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Short Inspirational Stories From Masters

Many Sadhus, Swamis and Babas have given remarkable words of wisdom – having realized them through their yoga and meditation practices. By the strength derived from these sustained yoga and other kind of psychic and spiritual practices, present people can overcome the on going deprivation, degeneration and destruction in the world. Life will become effulgent with higher vibration and consciousness, which the lower forces can’t tolerate. I think this is the process what is increasingly happening right now. The silent revolution, whether you see it or not!

Once Swami Vivekananda was traveling in his orange monk robe. Someone asked him, ‘Why don’t you dress like a gentleman?’ The great yogi replied, ‘Well, for you it is the tailor who makes a gentleman, but for me it is the character that makes the one’. This was one of the seven stories from and about Vivekananda in this touching video – from father to his son, just see!

Jimmy Choo; Yoganandaji came to me in a dream, he held his hands above my head and poured in very powerful energy. I called out “no more” and then I woke up. I prayed and said can you give me a sign it was real? Well my mother took my kids for a walk to the beach. I had told no one about my dream. When they returned my daughter said, ‘I found this lying face down on the bush track’. It was a picture of Yoganandaji, well you can imagine how elated I was. ……………………..

The own mother of Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Baba), didn’t recognize Him as such. She performed worship of Shiva each day according to common Hindu practice, but she would often see Baba mentally during her worship. One day mother asked Baba, “When I do worship, why do I often see you?” Baba replied, ”Ma, perhaps you love me very much, that’s why you see me.” Later on the mother also started to realize his son was Guru. …………………..
One man saw Swami Rama getting a lot of money from people while sitting under a tree on meditation. The man thought to pretend himself to be a swami and sit in a robe on roadside in order to get donations, but nobody gave anything. He asked Swami Rama how it was so easy for him. Swami Rama answered; “You know when I wanted such things they never came to me, but the day I determined I didn’t want them, then I began getting them. Also Swami Vivekananda said that Fortune is like a flirt – she will run away from you when you want her, but if you are not interested in her, she will come chasing you.”

Personally I have experienced this while doing relief collections for about ten years. When I forsake my collection target, urgency and fears of not getting money, and just enjoyed of walking around and rather trying to make the people that I met happy – I got most money. Exceptions seem to be those well known occasions, like when collecting after 2004 Indian ocean tsunami. I think people just wanted to give, whether I was eager to get or not. …………………

Shiva invented and developed the science of breath control (Pranayama). Shiva also gave clear instructions how this science could be applied by people in the practical field of action. When doing a heavy job while breathing normally, a person might have serious difficulties – perhaps one’s limbs would be broken under the burden – but in a state of lungs full, one can easily do the same work. If a person becomes agitated, causing his respiration to speed up, anger will easily get expressed – the hand indriya (propensity) will become active resulting in him angrily punching another person. – P. R. Sarkar.

Little Krishna teaching love, children’s video in English

Little Krishna Darling (long video) has got more than 14 million views;
Ramana Maharshi; A lady had a precious necklace round her neck. Once in her excitement she forgot it and thought that the necklace was lost. She became anxious. At last a kind friend of hers told her to feel the necklace round her neck. She found that it had all along been round her neck, but she was as happy as if she had recovered a lost jewel. Similarly with us, we imagine that we will realize that Self some time, whereas we are never anything but the Self. -  by David Godman.

Experiences Of Dada Shiveshvarananda; It was in 1969 and Baba had began explaining about the relation of death with the body vayus (vital airs). He asked one brother to sit in the posture for meditation. One by one Baba instructed all his vayus to come out from his body. The brother was eventually lying down. Then Baba asked a medical student to check his body. He found the body to be completely lifeless and stiff. Baba said, that the stiffness was due to the nervous system not working. Then He instructed the vayus one-by-one to return, and asked us to massage his body so that the stiffness would gradually go away.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living organization, spoke in EU Parliament in 2015. When someone mentioned of never having practised yoga, Sri Sri Ravi commented that everyone have practised yoga as a baby. Babies lift up their legs, heads or hands similar way than in yoga. They also smile for joy hundreds of times a day without no reason; ………………….

Avadhutika Ananda Usa; In October I journeyed alone to India where I met Baba (her Guru). I told Him that I had a question from the devotees in Rio de Janeiro about white sugar. Baba said, ‘Tell them that white sugar makes one look older. If suppose a person of 24 years eats a lot of white sugar, she will look like 44 years old. So a substitute for white sugar should be used if available.’ His words touched me directly as I was 24 years old and during that first week I had eaten daily a box of milk sweets!

The other questions in my mind were surprinsingly answered by Baba during His darshan talks. He always showered His love, affection and grace on me. I realized that He wanted the best for all His children in the universe. He had prepared me since my childhood to do something “good and worthy in life”. I decided to become an Acarya (teacher). His unconditional love and sweetness are the greatest inspiration in my life.       .....................

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