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My Friends Tell About ETs Including The Nasties

I have met recently some of my old friends and heard their interesting experiences about UFOs and ETs. Most of the ETs are helping now humanity, but there are also some still trying to control and absorb energy from us. One woman friend have had couple of years now constant visitations by aliens. Some of them seem to be friendly, who disappear when she turns away for a while in order to get them to leave as she doesn’t want to talk or get involved with them. Some are more ugly looking and she has more difficulties to get rid of these nasty ones.

When she told about this to me, I told her about regressive hypnotist Calogero Grifasi. My friend found many similarities to those experiences by Calogero’s cases, like seeing mostly only the faces of aliens, sometimes also bodies, shifting to different form, strange feelings in her own body and falling asleep with collapsing feeling.
Calogero knows how to deal with nasty reptilians, insectoids and spirits commonly. He advices the victims just to order the aliens to go away and to take their (dimentional) implants with them, which they have often planted on the victims. Sometimes he shows to reptilians how to go to the light and absorb energy from there that they don’t need to take it from humans. Other psychics also say they have to leave if you say so. I just advised my friend to order the nasties to go away from disturbing her, and take their possessions with them. So far I have not heard how she is doing now.

Here one recent example of Calogero’s videos with short description if you are not able to watch it; Confused professor Roberto requests help from hypnotist Calogero, as he has difficulties with his teaching job. Roberto has suspicion that his contact ETs have something to do with his problems. Calogero finds out that in two cases those ETs have taken samples and set implants into his body. Calogero asks Roberto to demand those ETs to remove the implants.

Calogero also tries to find out if the third contact case was for real; that the ET Amora was helping Roberto, or was this ET also just taking energy from him. Often ETs just pretend to be helpers. Seems Amora is for real and has been helping Roberto with meditation and book writing. 1203_EN_ Roberto, UFO sighting/abduction – Regressive hypnosis Calogero Grifasi; Related; Italian woman reptilian foetus, disturbing case;

Another of my friends, almost 80 years old, told me that when she was in S-Korea her high official father was involved with UFO briefing organized by American military. He arranged permission for his daughter to attend as well. They were showing videos about UFOs flying and landing. Besides they had an exhibition about pictures of ETs, and materials found belonging to them. She has already forgotten some details about it, as this happened in seventies or eighties. ………………..

On 13 th August one UFO appeared near our house on the sky. I didn’t see it, but my neighbor took video clip about it from long distance, which shows the tiny UFO flashing red light and then suddenly disappairing. Sometimes they appear to others instead of the one summoning them – as I was doing – may be that was the case!!! I got the video from the neighbor, but I didn’t manage to embed it here.

 Here another recent UFO over Poland, you may want to see it

One more from Poland Strange flashing UFOs Over Baltic Sea;

Arcturian ET Walking and Channeling; Yahuel ETs are working on the first contact, Russia is considered the place, but not sure. Positive Reptilians are now in contact to Hollywood, with positive influence. Hillary is in bad shape with her health, but no problem they will just put her clone to do the job. Economics going up and down. More attacks now on light workers as the evils are doing all what they can to try to stop advancing disclosure.

ETs about Mass arrest, Global political situation briefly (he states that you make the final decisions, so nobody can tell the future for sure); Elites fighting each other. Russia in best position. America not in good shape, but alien influence uplifting. Global mess. N and S Korea peace making efforts.

Mass arrest of cabal -theory was for money making. May be in January, but those on very top will not get arrested, so possible open socialist dictatorship will follow. If the shadow people would be removed totally, then only socialist system and world government could be positive.

In Australia cabal already on run. Gun’s take-away in US, possible if major financial nod down happens, but we don’t see that soon. No economic unrest in China. In Europe people are more awakened.

After mass arrest financial currency reset, but they have couple other plans too. Asset based financial system back, with gold and silver. Financial level down throughout the planet. Hyperinflation, but welfare systems will increase. Full financial reset may take 20 years. US will pay back to East.

More community, bartering in the future. Prosperity funds, debt wipe outs, stock market removal, new technologies. Better clean agriculture. More people join spiritual community, egoistic people also. Love each other, no secrets amongst each other. Exopolitics to be cleaned up, esp MUFON misleading. See more (language confusing for me),

A bit advices from other ETs; Don’t worry about financial situation, in next couple of months changes in political system. There are starting to come more alien music and songs, positive reptilians are working on it. Be positive, send love and light to your enemies. Meditation makes more positive. Connect to nature, try to help mother earth.

Hank Jones, QHHT, ET source; Those who are born now are reincarnating back with full memory who they are, where they are going etc. Twin flames means they were created at same time, and soul mates decided to come as a group to work here. Those with Rh negative blood have problems with reproduction, because Anunnaki did genetic experiments and caused some uncontrolled mutations. Royal bloodline in UK was created by reptilians manipulating DNA.

Ghosts are people who have died, and stay on earth plane. They are not often able to control their energy and seem to be aggressive, but there is nothing evil on them. When we ascend we will be living longer and become mediums. We can heal our bodies, but oxygen makes old eventually.
They have not managed to reduce human population, but keep us in lower vibration. We should suggest how to deal with chemtrails, vaccinations etc to others; See more interesting things;

Many, many lightning like orbs often show up in Hank’s videos. ETs want to prove that they are present

Excerpt from Corey Goode’s recent article, better than science fiction? He did a trip to the Ancient Builder Race (ABR) outpost on Venus and Saturn with Karee, from underworld. In Venus 14-foot being with white skin and clothes appeared before Corey. This “Sentinel” reached into his mind and loaded a massive zip file, and he was not given password to unlock its contents. In Saturn he also received a repository of ABR data for the future. He has used a lot of time trying to access the info.

Message From Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak; Part of our work is to teach how to die. According your beliefs you will go where it takes you. France will expose human history. Malta connects to ancient Atlantean tunnel. Wars due to portals, artefact research on earth;

The Cosmic ideal shall strengthen humanity to smash the bondages and domestic fissiparous tendencies together with these principles: No individual should be allowed to accumulate physical wealth without approval of the collective body. There should be rational distribution of all physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of the universe. There should be maximum utilization of physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of individuals and human society. There should be a proper adjustment between all these utilizations according time, space and person, with progressive nature. Briefly from P. R Sarkar.

Crop circle with Swastika, important ancient symbol. Literally means, “good existence”; symbol of permanent victory. (Explained by Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti in West Berlin, 17 May 1979.)


 More crop circles on


Leaked video of Russian soldiers sent to contact with Large Black UFO !!! Aug 2016 Video; Russian military experts claim to know how to “summon” UFOs. Some former Soviet military officials have recently decided to lift the veil on UFOs. Article;

Alien UFO Making Crop Circles; UFO orbs in Ansty Crop Formation: August 13th

Aug 24 video about 13 UFO Crash Sites around the world.
Weird video from 1964 spreading in the net, interview with alien;

Blast finds always the most fake looking UFOs;
Sun stereo huge ufos Aug 28;
Thirdphaseofmoon, Canada UFO morphing, with drone;

Huge UFO WRECK discovered in Scotland !!! August 2016;–NU
Some strange man tries to Land his Plane at AREA 51, Art Bell talks with him while he is flying, before he is shot down??? Bell & Maj. Dames – Remote Viewing the Roswell Crash;

Do your own part on disclosure!

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