keskiviikko 2. kesäkuuta 2010

Sarkar's revolution and present time

All arenas of individual and collective life undergo changes with the changes in time, place and person. In comparison to the speed of change in social, economic, political and cultural life during the last 500 or 600 years, the speed of social change has greatly accelerated in the twentieth century. In the future, changes in society will take place with still accelerating speed.

One of the scientific processes of social change is viplava or revolution...

The main factor in revolution is the application of tremendous force to move society forward.
…those who are concerned for the collective welfare will always endeavour to accelerate the speed of social movement by fighting relentlessly against exploitation so that all can move forward together in unison.

Human civilization has now reached a critical stage of transition. Exploitation of one human being by another has assumed alarming proportions. At critical junctures in the past, when exploitation had reached the zenith point, history witnessed the emergence of mighty personalities who were able to overcome the problems in society. Today also, the guidance of mighty personalities with a comprehensive ideology is required to lead humanity away from the edge of disaster towards a glorious future. The emergence of such personalities is an indispensable necessity of history.

Capitalism is now rapidly moving into the final stage of degeneration. In the early part of the capitalist era, society experienced certain advantages, but towards the end, society has become the victim of insatiable rapacity, unbearable hardship and heartless deprivation. Those countries suffering under the weight of capitalist exploitation are rapidly moving towards shúdra revolution.

PROUT advocates another type of revolution called “nuclear revolution”. In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life – social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual – is completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era is replaced by a new era – one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress.

There are several requirements for the success of nuclear revolution – the presence of exploitation in any form, revolutionary organization, positive philosophy, revolutionary cadres, infallible leadership and revolutionary strategy. All these requirements are necessary.

When society is moving towards revolution, the role of the exploiters is exposed. The exploiters are unable to disguise their exploitation any longer.

During the psychic preparation for revolution, the disgruntled sections of society will have to build a revolutionary organization which will create a congenial environment for revolution.

Ideologically educated revolutionary workers will have to channelize the psychology of the common mass towards revolution and inspire them to undertake revolutionary struggle! Such workers must adopt a rational approach inspired by the positive philosophy, have a well-developed socio-economico-political consciousness, and be dedicated to uplifting the standard of the common people…

Loss of life and property will be minimized to the extent to which the leadership is free from defects. Ideal leadership…will not only lead to a successful revolution, but will also fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the people in the post-revolutionary phase of society

The forces opposed revolution possess immense military power. In spite of it, the revolutionaries achieve victory. This victory is due not only to a well-knit organization, progressive ideology and exemplary leadership, but also to revolutionary strategy.

Revolution always takes place around a sentiment. If there is no strong common sentiment, a revolution cannot take place…Everything should be done with proper direction, proper guidance. As for instance, people utter loudly the word revolution, revolution, but revolution does not mean putting buses and trains on fire or removing the railway lines.

The greatest achievement of a revolution is to eradicate exploitation and bring about a progressive change in the collective psychology through the minimum loss of life and property.


Today capitalism is degenerating with great speed. The rich establishments and government departments are bailing out the banks and businesses, if not nations, for the common people to pay in the form of taxes etc - at same time common folks are loosing properties, jobs, rights and benefits. The cap between poor and rich is increasing. Media is in the hands of few powerful to keep the masses in the dark and playing their games.

So, how to do revolution in social, physical, mental and spiritual level? The process is going on already. There are also huge changes happening on earth structure, climate, economics and truths are coming on light. The biggest change is anyhow on spiritual level. Human beings are realizing more day by day that one is not only physical, mental (and economical) being, but also spiritual being. Cosmic energy is flowing in and giving everyone chance to uplift oneself with great speed. Many are taking that challenge, practising spirituality, changing into vegetarian, doing service and fighting against injustice.

Those exploiters and destructive forces still get chance to give up their exploitation, but if they don’t do that - the fourth or even fifth dimension is not going to save them. Once they have to give up anyway.

Wow, the revolution has started and will go on and on… until the unity is reached…and until each and every being in this universe has enough to eat. Can you just imagine how happy we all would be; sharing, caring and loving with all our sisters and brothers???

“Revolutions have come and gone many times, but it has not made humanity happy”. This time it is different. Evolution is going on: once there was an age of physical development - struggling for existence. Then there was an age of mental development - arts, science and religions were blooming. And now we have reached to the age of spiritual development - which only can make the human being ‘perfect’, divine and happy.

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