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Remote Viewing Future Events for July

The Farsight Institute remote viewers got Orlando and Istanbul events quite correct. They have released many new videos on Youtube. Their two remote viewers did sessions in May 2016 describing the major news events that they expected to happen in June 2016 – so in advance. Everyone can verify the upload date and how much correct they were. 

But perhaps you want to see first what they have predicted for July 2016. The unedited YouTube remote-viewing sessions for public before the event happens has been posted on June 12. Let’s see if they get it right this time. It is not that easy to predict future as people have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do next. There are different possible timelines to see at least.


There are three separate videos, one from each remote viewer, recorded in June; Dick Allgire Video Session, In front of building big crowd of people inside barricade yelling to other group of people. Men with horses helpless (police?). Some high pressure spray with fire. But see more on this interesting video.

Daz Smith Video Session; Celebrity, politician or corporate leader ab 30 years male speaking something negative and important. Staged surprise event, breaking news. Listeners questioning, anxiously. Have global impact.

PrinCess Jeaneé Video Session; Huge building complex, where inside politicians. Frantic commotion of people outside, boycott, or rally.

Paper sessions are also available at the bottom of this link, PAPER SESSIONS FOR ALL VIEWERS. Follow the news and keep up with, NEWS ANALYSIS DATA TABLE FOR JULY 2016.

HERE ARE THE PREVIOUS SESSIONS FROM MAY FOR JUNE EVENT, you can see how much correct their predictions were.

Dick Allgire was remote viewing in May the terror attack on the nightclub, seems to be THE ORLANDO MASSACRE, Florida that happened on 12 June 2016.It is amazingly good description although some difference also.

Daz Smith was remote viewing in advance the bombing that seems to be TERROR IN ISTANBUL, TURKEY, that occurred on 28 June 2016, but he says it is in USA. The explanation is that different occasions gets easily mixed up. You can see it here;

'This public experiment offers clear proof of the nonlinearity of time, and indeed, that time as a real thing that separates events does not exist. Clearly, Farsight remote viewers are transferring perceptual information across time and space in complete violation of the currently accepted relativistic and classical “laws” of physics, laws that are obviously in need of serious revision. And let the mainstream fade in the dust’.
Source; Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director, The Farsight Institute.

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