maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

Sarkar and aliens, ET s

Sarkar said there is life in other planets as well.

Some more developed some less.
He used to meet those beings from other planets. Sometimes his devotees saw him talking with aliens. Sarkar said also that if this planet will become unsuitable for human beings, they will move to other planets. Sarkar spoke about cosmic brotherhood meaning that we will engage with brothers from other planets. That time might not be faraway. He believed the future of humanity will be bright.

Once some students were with Sarkar. He told them to go aside and wait there. While they were waiting near, three extremely tall beings came near Sarkar and he spoke with them with strange language. After some time those three men left. Students were extremely curious, who those tall people were. Anyhow Sarkar just kept on talking something else and the students didn’t get chance to ask. After long time finally Sarkar extended his arm showing towards the sky and said, that those strangers had come from that particular star where he was pointing.

The disclosure of UFO s is near, many sources are doing efforts to bring out the secrets of many decades ; supressed alien technologies, presidents of US in contact with aliens, etc.

David Wilcock’s Blog on, The Norway Spiral is back -- but this time it's jumping all over the place in the skies of Australia . This is a manmade phenomenon that shows Disclosure is getting closer and closer all the time! --- it is utterly impossible for it to be called a missile anymore.

And the longer the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico goes on unchecked, the faster we can expect to see Disclosure really happen. There are plenty of technologies capable of plugging the spill, and those who are in a position to disclose, and ready to disclose….

As you will see, the "Phobos is an artificial moon" story we covered a few weeks ago has also gained incredible new 'legs'! (Phobos is artificial moon, filled with infrastructure and buidings inside, DA).

And here the newspapers: And now also Phobos, moon of Mars goes to mainstream:

And Daily Telegraph published, Republican McElroy's speech: “I personally believe that Eisenhower did indeed meet with these extraterrestrial off-world astronauts.”,

Also David Cameron, new British PM (not accepting elitist and intelligence supression and control) openly pledged that he would disclose the truth about UFOs, if elected.
(Astronaut Aldrin speaks about Phobos and President Obama has promoted him openly, DA)

Finnish astrologer Juha-Aalto-Setälä spoke recently: Now all the secrets are coming out, the truths...Connection to invisible world is developing; to aliens, nature spirits, etc. We are already practising telepathy now.

There are more developed species in other planets. At this moment we are under tremendous follow up by them. Our third density is unusual and the changing process to higher dimensions attracts their attention. Many of them are here to help us, while at same time they are progressing, but there are also some of them to take opportunity. We should do first our best and then they might help some more.

Electro-magnetism can affect the gravity, (which is connected somehow to so called free energy [?]). Laser is made by using one energy flow - concentrated to one point. The same we can do while practising meditation – to make our mind one pointed.

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