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Climate change and earth changes

The global warming agenda is very controversial. There are scientists that believe the earth is warming only due to carbon dioxide and other emissions. And others claim: “Ice Age is coming.” While some also believe the warming of the poles and weather alterations are due to interplanetary reasons, but otherwise there is no real global warming. Whom to believe? Common folks are confused.
It seems at least that ice on Arctic pole is not melting anymore. It also seems while looking NASA’s info that there are tremendous and rapid changes in all near by planets as well:

Planets and solar system: Profound changes on Sun; solar activity 8000 times more, plasma charged particles, filaments, sun spot season late for 2 years. Moon is getting atmosphere consisting of Natrium. Mars: warming, ozone growth, twice thicker atmosphere. Jupiter: melting ice caps, plasma 200% thicker. There have been 3 rings - now one, tremendous warming, ionosphere 1000 times higher, magnetic field doubled. Venus: tremendous increase in green glow, sulphur decreasing. Uranus: ring changes, magnetic field increasing, pole shift recent. Saturn: ring disappearance- seasonal, clump of high energy charged particles, rotation time changing. Pluto: brightness? Mercury: within two years more dust than previous 10 years and magnetic field weakening. Neptune: pole shift recent, dramatic change in colour. Mass of atmosphere doubled within two years, strange bright carbon monoxide spot. Planet-X: few years ago only few google entries, now tremendous interest.

Sarkar stated as early as 1986 about changes at seasons, weather patterns, electro-magnetism, tectonic plates; coming earthquakes, volcanoes, and other calamities. Sarkar explained how even poles shift could happen caused either by huge volcano eruption, nuclear explosion, or external planet or meteor colliding to earth’s atmosphere. And not only that, but he mentioned Ice Age to come in the near future.

According scientists changes in the earth itself: Polar ice has been disappearing (partly explained by warm winds from Pacific), but now the ice seems to be increasing again. Bigger earthquakes and volcanoes are happening more than before. There might be also geo-engineering going on by HAARP and chemtrails and claims about time (day length etc) pattern changing? The magnetic N-Pole is moving increasingly fast to Siberia direction. The earth normal wobbling has stopped and there are leakages of methane from Artic Ocean, due to warming of poles. National Geographic News suggests that there's a region of rapidly changing magnetism on the core's surface, possibly being created by magnetism arising from deeper in the core.

The magnetic field is weakening, especially between Africa and S America - where NASA claims to be even hole in magnetosphere. There are x-ray-, plasma- and etc inflows from the hole and through thin ozone layer. These inflows bring heat or cold waves and cause storms.

Dr. Valerie Hunt constructed a room in which the magnetic field intensity could be varied. “When the magnetism was decreased, the entire neurological integrating mechanism was thrown off. Subjects could not balance their bodies; they had difficulty touching finger to nose. They lost kinaesthetic awareness."

Sarkar explains (ab 1980-1990) earthquakes and volcanoes - being caused partly by cavities after mining and nuclear explosions. He expected water levels to be rising on the seas due to rains avoiding dry, deforested lands and ice to be melting on poles and mountains. Electro-magnetic changes would bring changes in human brain; the intelligence would increase, DNA would change and nervous system to be affected (Heart, sleep, mental). At same time electro-magnetic inflow would also speed up our spiritual growth. According many scientists and spiritual people these things are indeed happening.

Other scientist:
Directly below the Earth's crust is layer called asthenosphere, where the plates are touching each other. That layer creates mountains and can cause earthquakes and volcanic activity.
If the level of normal volcanic and earthquake activity is caused by plates shifting some centimetres a year, then what would happen, if they shifted more suddenly! Anyhow something is now happening with this layer while during recent years there have been growing amount of bigger earthquakes and now also volcanoes.

One explanation is that tectonic plate changes take place due to other planets affecting through weakening magnetic field. And another explanation: if there was sudden change in the Earth’s tilt or rotational momentum, this would place tremendous stresses on the underlying mantle and the tectonic plates; earthquakes and volcanic activity would cover the Earth in ash clouds and significantly lower its temperature.

This brings us to the problem of ice ages, which could be also caused by other reasons: magnetic pole shift or actual pole shift, as a consequence of global warming, Gulf Stream weakening (debated) and sunspot minimum lasting longer than usually, (reason for Small ice age on 1780-1800).

Sarkar about draught:
Drought is caused by surface water utilization, deforestation and low pressure systems on oceans. Angular movements of celestial bodies – prevents cloud formation. Solution; to catch rainwater and use helium for attracting water to dry areas. Energy solutions: electromagnetism, artificial petroleum, synthetic food etc.

Bhaktivirya Towsey wrote1989 about possibility of pole shift:
It could happen if magnetic field will weaken and there would be increasing liquidity between the core and crust, which would make the crust to move, called crustal displacement. The idea is that some external entity would come too near the earth and tilt the earth with its stronger gravitational force (earth has weakened magnetosphere).
Magnetic pole shift is more common, but there are also expectations of physical pole shift. Scientists are now a bit concerned about external object hitting earth, as it has happened now also in other planets.

The magnetic pole shift affects mostly the satellites, communication and navigation systems and living beings. The actual, physical pole shift is more damaging due to tremendous winds, weather abnormalities etc. One needs to go underground in order to survive?

Sarkar: “Change is a must…The change in the psychic sphere brings about a corresponding change in the physical sphere as well. And thus in the process of evolution at present, living beings are more physical than psychic, but in the future they will become more psychic than physical.”

Sarkar’s Text ab Pole Shift: “The Poles Shift Their Respective Positions”, 1986, Calcutta
If the poles change their positions, the time taken by the Earth to move around itself will certainly be either lessened or increased. And similarly the time taken by the Earth in moving around the sun will either increase or decrease.

The environmental order as well as the ecological order of the Earth will be disrupted. And as a result of this disruption, there must be physical and biological changes in the structures of all living creatures …Other planets and satellites of the solar system will also undergo certain remarkable metamorphosis. And if the magnetic order is disrupted, then certain remarkable changes…in the electro-magnetic vibrations of this Earth…will occur. As a result of this type of change in the electro-magnetic vibrations, human thought waves will certainly be affected.

Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves…Human existence is not only…in physical structure, it is a [mesh] of vibrations of so many wave-lengths.

The change is sure to take place in the realm of spirituality. We hope that…the movement of humanity, and of each and every living being – is from matter to consciousness, from extroversion to introversion …Humanity will be more meditative…

Sarkar about Ice Age 1986: And you see as a result of such a change, especially if the change (pole shift) takes place very fast, another ice-age may occur here on this Earth. Between the pre-condition and post-condition of the ice-age there may be a long gap…But we have much expectation and hope…the human intellect will be able to overcome such a catastrophe and arrange for shifting the population to some other planet having suitable environmental conditions and a better ecological order.

And Sarkar 1990. History moves in rhythmic waves – in a systaltic flow…All of a sudden there are galloping jumps – epoch-making eras. We are now at the threshold of this jump…not only at the threshold, we have just crossed the threshold of a new era …

The polar ice will melt and the ocean levels will rise. It will have its impact on the tidal waves throughout the globe. The Pacific Ocean will become colder and then frozen. Many of the existing ports will close. Rainfall and climatic variation will have an impact on flora and fauna.

This present age communism has disappeared leaving room for higher thoughts and higher psychic attainments….[other] philosophies are also sure to be vanquished…Be ready for the coming changes. They are something natural. They are not an unprecedented calamity or catastrophe, or a great adversity.

Sarkar said that during previous ice age there was 3 types of behaviour: 1. Not ready to move, or change their habits and life style, they perished…2. Ready to change their habits and lifestyle, but not ready to move, they survived 3. Ready to move and change their life style and habits; warriors, they succeeded best

Short cut from Finnish astrologer Juha Aalto-Setälä about planetary changes:
From the galactic centre there is now huge energy flow; electro-magnetic energy. Said to be harmful, but it is harmful only to those who are not spiritually inclined. Every 250 million years we reach to a point where the earth is aligned with galactic equator.

The electro-magnetic energy is photon energy; it is conducer of light vibration. The galactic centre consciousness is the source of that light. Green plants are absorbing photon energy. Our pineal gland is using this photon energy. Photon is absorbed also in oxygen.

Now all the secrets are coming out, truths. The will power will not ask it will bring changes; bring out all our anger and non acceptance to deal with, and the possibilities…We are already practising telepathy now.

Increasing electro-magnetic vibration makes possible raising the kundalini and make cakras functioning…The earth is reflecting the vibration of human beings and is changing its form; the equator is increasing in size, because earth is flattening, the poles are nearing each other. Planet is growing, the material is transforming. The solid is becoming less dense.

Laser is made by using one energy flow - concentrated to one point. The same we can do while practising meditation – to make our mind one pointed.

Sarkar: “One day the physical and psychic structure of human beings will become divine…They will then lose their fascination with the transitory world…So I advise each human being that as long as you are alive, you should try to build yourself in a nice way, in a complete way. But you should not only build yourselves, you should also build human society in the same way…

The rays of the crimson dawn of a new humanity on the eastern horizon have started weaving textures of colours their eyelids and in the subtler recesses of their minds…The future of humanity is not dark – I have this faith. Human beings will seek and one day realize that inextinguishable flame that remains ever-burning behind the veil of darkness.” P. R. Sarkar

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