maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

Sarkar time, place, person

Then came Kali Yuga, the present age. People of this age are food-orientated and grossly materialistic. Eating plays such an important part in their lives that, if there is a shortage of food, they think they will surely die. Their existence is so dependent upon food that they become feeble and lose their stamina to continue vigorous spiritual practices. You should not depend on food too much. This is why I have prescribed fasting on four days a month for some people and two days a month for others, and personally I have proved by fasting for five years and eight months at a stretch that if people try, they can remain without food. If one’s dependence on food decreases, one will gain more freedom in a particular aspect of life. In Kali Yuga, as I have said, people are too obsessed with food and other material objects. That is why it is said, “Saḿghe shaktih kalao yuge.”

It is impossible to solve single handedly the acute problems of food, medical care, housing and education which we are con fronted with today. This requires a collective, organized effort following the spirit of “devábhágaḿ yathá púrve” [in the olden days the gods used to share their food]. With this end in view I have formulated a socio-economic philosophy. The sooner you are able to collectively implement that philosophy, the better it will be for society. At the same time you should always remember to exercise control over food. Do not depend upon food too much.

Personally, I do not believe in this division of time into the Satya, Tretá, Dvápara and Kali Yugas, although I do admit that there is some truth in the underlying spirit. You should always remember that Kali Yuga, when people are continually obsessed by food, is also a transitional phase and will be followed by a new Satya Yuga when people will again be more soul-orientated, Satya Yuga will start as soon as you implement the socio-economic ideology. By your collective efforts let Satya Yuga be established on this dusty Earth as soon as possible. May you be victorious.
Human beings will have to move forward by recognizing and adjusting with changes in time and space. Adjustment and flexibility are essentials for human progress...Time and space are changing and PROUT will also have to adjust with that change. The principles of PROUT will not change; rather the application of PROUT will adjust with the changing circumstances.

In every field today – including science, religion, social life, etc. – flexibility has been lost. In science, Dalton’s atomic theory is already out of date. In some fields new theories have taken over, and in other fields change is now taking place. In chemistry for example, if chemists procure and perform tests on the same salts from two different companies, the results will often differ. Somewhere in these experiments there is a chord of difference or contradiction. This is because there is a difference in the number of microvita in the salts from the two companies. So this microvita theory will adjust science with time and space.

So for the continued welfare of human beings and all of creation, we must adopt such a theory which has flexibility and elasticity. When the elastic band in a piece of clothing is no longer flexible, the clothing is discarded. In the same way, if any theory loses its flexibility, it will not be able to adjust with time, space and person and it will also be discarded. Policies will differ according to changes in time, space and person, but principles will remain the same because they are all pervading and because their cognitive faculty is omniscient. In this present age of transition, you are seeing many theories change and being discarded before your very eyes. If any group of people clings to the skeletons of the past, they will also be rejected. Intelligent people will not cling to old, outdated ideas. Rather they will wholeheartedly embrace that theory which adjusts with time, space and person and will continue to exist forever.

I think some of you have come in contact with our Prout theory. I think you have gone through it. The fifth fundamental principle of Prout says that the style of utilization should vary according to changes in time, space and person. Didn’t I say this? That is, there is – there lies – scope for flexibility because the human mind won’t tolerate anything rigid. It wants movement, but not only movement, it wants accelerated movement. But what is dogma? Dogma is also an idea, but with rigidity of the boundary line. Dogma won’t allow you to go beyond its periphery of that boundary line. That is, dogma goes against the fundamental spirit of the human mind.

We are near the last stage of the Vaeshya Era. If an impact is created, it will help the suffering humanity. It is the most opportune moment for creating an all-round revolution. This is a new sub-theory under Proutistic theory and may be called gati vijiṋána – the science of dynamics in PROUT.

The days of political democracy are numbered. PROUT demands economic democracy, not political democracy. In the Proutistic system people will not seek jobs – jobs will seek people.

You should remember it is not the barrel of a gun but the spiritual force of human beings that is the real source of power. Human beings want selfless service. PROUT is dedicated to the service and welfare of one and all.

The real meaning of education is trilateral development – simultaneous development in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of human existence.