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No More Depression – It’s Time for Awakening

Depression is a common problem, especially in Western countries mainly due to high intellectuality and lack of spirituality. Human being is not only physical and psychic being, but also spiritual. If one is lacking or suppressing any of these aspects, one may loose balance and often it leads into depression. There are many more reasons for depression; addictions, negative company, poverty, bodily or psychic defects, traumas and karma. Depression can be a deathly serious thing, but let’s start a bit jokingly – there might be some truth what Shrii Ravi Shankar says

And Sadhguru to Depressed people (here just shortly); The most important thing in your life is that you are alive – the life itself. Not family, money or what ever rubbish you have built around you. All those may seem meaningful, but when your mind stops functioning (in death), none of those mean anymore anything for you. Commonly; fundamental things are forgotten.

If you are capable of causing depression for yourself, it means you are able to generate substantial amount of emotions and thoughts, but in wrong direction, which works against you – not for you. If you don’t have strong emotions, you can’t be depressed. Most depression cases are self created. See more;

One more saint who claims that you are not depressed. He is right you are eternal spirit and depression is the cloud cover that hangs around – and it is true when you progress spiritually, you may still get occasionally depressed, but you take it like a tool for learning

Loneliness that often accompanies depressive state either makes one “crazy or saint”. Being alone forces us into internal thinking, which can lead us either to endless self criticism, or open up for self acceptance and spirituality. We are actually never alone, we are observed and loved by creator, spirit helpers, ETs, insects, flowers, trees etc. We may try to convince ourselves about it and keep it in our mind constantly. Let’s make friendship with spiders!!! Talk to flowers, hug the trees! Take challenges! We can even experience loneliness as a blessing; talking alone with God may feel alarming for someone as it is often a signal of craziness, but no – keep on talking and expressing love towards your creator, and he will shovel ten times more love on you!

We all have many spirit guides ready to help us if we just ask them. They will not help too much to make one invalid, but just enough to keep us going on. We should remember if one has to go into bottom, it is for the learning sake, and to see that there is nothing left to fear about – and it also helps us to give up worldly attachments. In the bottom it is just question how to find the uplifting force. Something should spark up ones interest. When one is lacking spiritual inspiration, best way to increase it is to do research on it, start meditate and besides do service. What I have noticed, many depressed people are actually more capable of evolving spiritually than those with easy lives.

Service to others can change our life totally. If you are not able to do much still you can always do something, collect garbage from forest, chat with good intention on net, feed animals, astral travel in your dreams to help others, and if nothing else send loving thoughts to your best enemies. Do service secretly, so you don’t create big ego or become slave of someone who knows how to manipulate you to help more and more. After some time of selfless service, something usually changes dramatically in our lives.

The universal consciousness is love, peace and happiness. If our inner spirit is connected into it, we will get inspiration and have internal happiness even if externally things seem crappy. Searching the purpose of life can be good hobby. Internet is full of possibilities for research – quantum healing, past life regressions, near death experiences, reincarnating yogies etc.

Suicide is not any solution, because in the next life one is going to face the same situation. And you may want to see the mass awakening in this life before you go! Here comes Erik who shot himself, but ended up into heaven, and is now happily helping many, especially suicidal people, to understand better their life and situation. Many of those videos are amazing although Erik and his heavenly friends are surely not all knowing. Recent video is about chronic boredom actually, but related to depression

Meditation practise can be very simple, best is to concentrate on universal love. Love towards some person can be expanded into embracing the entire universe. You may have noticed if you love someone, you also love more easily other people. Here simple visualization; Concentrate first feeling love towards one human being…now imagine that you love also nearest people around… then expand your love to cover the entire city… entire country… entire earth and whole universe.

Concentrate to feel that love for 10-20 minutes. You may get lost, but start from the beginning again. While concentrating purposely to only one idea, the thoughts become more powerful. Why to concentrate on love? When you think something your mind will remember the same feeling more easily on other times too. This means also commonly to be careful not to engage on negative thinking as it will make you more negative commonly.

As Sadhguru still warns; Try ten minutes every day intense anger towards someone and you will see in three months time you will be insane. Or keep on being depressed and getting attention, and one day you are not able to return from your depression. Give attention to kids when they are healthy and not when they are sick.

Therapies are good only if you take them positive way. “Wifing”, and also excess sexuality keep your mind down as your sex glands deprives your brain from lymph. At present time one has to choose practically if one wants to go up or down. Going up means the path of awakening. …………………………..

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti states (short cut), that depression is common in intellectual societies. ‘In the pure psychic level, defective thoughts prevail in human society, and as a result, an individual or a group of people often try to suppress or oppress others. Due to this type of defective psychology, a vast section of the populace suffers from psychic depression.

Before Parama Puruśa (Cosmic Consiousness) created this universe He saw no-one – He found nobody. And after the creation of the universe He started playing the game of joy and sorrow with created beings just as in a drama. The bhaktas (devotees) declare that Parama Puruśa enjoys playing with His own limbs, hands and legs. Bhaktas are His fingers, hands and legs. And while acting this drama if you take it for real, the fault is yours.

Parama Puruśa is creating and will continue to create: in His drama there will always be new characters; rich, poor, intelligent, foolish, stout, thin, black, white. It is a great play in which everybody wants to play a happy part, but some must play sorrowful parts also, otherwise the drama does not become interesting. Whenever He wants He will call us nearer to Him. This is His Drama. Whoever can remember this, will suffer no sorrow and will not be overwhelmed with happiness either.

Each and every living being exist within Him, and ultimately they will all merge in Him. So no one should belittle oneself. When the drop of water identifies itself with the ocean, then no one will call it a drop any longer – for it has become one with the ocean’.

‘You are never alone and helpless, the force that guides the stars, guides you too!’ And ‘your difficulties can never be greater than your capacity to solve them’.       ……………………

Note, my ideas are just about spiritual side of depression. There are also many common practical advices to ease depression, such as healthy eating habits (vegetables), treating possible physical diseases, inflammations or lack of minerals, that possibly hamper brain or thyroid functioning. Some medications can cause depression as a side effect. Lack of oxygen if sitting always inside, which often results in insomnia – walking and participating at least in something helps. Homoeopathic combination Aur met, Ign, Natr Mur, Puls and Sepia 200 (or 1M), has helped many, if taken once just couple times a week, and repeated every couple of months, but homeopaths can describe more specifically. Much more practical advises you can get from doctors and some here; Lifestyle Changes, veggies; plant-based diet or just Turmeric Lemonade.

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