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Atlantis Continent Along the Western Coast of Europe

Indian scientist and intuitional researcher P. R. Sarkar, spoke on different occasions about the highly developed culture of Atlantis and stated that ‘Atlantis continent was west of western Europe’. During his European tour on 1979 in Spain, while walking on the seaside, he stated; ‘There are big waves, how is that?’ When nobody knew, he answered himself; ‘Because it is shallow… the Bay of Basque (Bay of Biscay) was originally a part of Atlantis, that’s why it is so shallow.’
‘Atlantis is now underwater, except for parts of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. There should be cultural, geological, zoological and other surveys around the coast of Iberia (Spain and Portugal). Iberia should get economic help for the survey from the UN. (Later he also mentioned, that if there would be European Common Market system, Spain and Portugal would be benefited).

He continued; ‘Physically I come here for the first time, but mentally I have been here before. For Iberia, the past was bright, the present is cloudy, and the future is full of sunshine.’

On another occasion he mentioned; ‘Atlantis was a very vast continent connected with Iberia. Gibraltar was connected with Africa in those days. Due to a very big earthquake Atlantis disappeared and the Sahara Desert appeared. The Sahara was underwater before, and that’s why we can find oil there.’

Here is an example how intuitional Sarkar was, while in Spain walking with his disciples he said; ‘Over 2000 years ago – when the Roman empire was on its pinnacle of glory, they came here to conquer Iberia. A fierce battle was fought.’ He pointed to a concrete slab about 150 meters away: “Perhaps this is the place and that monument commemorates the battle.” (Notice Sarkar never had been before in that place). One listener ran on the slab: “It is true, it is the monument about the Roman battle.” Sarkar didn’t pay any attention to people’s astonishment. Source;, and notes by Acarya Manavendrananda

Sarkar interconnected also Scandinavia with Atlantean culture. Some Finnish psychic scholars link the birth of mystic Kalevala folklore to the time of Atlantis. A mysterious device called Sampo was used to produce supernatural powers, to materialise things etc. Like in Atlantis in this mythology there was a war between good and bad forces, which ended up to the destruction of Sampo.

According Heather Pringle’s book, The Master Plan, Hitler’s Ahnenerbe institute sent German scholars to discover the roots of the Aryan race to Scandinavia. Icelandic and Norwegian Edda and Finnish Kalevala legends were popular in Nazi circles, and belief that the Nordic race had evolved before founding a civilisation of the Atlantis – in the North Atlantic.

Shortly, Atlantis on Google Earth with Beautiful, Inspiring Song!

West from Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) and Marocco on Atlantic Ocean, is the probable location of Atlantis by many researchers. The Smithsonian Institution has done profound research on Atlantis. Danny Wilten and Manly P. Hall are sure that Atlantis continent was on Atlantic Ocean including Azores area. On 2015 Wilten made short video about Atlantis map and cover up;

The scientific evidence by The Smithsonian Institution is presented in a longer video; Google cover up of Atlantis. Two days after Wilten posted a video on Youtube about possible Atlantis images under ocean, Google covered them up!

Atlantis with Rivers, on Google Earth with Powerfull Music!

Author Graham Hancock and scholar Randall Carlson talk about the Azores Islands as a probable location for Atlantis at 57:34; A sailor in Azores found 16 meter high pyramid in 2013. Other structures has been found in 2015. Media is not interested.

Edward Forbes 1815-54, geological society, London, was one of the first in 1946 linking Ireland, the Azores and Iberian Peninsula with Atlantis. Greek Professor supports Iberia – Atlantis connection.

New research about Atlantis; Expedition 357 aims to investigate the serpentinization (rock converted to group of minerals) and the biosphere interaction within the active hydrothermal system. The 31 scientists conducting the research on Mid-Atlantic Ridge are from 13 different countries;                 ……………………

The Basques, Guals of France, tribes of the Canary and Azores all speak of their origins in sunken Atlantis. Alien interaction in the Basque culture, ‘The Bill Cooper Briefing’. Was Basque Atlantean race, asks ‘The Luminous Lodge’. The extinct Iberian language is related to Basque. . Source:

Professor Oppenheimer at Oxford University; British and Irish ancestors were Basques, not Celts, Prospect Magazine. They were Ice Age refugees from Atlantis, as also the Berbers, Iberians, Mauritanians, Lusitanians and Aquitanians.

Thirdphaseofmoon, Icelandic Atlantis


Edgar Cayce stated that Atlantis reached from Spain to Bimini, size of Europe and Asia. Flood of Noah was result of the sinking Atlantis. Atlantean “evil” faction was “Sons of Belial” and “good” faction, the “Sons of the Law of One”.  Atlanteans fled the final destruction prior to 10,000 B.C. DNA Analysis Confirms Cayce.  

Recent channeled interview of Nostradamus: Atlantis will be rediscovered. They have already discovered a part of it hidden under the ground of an ocean and it will be pushed back up. It is very large. A lot of very advanced technology will be discovered.

More from Channeling Erik; Atlantis was a large island. Underneath, there was a lot of fault lines, land literally fell apart. Atlanteans had served their purpose to stay on earth. Most were vegans and some did not need to eat. There was no laws. The way they ran the society was very unique and had infinite energy source. Some Atlanteans spread throughout the planet to help cultivate humanity and to send it on a new path of evolution.

Courtney Brown, Remote viewing Atlantis. Government map on Google earth shows under the sea the city of Atlantis, west of Marocco, near Spain. Remote viewer Dig Algiere sees that people used electricity created by fission-fusion. Drilling with high technology deep into ground on the other side of earth caused a catastrophic explosion, which destroyed Atlantis with “tsunami”. Almost all people died.

Princess remote views pyramid structures without top. Strange highly advanced energies used. Reason for destruction of Atlantis was that a science lab exploded. A cloud was covering half of the earth; land masses fell off, water rushing like tsunami. Only a few thousand people survived. Video concludes; we must learn from the past.

Past life in Atlantis, which was a Tropical Continent. The eastern part was off the coast of Spain and Africa – and the western part extending to N-America, Bimini. Atlantis was a civilization/society with high-technology & high spirituality. It was destroyed by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and – over one hundred meters high tidal wave. Some Western Europeans, Ancient Egyptians and ETs are Atlantean people,


In Plato‘s dialogues 360 B.C, Critias claims that Atlantis was swallowed by the sea about 9,200 years ago, “in front of” the Pillars of Hercules and facing modern Gades or Gadira (Gadiron),

Several Atlantis-researchers see Atlantis in Andalusia. Plato was using the word nesos, peninsula – the Iberian peninsula. He wrote that Poseidon bestowed ten districts of Atlantean empire governorship to his sons, which confirms the vastness of Atlantean empire and if 9000 years were moon years…the biblical Ice Age ending circa 1500 b.c. …………….

The Egyptian god Thoth was an Atlantean Priest-King, possibly author of Emerald Tablets in Atlantean language.

The gods of Greece were humans, Atlantean rulers. Mythology tells us that the Titans retreated into the interior of Spain. Titans were: Oceanus, Chronos, and Atlas – all sons of Uranos. Plato says, that Chronos was Atlantean “god”.

“Odyssey”, Greek Homer; When Odyssey goes to the land of Pluto, he “reached the far confines of Oceanus,” beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Chronos was “the harvest-god” was instructing Italians in agriculture and raised them from barbarous condition to ‘Golden Age.’ Plato also told that the Atlanteans extended to Italy. Murray’s “Mythology,” p. 32, 38. (Ibid. p. 47).

Poseidon, according to Greek mythology, was first to train horses. Plato also tells about Atlantic race-courses. Poseidon helped to build the walls of Troy and founded Athens – named after his niece Athena. …………

Some videos and books; Many places ruins found, as proof between Spain and Bahamas; Atlantis, Golden Ages’. Lot of info about Atlantis;

The best seller that started the Atlantis craze. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World; [1882];

Discovery Channel Documentary HD 2015;
Shirley MacLaine Past Life In Atlantis;
Some speculations on megaliths;
Plato video:
Dunbavin; Atlantis was large island in the Irish Sea ab 3100 BC.
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