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Barter Trade is Common in Other Planets

The magic of money has controlled the world and humans in big ways. It has made the rich to accumulate money up to the point of greediness becoming a mental disease. The less fortunate poor struggle with loans, shopping mania, slavery and hunger. With the words of Indian scientist P.R. Sarkar, “the intrinsic demonic greed of banks has been allowed to jeopardize the life of common people.” Humanity can’t be free unless the spell of money has lost its glimmering in the eyes of human beings.
In many other planets sharing and bartering is common, and use of money rare. Barter trade means that one can offer something else than money in exchange, such as goods and services. It can be done between nations as well as individually. Those more developed ET beings are no more prisoners of material wealth. For example as they have free energy everybody gets what they need, and telepathy reduces even need for physical communication.
Not all of them though, as well as humans, are positive beings, some use their technologies for disturbing and conquering other planets too. The most highly developed beings use neither technology nor any material things. They have capacity to move and act in astral.
These things are becoming more known due to increasing disclosure, although many whistle blowers, secret space program workers, channelers, contactees etc (few of them to mention Simon Parkes, Michael Salla, Steven Greer, Corey Goode, Ivan Teller etc) have already decades spoken about how life goes in other planets.
Humanity will progress into the same direction. Also due to economic crises people move naturally more into bartering. They will cooperate more and start collective firms, farms and projects. At the present time there is already increasing trend for bartering not only among individuals like in Greece and Island, but also between nations, for example in Latin America. Soon many more people may end up into bartering in USA, where dollar might loose its value, and in India due to demonetization.
Humans are advancing towards unity and Universalism. Jobs can be arranged for everyone while working hours have and will decrease tremendously due to automation and free energy solutions. Local economies will prosper. Governmental service centers and prisons will become education, therapy and meditation centers
Sarkar has said that PROUT system is common in other planets. The membership of cosmic brotherhood and barter trade by humans with ET races will not be possible until some basic factors are achieved in the earth: a common philosophy of life, a global constitutional structure and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all humans. 
PROUT (The Progressive Utilization Theory) doesn’t abandon money, but bartering often serves people’s needs better than the use of money. Money has to be backed on gold or something valuable, which doesn’t allow fiat “paper printing”. In order to remove black money the abolition of income tax is also recommended and extra tax laid on luxury, polluting and scarce products. 
The value of money increases with its mobility. Banks should keep money rolling by serving their community and local endeavors. Non-profit based cooperative banks should be created for needs of money saving and borrowing. For the currency needs there should be governmental central bank with gold standard. It would prevent speculative bubbles and large-scale inflation. Stock market is only for gaming, thus it doesn’t belong to Prout system at all. At present countries are subject to the whims of international currency speculators which now represents most of the foreign currency transactions. 
Ordinary bartering is less flexible than money use especially in services. One may not want countless car washings while renting a car. Multilateral barter among three or more people is more flexible. Bilateral and multilateral barter trade should be encouraged between countries, in the international economy. Barter trade is not subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and also not subject to economic recessions. 
Countries should have self-sufficiency in the essentials of life. Barter between poor countries with raw materials might be needed in order to procure minimum necessities. Raw materials and essentials should not anyhow be the main trade articles with rich countries, at first hand this barter should include rather surplus, speciality and luxury goods. 

Only that kind of socio-economic system, which guarantees people’s basic necessities, and thus makes it possible for them to grow mentally and spiritually, can be termed as truly progressive. - PROUT in a Nutshell, P R Sarkar. A Few Problems Solved, P.R. Sarkar.

The Five Fundamentals of PROUT full Movie

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pioneered barter trade, signing bilateral barter agreements with developing countries, swapping Venezuelan oil for other products or services the country needed, including 50,000 Cuban doctors and dentists who provide free medical care in city slums and remote rural villages of Venezuela.
On June 1, 2003, Proutist Acarya Maheshvarananda was invited to give his book to Chavez on his weekly television show. Ac Maheshvarananda told Chavez about the words of PR Sarkar in his 1979 visit to Caracas, in which he said, “Venezuela needs good spiritual political leaders. If Venezuela can produce spiritual political leaders, it will not only be the leader of Latin America, it will also be the leader of the planet. Venezuela is a blessed country.”
President Chavez replied to Ac Maheshvarananda, “Your visit has come at such an opportune moment…. Thank you very much, brother, and let’s continue with spirituality, spirit, good faith, morality, and the mystical force that moves the world... This (Bolivarian revolution) has attracted the attention of the whole world, especially those that struggle and dream of a better world, just as it says in After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World (book by Ac Maheshvarananda)”.

Here Chavez discussing with Ac Maheshvarananda

Ac Maheshvarananda states; Of course there are problems in Venezuela; a couple of them are very serious. Corruption and crime hurt everyone. Their causes are many; to solve these problems requires the help of all the people – for this a major consciousness-raising campaign is required in every level of education, through the mass media and in every government office.
Whether present president Maduro fits into Sarkar’s description of spiritual leader... He just reshuffled his cabinet amid a deepening recession, naming new vice president and his sixth new economy minister in three years.
Lets see if Venezuela will ever rise up.
Dr Shambhushivananda Advocates Prout, Economics of Prout: Economic Democracy in Practice, Short Prout's economic principles,
Barter and Trade in A Post Colonial Scenario;

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