknown to them.

Tax evaders are much more intelligent and skilful than those who collect taxes. They are also united by their mutual interests while tax collectors are not.

In my opinion we should take a middle path in order to save society from the enormous greed of the vaeshyas. By middle path I do not mean compromising with them and partially tolerating their greed. What I mean is that whatever we do we should do so as to maintain the balance of society.